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COD Mobile Clan Wars: Everything you need to know

Get ready to fight it out!

After an action-packed COD Mobile Season 3 2021, the Season 4 update has begun just a few days back. This update introduces a plethora of new features along with the iconic Heartbeat Sensor, Gunsmith 2.0, and more. Amongst all these the devs have announced that in just a few days the second biggest feature after Gunsmith – Clan Wars will be releasing in Call Of Duty Mobile! The new Clan Wars feature offers a totally new way to compete in COD Mobile. Activision joined hands with some of CODM’s talented voice actors to announce this upcoming grand feature in the game:

  • Courtenay Taylor – Scarlett
  • Greg Chun – Hidora Kai
  • Suzie Yeung – Urban Tracker

Get ready to compete in COD Mobile Clan Wars

The second biggest feature of COD Mobile, Clan Wars is almost here and will be launching on June 1st, 2021. it is a unique bi-seasonal competitive event that will be running every two seasons (like Ranked Series). Every two seasons it will reset, there will be new rewards, and your clan will have new chances to climb the leaderboards. Players have to battle it out with five other clans in six-day tournaments, fighting for control of various nodes on an overhead map. Earn Clan Points based on your clan’s individual node performance, and advance through a progressive league system to win rewards.

How to join a Clan War in COD Mobile

Each Clan War event will be made up of many mini-seasons, which are basically just new Clan Wars that last a week. Every week you’ll be fighting over different nodes and for different rewards. Your clan will need to join each Clan War season to participate, otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the next one to open up.

COD Mobile Clan Wars
The Clan War interface as it will be in COD Mobile

There is a lot to Clan Wars underneath, but it is all meant to create competitive gameplay, opportunities to interact with your clan and other players, and a new way to provide more epic rewards.

How does Clan Wars work in the game

As the devs have said, there are a few different ways you can earn rewards and clan wars currency. But the main way is all based on capturing Clan War Nodes. These are timed objectives that will have unique objectives and modifiers. Each node will be fought over by clans for a set amount of time and depending on each clans rank they will earn currency.

Those nodes will be changing every day and there will always be new ones to tackle with different objectives. However, as the Clan Leader, you can set a node as a primary target. All clan members will receive bonus points when attacking that node. Additionally, there will be extra social mechanics to help reward you for playing with members or your friends.

Earn epic Characters, Weapons and more in Clan Wars

Now that you know what is Clan Wars, let’s get on to the section that everyone cares about most, those sweet new rewards. While working with your clan to battle for control you’ll be earning clan currency, which can then be used to purchase a variety of different rewards. Furthermore, you can earn new rewards through the following ways:

  • By spending clan currency in the store
  • Through weekly rewards, based on both clan performance and your individual performance
  • Climbing the Clan Leaderboards
Ronin – Hakagure with his unique gear equipped

So this means even if your clan isn’t performing up to the mark, you’ll still be rewarded for your own efforts in Clan Wars. However, it will be easier to grab the best rewards with an active clan but the devs have said that the system is setup to make it so that individual efforts are still rewarded. Here is the complete list of what the players can get their hands on in this new COD Mobile Clan Wars.

  • Ronin – Hagakure
  • QXR – Rebirth
  • Backpack – Ronin
  • Chestpiece – Ronin
  • Helmet – Ronin
  • RUS-79U – Brushed Chrome
  • QXR – Brushed Chrome
  • Chopper – Ambush
  • DL Q33 – Ambush
  • ASM10 – Ambush
  • Knife – Ambush
  • SMRS – Ambush
  • Frag Grenade – Ambush
  • Flashbang Grenade – Ambush

Also here is how the Rank Borders will be in the Clan Wars:

  • Rank Border – Elite 1
  • Rank Border – Elite 2
  • Rank Border – Elite 3
  • Rank Border – Pro 1
  • Rank Border – Pro 2
  • Rank Border – Pro 3
  • Rank Border – Legendary
COD Mobile Clan Wars
The in-game store is already equipped with the Clan Wars rewards

As you can see from the store page, Ronin is the hardest reward to acquire with a requirement of 50,000 clan currency but also exclusive to Clan Wars. Those featured items are mostly of epic rarity, but there are also various rare quality rewards mixed in to provide more options at lower costs for the players.

Additional Information on Clan Wars

  • New Challengers Each Week: Your clan will be matched up with a specific number of other clans each week, that way it is a more focused fight and without one clan always dominating
  • Weekly Prizes: In every clan war season (which runs a week) you’ll be able to receive weekly prizes depending on where your clan ranked on the leaderboard, which is based on participation and how many nodes your clan was able to claim.
  • Match Bonuses: There will be a variety of ways to earn bonuses to help your clan get ahead, whether it is playing with friends or even just making sure to play at least one match every day.
  • Nodes & Points: Clans who compete for nodes, as shown above, will earn points depending on where they placed. However, strive to win! The clan that captures the node will earn bonus points.
  • Participation Matters: All players who participated in at least 2 clan wars are given a season prize based on clan rank.
  • Exclusive Prizes: Ronin – Hakagure and his unique pieces of equipment are exclusive to Clan Wars. Show off your clan’s skills by decking out Ronin in a full array of equipment.
  • Find Your Clan: This is the primary objective for players to be a part of Clan Wars. Not everyone may want to be in a highly competitive clan, there is space for all, even those who casually play throughout the week and just want to help each other earn rewards.

Final Thoughts

All in all, The Clan Wars looks to be a great addition to the game. Players will have to grind a lot along with their clan to grab those epic and legendary rewards. But there’s a question that might arise – what if you don’t have a clan?. As the devs have said, that’s not a thing to worry about. Once Clan Wars launches there will be plenty of new clans forming up to participate. So you’ll be able to find plenty of options to fit your needs. You don’t have to be hardcore and play 4 hours a day while coordinating with your clan to earn rewards and enjoy this feature. Even those who join casual clans that are formed just to help everyone earn rewards will still be able to grab worthwhile gear.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Clan Wars article helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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