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Cookie Run: Kingdom Memory Jelly Event Guide and Tips

Cookie Run: Kingdom celebrates its first anniversary!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is celebrating its first anniversary, and as part of the celebrations it has introduced the new Memory Jelly event along with the new surprise log-in rewards and the 7 new redeem codes. The event ends on February 24, 11:59 pm (GMT +9:00). Here is a guide on what to do for this event.

In this event, players will need to collect memory jellies, which they can get from completing missions. Unlike the Earthbread Missions, these are repeatable, and players can finish the missions over and over. Below is a full list of what the missions are and the amount of memory jellies they give:

  • Send 5 balloon expeditions: 5 memory jellies
  • Use 100 stamina jellies: 10 memory jellies
  • Complete 5 bounties: 10 memory jellies
  • Complete 20 wishes from tree: 20 memory jellies
  • Receive rewards from the Bear Jelly train 3 times: 20 memory jellies
  • Play in Arena 10 times: 20 memory jellies
  • Take part in 3 guild battles: 30 memory jellies
  • Have a trade ship return to harbor once: 30 memory jellies
Cookie Run: Kingdom Memory Jelly Event
Image via Devsisters

To complete as many missions as possible, players should send the World 1 balloon expedition (the one with the shortest time duration) as frequently as they can, and keep producing goods so they can complete wishes. Compete in the arena as much as you can.

However, the other missions are too time-consuming to be repeated over and over in a day. An example of this is the trade ship mission, which can only be claimed once a day. Train rewards take hours to receive. The bounty’s mission takes the longest to claim without spending gems or buying a kingdom pass because normally you’ll only get 3 bounty attempts per day. You should still do these missions, but just note that your main source of memory jellies would be balloons and completing wishes.

One Year of Cookie Run: Kingdom

After collecting memory jellies, the next step should be to use them for unlocking puzzle pieces in the One Year of Cookie Run: Kingdom event. Each puzzle piece costs 10 memory jellies to unlock.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Memory Jelly Event
Image via Devsisters

There are ten picture frames total with 15 puzzle pieces each, so you’ll need 1,500 memory jellies in order to finish the event. While this seems like a big number, it’s easy to collect memory jellies anyway, and collecting 150 jellies a day would just take you ten days to finish. The event duration is 35 days anyway, so don’t worry.

Finishing all 10 frames would reward you 10,000 gems (each frame gives you 1,000 gems) and 1,500 rainbow cubes, along with the additional rewards each puzzle piece gives you like EXP jellies, stamina jellies, and topping pieces.

Gift Event to reward players with various in-game items

Once you finish the puzzle piece event, the next event you should pay attention to is the gifting event. Players should finish the puzzle piece event first because the rewards in the latter there are significantly better. Giving gifts to other players will reward you with treasure tickets, star jellies, time jumpers, cookie cutters, and most importantly, 300 rainbow cubes after giving away 30 gifts.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Memory Jelly Event
Image via Devsisters

Each anniversary gift can give you one of the following:

  • Faded Insignia
  • Gems
  • Rainbow Pearls
  • Rainbow Cubes
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Treasure Tickets
  • Epic Toppings
  • Stamina Jellies
  • Coins
  • Searing Keys
  • Time Jumpers
  • Star Jellies
  • Rarities
  • Arena Tickets

Since receiving gifts is a little more rewarding than giving them, it’s advisable to find other players to trade gifts with. Players can trade gifts with their friends or their guild members.

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