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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to beat the Pitaya Dragon on 12-30

Beat the Pitaya Dragon easily with these steps

World 12 is relatively easier than World 11, and most of the time you can get through this chapter with no trouble at all. The hardest stage to pass here is 12-30, which is the last stage. In this stage, you have to fight the Pitaya Dragon, which is really tanky and hard to defeat. However, you won’t be facing any problems from receiving damage from this monster; Pitaya might be strong, but their attacks aren’t as high as the other bosses in the game. Most players’ dilemma from facing Pitaya is the timer; the timer lasts 3 minutes, and players usually can’t defeat the dragon in time. If you can’t figure out how to be at this stage, then that’s okay! This Cookie Run: Kingdom Pitaya Dragon guide will give you tips that will help you beat World 12 in no time.

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide How To Beat The Pitaya Dragon on 12-30
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World 12 is the last world in the Hollyberry update, and there might be more worlds in the future. New world chapters get released every time an Ancient Cookie comes out, and so far the game gets Ancients around every two to three months. The next Ancient is Dark Cacao Cookie, and his update would add a 13th World to the game.

Treasures to use for stage 12-30

As always, the most effective set for fighting bosses is Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Pilgrim’s Slingshot, and Pitaya is no exception.

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  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll boosts all your cookies’ ATK by at least 30%. This description alone makes it pretty self-explanatory on why you’d want this treasure on your team. However, if you are extremely unlucky with the treasure gacha, then you might have to settle for Grim-looking Scythe instead, which increases the CRIT chance for all your cookies.
  • Pilgrim’s Slingshot lowers the DEF of the rear-most enemy, which is useful if you want to beat Wizard. Make sure to activate this treasure as soon your Sorbet Shark or Vampire’s skill is ready, and use their skills as soon as possible so you can take advantage of Wizard’s reduced DEF.
  • Squishy Jelly Watch, a common treasure, might look like nothing much, but this treasure is one of the best in the game, significantly decreasing the cooldown of your cookies’ skills. However, this effect doesn’t work on starting skill cooldown, so you’d have to use Swift Chocolate toppings if you want to lessen those.

This is the most recommended set for this level. However, if some of your treasures are under level, or for some reason just wouldn’t work for your team, you can try alternatives. You can further check our treasure guide for a more extensive guide on treasures.

Team to use for stage 12-30

The most common setup for this stage is Dark Choco Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Vampire Cookie. While obviously, you can use other cookies for this stage, this is the most used one since you’d probably have these cookies built anyway.

  • Dark Choco Cookie is practically indispensable because of his DEF decrease, which makes the boss more vulnerable to attacks. Using other tanks, like Strawberry Crepe Cookie or Hollyberry Cookie wouldn’t be efficient, since your team isn’t going to be taking a lot of hits from the dragon anyway.
  • You’d want to use at least one single target cookie for this level since 12-30 only has Pitaya; there are no crowds of enemies prior to the match, so AOE cookies would be practically useless. The best single target cookies to use would be Vampire Cookie and/or Rye Cookie. You can also use Raspberry but the first two would be better options.
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  • If you do plan on using AOE cookies, Sorbet Shark Cookie would be a good option since they do a lot of damage that targets the frontline of enemies. Black Raisin Cookie would be a good alternative if you don’t have Sorbet Shark built.
  • Eclair Cookie is really useful for this stage too because of his Weakness Debuff, which makes enemies take 25% more damage. This effect stacks up to 4 times and lasts for 40 seconds each. His attack is strong too, especially for a support cookie; the only downside to using Eclair is that he has a very low DEF stat, so he can die a lot if you don’t know what you’re doing. Try to get as many DMG Resist topping stats on him as you can.

Lastly, you’d want a healer for your team. The preferred choice here would be Cotton Cookie since she has great heals and also deals with decent attacks; however, you can also use Pure Vanilla Cookie or Parfait Cookie if their level is higher.

You can use other cookies that weren’t suggested in this guide, but these are the easiest to beat the stage with. If your team is high-leveled enough, you won’t even have to go on manual; you can just go on auto gameplay and finish off the dragon in no time. If you do go on manual mode, a good tip is knowing when to use the Slingshot treasure.

An ideal skill order would be using Dark Choco’s skill, Vampire’s skill, and then the Slingshot. Vampire Cookie goes first instead of the Slingshot treasure to save time since Vampire’s skill animation takes a bit of time to finish. If you timed it right, the Slingshot’s effect would still activate earlier than Vampire’s skill attack damage.

Other miscellaneous Tips

If your team keeps dying, then survivability is your problem. Make sure you’re using a high-level healer. You’d want your healer to be at least level 50 for this stage, and level 55 is more desirable.

Using a double healer won’t work since what you want to do is do as much damage to the dragon as possible, and you’d miss out on extra damage if you used two healer cookies. Using healing treasures for this stage is also inadvisable.  Make sure your whole team is at least level 50, and the higher the level you can do for your single-target cookies, the better.

Tips 1
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If you’re running out of time, then you’re not doing enough damage! Make sure your cookie skills are all levelled up, and that you’re using the right toppings for them. In general, healers should use a full Swift Chocolate set, attackers should use a full Searing Raspberry set, and tanks should use Whole Almonds. Eclair would deal the most damage with a Searing Raspberry set but if he keeps dying then use almonds instead. Increasing Eclair’s ATK stat is just a bonus, not a necessity. Keeping him alive is your priority.

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I’ve been trying for WEEKS to get past this level!! I used the treasures listed and used Eclair, Dark Choco, Sorbet shark, Raspberry, and Pure Vanilla and I beat it on Auto with a full minute to spare. Thanks!!!


What level were your cookies?


I beat this a second before it ended.


Can I use dark cacao instead of dark choco?


what if u donā€™t have ChocošŸ«¤


Can you recommend for this stage what topping should have in team for each character?

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