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Cookie Run: Kingdom Purple Yam Cookie Guide: How to unlock, Best Toppings, and more

Tips to use the Purple Yam Cookie efficiently!

Purple Yam Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the best tanks for World Exploration right now, and he’s commonly used in the last few chapters of Dark Mode and Master Mode. Additionally, some Arena comps utilize him as well. It’s recommended to build Purple Yam when you can, but usually only after you get the more attack-oriented Magic Candies.

Vampire and Espresso are useful in Guild and Arena, which helps early game players a lot more, while Purple Yam mostly shines in World Exploration and Alliance. The latter game modes are more enticing to late-game players, so it’s best to make sure you’ve invested in the cookies you need before upgrading and getting Purple Yam’s Magic Candy. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Purple Yam Cookie
Image via Devsisters

If you’re lucky, you can get him from the Cookie Gacha from time to time. Otherwise, you can buy his soulstones in the Mileage Shop and his soulstones of him might pop up in the Arena Medal Shop, Guild Shop, or Rainbow Shell Gallery. He also has two stages in Dark Mode and a special stage in Master Mode (stage 2-3) where you can farm his soul cores. (Note that soul cores are different from soulstones.) Once you get him, you should try getting his Magic Candy as soon as you can.

The Purple Yam Cookie’s skill is surprisingly offensive for a tank. His skill works similarly to Strawberry Cookie’s skill, where he pushes away the enemies from your team and deals damage. This makes him helpful if you want to keep enemies away from your cookies, but the downside to this is your melee cookies won’t be dealing as much damage.

Since upgrading his skill helps increase his damage, it’s greatly recommended that you try to upgrade his Skill Level when you can. If you plan on using him for Alliance, a Level 70 skill would be a great help in clearing the tough waves.

Purple Yam Cookie’s Magic Candy can be obtained as soon as you level him to Level 50. Note that you’ll have to manually level him up since a cookie being put in the Hall of Ancient Heroes but still having an actual level of 49 or below wouldn’t be counted.

His Magic Candy has numerous added effects. A Level 1 candy lowers his skill Cooldown, which means he can attack the enemies a lot faster than normal. He receives Berserker’s Fury as a buff, which gives him Debuff Resist and makes him tankier. This means that if you’re using him in Arena, cookies like Frost Queen Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, and Eclair Cookie will do less damage to him when he has the buff.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Purple Yam Cookie
Image via Devsisters

After 4 stacks, he goes into the Berserker’s Spirit mode, where he quickly heals a lot of his lost HP. This makes him great for Alliance since you wouldn’t have to worry about him dying quickly. The most recommended Magic Candy is Level 10 since a Level 10 candy unlocks the important buffs. Level 20 and Level 30 unlock higher Debuff Resist percentages for Purple Yam.

While it’s not necessary to keep upgrading beyond Level 10, reaching Level 20 and Level 30 provide better buffs to Purple Yam compared to a lot of the other cookies with Magic Candies, so if you want to focus on a Magic Candy then Purple Yam’s would be a good choice. His Magic Candy uses Strength Crystals and Resonants, which need Purity Crystals and Jellybeans to craft.

Purple Yam Cookie is a tank, so the best topping set for him is Whole Almonds.

Whole Almonds

Using a full Whole Almond topping set on Purple Yam Cookie ensures that he’ll have the highest survivability, which means he can protect your team for as long as possible.

Cookie Run Kingdom Whole Almonds
Image via Devsisters

Players should note that a single maxed Epic Whole Almond topping provides 4.1% DMG Resist, and the maximum DMG Resist substat you can get on a topping is 6%. This means that the highest DMG Resist boost you can get purely from toppings is 50.5%.

While Purple Yam is a great tank, it’s also worth noting that they have a more fragile base stat than their peers, so they would benefit from having as high DMG Resist as possible. If you can, feel free to add Cooldown, HP, and ATK substats on your Whole Almonds build.

What is your opinion on the Cookie Run: Kingdom Purple Yam Cookie guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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