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COD Mobile: How to unlock the Holger 26 weapon in the game

Add the new weapon to your arsenal!

The Holger-26 is a hybrid weapon that sits between an LMG and an Assault Rifle in Call Of Duty Mobile. It categorizes itself as an LMG thanks to its default 100-round high-capacity magazine. This is one of the smoothest LMG weapons in COD Mobile right now. It has decent recoil control and a good ADS speed required for an LMG. Moreover, with the right attachments, mobility can be improved as well. This can be a good weapon to use for in-game modes like Hardpoint and Free for All. This highly rated LMG weapon – Holger 26 is now available in the Holger Strike Seasonal Challenge in COD Mobile Season 4.

How to unlock the Holger 26 in COD Mobile

Players will be able to unlock the Sickle in the game by completing the Holger Strike Seasonal Challenge. Players will receive Holger 26 after completing the first 5 tasks of the event. Moreover, players can earn a bunch of other rewards as well just like in other Seasonal challenges. This seasonal challenge comprises multiple steps needed to be completed to grind and unlock the Holger 26 weapon for your loadout.

COD Mobile Holger 26
Holger 26 weapon in Call of Duty Mobile
  • Kill 30 enemies in any game mode: Weapon XP card x10, Battle Pass XP x100
  • Kill 20 enemies with an Assault Rifle equipped with 5 attachments: Smoke Grenade – Wanted, Battle Pass XP x1500
  • Kill 15 enemies with headshots using any LMG: M21 EBR – Carrion, Battle Pass XP x2000
  • Kill 30 Enemies with any LMG equipped with any magazine and 4 attachments: Eternal Slumber – Spray Paint, Battle Pass XP x2000
  • Kill 30 enemies with an Assault Rifle equipped with any charm: Holger 26, Battle Pass XP x3000
  • Kill 30 enemies with any Holger 26 with any 3 stickers attached: Deputized Frame and 4000 Battle Pass XP.

The final task in this Seasonal Challenge is a bonus one by completing which you can get a rare version of Deputized Frame along with 4000 Battle Pass XP which will your progress a little bit further.

Final Thoughts

This remains a fact without a doubt that many players will very much want to unlock this new LMG weapon for their load-outs. Despite its limited stopping power, it will most likely only take four or five shots to down an enemy with the Holger-26. Its small size allows for a high fire rate, a manageable recoil, and some of the best mobility compared to other weapons in this class. 

We hope you find this COD Mobile Holger 26 guide helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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