Clash of Clans: Royal Champion Walk Guide with Tips and Tricks

Beat the best bases with the Walk!

Clash of Clans is one such game with seemingly limitless ways to approach a specific scenario. Be it building a base or attacking an opponent, Supercell offers a variety of techniques for players to use in the game. If we focus just on the attacking part, most of the players know different types of strategies, be it focusing on loot farming, high-level war attacks, and so on. One of the attack strategies that many players from Town Hall 13 use is the Royal Champion Walk in Clash of Clans.

The strategies behind every hero walk remain the same. However, the change lies once again with the timing and proper use according to the situation. For this reason, many players fail to execute the walk perfectly. So, we have come up with this guide to help players understand the use and method of the Champion Walk.

Understanding Royal Champion Walk in Clash of Clans

Champion Walk is a strategy used by players to clear the defensive buildings in clusters of an opponent’s base and open a path for the main army to enter and clear out the center. Healers, like the other Hero Walk strategies, will be deployed behind the Royal Champion to assist in healing whenever the latter is attacked.

So more likely, you want to shield your Royal Champion so she can demolish defenses with ease. So patiently planning the walk with the correct number of troops surrounding the Royal Champion becomes the need at the time of the attack.

Royal Champion walk
Image via Supercell

A change from the previous strategies is that the Champion targets the defenses. This way, the healers might fall into the defensive zones easily. Another reason to be cautious is due to the Royal Champion’s shorter range, because of which the Healers can easily get within range of Air Defenses.

Basic requirements to perform Champion Walk

Required Royal Champion Level

The first and foremost requirement that is there to perform the Champion walk is that your Town Hall level should be 13. Otherwise, you will not be able to unlock the Royal Champion. But another question arises: can this strategy be used at lower levels of the Royal Champion? No, it does not.

Town Hall 13Level 20Level 4
Town Hall 14Level 30Level 6
Town Hall 15Level 35Level 7

The reason behind suggesting a high RC level is her hitpoints which are quite low as she will get targeted by the defenses, and also to increase her ability level to maximize the effectiveness of its attacks.

Troop and Spell Combinations

Unlike the Queen Walk where you need wall breakers to break through, Royal Champion doesn’t require it as she can hop over walls. Although the rest of the troop requirements are somewhat similar, where 4-5 Healers are taken along with 1-2 Rage spells and 2-3 Freeze spells to deploy it close to the air defenses (use depending on the base and scenario). For luring out Clan Castle troops and clearing other side buildings, using Wizard, Balloon, Baby Dragon, and Hog Rider are good picks.

Healer Efficiency

To keep the game balanced, Clash of Clans follows some troop rules. In terms of effectiveness, Healers follow a set of rules. When players use multiple healers assigned to a single target, their overall effectiveness suffers due to the extra healer. The table below depicts the effectiveness of healers when grouped on a single target.

Number of HealersEffectiveness of Additional HealerOverall Efficiency
Healer Efficiency Table

As previously stated, the sixth healer’s healing effects are reduced to 40%. As a result, sticking to 4 or a maximum of 5 Healers is advised.

Steps to perform the Champion Walk

Champion Walk is mainly focused to get rid of defensive buildings that are in need to be removed from the scene. So, we have to keep in mind the base that we are attacking, and the defensive range.

  • Before starting the attack on the base, keep an eye on the air sweepers on the base. It will be really tricky if the healers get caught by it, so remember this aspect.
  • Deploy the Royal Champion, followed by the Healers. Make sure you don’t drop her in an area with a lot of defenses. This is to protect the Royal Champion from taking heavy damage and not lose her ability sooner.
  • Deploy an air-supporting unit with the Royal Champion. Drop one or two Balloons in to trigger seeking air mines and save the healers from getting targeted. Pairing a Baby Dragon and Wizards are a good choice for buildings as it supports the Royal Champion in clearing the buildings once the defenses are taken down
  • Select a compartment to break and check for traps. Depending on what the player wants to take down first, select a compartment to break and deploy one wall breaker to check for traps.
Royal Champion entering the core of the base
Image via Supercell
  • If the Royal Champion is walking from the right, make sure there are no buildings on the left side to distract him. Use wizards or archers to clear those out so that it can stay focused.
  • While clearing the base, you should activate the opponent’s Clan Castle troops. To lure them out, use a loon or any other troop.
  • By now, the Champion would most likely be charging toward the center of the base. As a result, more defenses will directly attack the Royal Champion. Cast a rage spell on the Royal Champion as well as the healers. This will increase both her health and the damage she does.
  • To avoid losing the Royal Champion, release the troops. The work of the Royal Champion is completed here. It’s now up to the main army to clear the last village. The right timing will almost certainly earn the players a 3-star rating.

For a detailed video explanation, you can refer to the below video.

Comparing the Champion v Queen Walk

Most of the players would like to know the differences between the Champion and the Queen Walk in Clash of Clans. While few differences are seen, we shall look at some more talking points.

  • Choosing Targets: There is a distinct way these heroes attack. Archer Queen targets whatever is in front of her, while the Royal Champion looks to feast on defenses.
  • Range: Queen’s 5-tile range is wider than Champion’s 3-tile. Under the latter, the Healers will fall under Air Defense’s range. This leads to the Air Defense dilemma where the Queen’s range helps keep the air defense at bay, the RC will always bring the healers under its zone.
  • Attack Speed: The Queen wins this category, as her attack speed of 1.2s is a better value than 0.7s of the RC. Hence the Queen responds faster and also takes out a building quickly.
  • Abilities: Both are good, but the RC ability generates back a lot of health and targets the defenses, while Queen is a bit lacking.

Which one is the best? While there is no definitive answer, the choice is entirely up to the player. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but in terms of popularity, the Queen Walk takes the cake.

Best Army Combinations for Champion Walk

There can be any army combination selected for the Champion walk, it doesn’t need to be any specific. Players can work with any strategy, and then try it out themselves.

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What are your thoughts on this Clash of Clans Royal Champion Walk guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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