Clash Royale September update: All you need to know

Supercell just announced the new September update for Clash Royale! It is going to drop before the start of the new season and it’s going to include new features, new quality of life changes and a lot of bug fixes! Let’s take a look at everything we know so far.

clash royale september update

Goodbye 2v2 button: Welcome to the Party

The first interesting feature about this new update is going to be the substitution of the 2v2 button with something brand new: Party mode!

clash royale september update party
No more 2v2 button on the home screen

This is going to be a new casual mode in which players can temporarily play different game modes. You can’t lose or gain any trophies, but you’ll still be able to collect gold and chests from them! The special game modes are going to change every 48 hours, while the 2v2 button will still permanently exist inside of it!

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One very interesting thing about it is going to be the matchmaking system. In fact, in these casual game modes, you will always be matched with someone who has the same levels as you! If your cards are level 11, then you’ll be matched with someone who has level 11 cards, and so on. This way, you can always try out new decks even if your account is not fully maxed!

One of the new game modes will be the triple draft mode! This is a new and improved draft mode, in which you can choose all of your 8 cards: you’ll be getting three choices for every card, and you can only pick one of them. You can also see what your opponents can choose from, but not what they’ll pick.

triple draft

No more draws: Tiebreaker is here!

Another very important feature in this new update is going to be a new tiebreaking system! Drawing games will no longer be possible in all game modes except the 1v1 ladder.

At the end of each 3 minutes overtime, all the towers are going to lose the same hp at the exact same time. This way, the tower with the lower hp will be the one to fall first, decreeing the winner. This will open up the game to new strategies and different decks who work the best with this feature!


The reason why Supercell is not including this in 1v1 ladder is that they first want to test it out and see if it’s worth. Many people expect a very heavy meta-shift after this update, but we’ll see!

QoL improvements: transparent texts, leader rotation and more!

Outside of these two new features, we have a bunch of interesting QoL (quality of life) improvements that people have been requesting for years!

The first one is the new transparent texts. From now on, during the match, every single pop-up text is going to be transparent. This way, it’s no longer going to cover the action!

Another important change is going to be a new clan leader rotation system! Many clans usually end up having inactive leaders who ruin the experience to the whole clan. From now on, if a leader is inactive for more than 35 days, the leadership will pass to someone who’s been elder for the longest time into that specific clan.

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They also created a new rush at the end of which season, which is going to be called the crown rush! It’s going to be very similar to the gold rush, but it’s going to give you crowns instead. This way, you’ll able to complete your Pass Royale a lot faster than usual just by playing ladder!

crown rush

This is going to be all for the new Clash Royale September update! Next season we will also get a new arena, a new card and lots of challenges! What do you think about this new update? Let us know in the comments down below!

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