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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Time Jumpers Guide and Tips

Utilise the Time Jumpers to your advantage!

Time Jumpers in Cookie Run: Kingdom were introduced in the Frost Witch and The Lantern Of Truth update. These are extremely useful in the game, mainly when you’re farming resources in Adventure Mode. This guide helps you figure out how to use them and get them in the game.

The main way of getting Time Jumpers right now is through Balloon Expeditions, which give you an amount of Time Jumpers every time the cookies return from an Expedition. You’ll get better rewards the longer the Expedition takes (do the highest World Exploration you can.) The secondary way of getting Time Jumpers is through the Arena Medal Shop; this method is a little less advisable than the first one since Medals are precious and can be used to buy Ancient Cookie soulstones.

Cookie run Kingdom Time Jumpers
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However, if you need Time Jumpers or have a surplus of Medals, buying them in the shop wouldn’t be terrible since Time Jumpers are a little rare. Sometimes you’ll also get them as rewards from events or codes. Devsisters tend to give codes now and then, so check out their official Twitter page for new codes.

How to use Time Jumpers in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Time jumpers can be used in many places in the game.

1. Story Mode

This is the most common way to use Time Jumpers since this mode is where you will farm resources in the game, mainly skill powders and toppings, specifically Searing Raspberries and Swift Chocolates, Juicy Apple Jellies, and Whole Almonds. While stages only reward Standard Skill Powders, the good thing about it is you can trade them for Refined Skill Powders at the Seaside Market.

Just remember that to be able to use time Jumpers for a stage, that stage has to be three-starred beforehand, meaning you’ve beaten the stage with all cookies still alive at the end. Another thing to note is that you’ll still need Stamina Jellies for these, so if you don’t have enough Stamina Jellies for a particular stage, then your Time Jumpers won’t work.

2. Dark Mode

While this mode isn’t as useful as Story Mode for farming toppings and skill powder, it’s still good for soulstone farming. However, note that a stage in Dark Mode can only be completed three times a day, and refreshing the attempts for the day will require you to spend gems. Additionally, suppose the soulstone rewards for that stage are for a cookie you already have at maxed promotion. In that case, you won’t get a reward for it and receive extra mileage, making the stage useless for farming.

Use Time Jumpers
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3. Tropical Soda Island Missions

Soda Island stages are notoriously long, so it’s understandable if you’d want to skip them. There’s also the advantage of not having any of your cookies get soggy since skipping a stage makes your cookies immune; you can even use a team of Healer cookies with no attacking power, and you’ll still win the stage!

4. Bounty Missions and Tower of Sweet Chaos Missions

While skipping these aren’t as necessary (you can press Auto and leave the game running) as the other game modes since the battles here tend to be a lot shorter than other stages, you can still use Time Jumpers on them.

5. Alliance Mode

Time Jumpers can be used in Alliance Mode, and the game automatically gives you a random chest reward for the highest Wave you’ve finished in that particular season. Note that it’s expensive to skip a run since each run you skip costs 5 Time Jumpers. Additionally, you won’t be able to receive Time Jumpers from your treasure chest rewards.

  • Arena Mode: You’ll only fight a team once in this game mode; since there aren’t any repeat tries, you wouldn’t be able to use a Time Jumper.
  • Guild Battle: Guild Battle’s goal is to deal as much damage as you can to the dragon in a short amount of time, so your results are a lot more beneficial if you use manual gameplay instead of Auto.

Remember that you can’t use your Time Jumpers in all of the available game modes. You won’t be able to use Time Jumpers in the above game modes.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this Cookie Run: Kingdom Time Jumpers guide useful.

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