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COD Mobile: How to unlock and equip the Martyrdom perk for free

Unlock and Equip the new Perk for free!

The action has intensified in Call Of Duty Mobile as the battle moves from “In Deep Water” to “The Heat” in Season 6. This season has brought in a lot of new items and features in the game for the players. Amidst these items, players will get a new perk – Martyrdom. In COD Mobile, the Martyrdom Perk enables you to drop a live grenade when you die, which would kill enemies near you. It has been something that the community has asked for in the past and is now available as part of the Martyrdom Seasonal challenge for free.

How to unlock Martyrdom perk in COD Mobile

Players will be able to unlock the Martyrdom perk in the game by completing the Martyrdom Seasonal Challenge. Players will receive the perk after completing the first 5 tasks of the event. Moreover, players can earn a bunch of other rewards as well just like in other Seasonal challenges. This seasonal challenge comprises multiple steps needed to be completed to grind and unlock the Martyrdom perk for your loadout.

COD Mobile Martyrdom perk
The Martyrdom seasonal challenge in COD Mobile
  • Use the War Machine Operator Skill 3 times in MP Matches– 200 Credits, 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Earn the Avenger medal 20 times in MP Matches– 15 Weapon XP Cards, 1000 Battle pass XP
  • Use Frag Grenades 20 times in any mode– AK-47- Macaw, 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 20 Enemies with the Shrapnel Perk equipped in MP Matches– 25 Weapon XP Cards, 3000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 Enemies with any Lethal Equipment in MP matches– Martyrdom Perk, 4000 Battle Pass XP
  • Win 3 games with the Martyrdom Perk equipped in MP matches– From Dog, With love Avatar, 5000 Battle Pass XP

The Avenger Medal is obtained upon killing an enemy who recently killed one of your teammates. Also, you can buy the Shrapnel Perk which is available in the Credit Store for 2000 credits now, and complete one of the tasks.

How to equip Martyrdom perk in the loadout

Once the Martyrdom perk has been unlocked, it’s time to test it out, and to do so, players have to equip it. Follow the below-given steps to do that very thing and use the perk.

COD Mobile Martyrdom perk
How to equip Martyrdom perk in your loadout
  • Go the main screen upon entering the game.
  • Located at the bottom, click on “Loadout” to see your loadout.
  • The Perk section is under the Operator Skills. There’s three slots but the Martyrdom Perk can only be equipped in the first slot from the left, i.e, the Red Perk. Click on that and then scroll to the right and click on the Martyrdom Perk.
  • So now click on Equip to finish equipping the perk.

Have you unlocked the Martyrdom perk in COD Mobile yet? Drop in your opinions about the weapon in the comments section below!

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