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Creative Destruction Advance Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

Build the best, break the rest!

NetEase Game’s Creative Destruction Advance is a sandbox-survival game which brings the fun of another popular game to a more accessible version on mobile. This time, it’s Fortnite! CDA is essentially Netease’s take on Fortnite, optimised for lower-end mobile devices. It’s an action-based battle royale game with all the combat basics, but with the addition of large-scale map interaction. You can destroy structures and even build your own. This Creative Destruction Advance Guide will be covering everything about the game’s items, inventory and a few basic outlined tips to follow. This guide will be aimed at providing you with the perfect platform to get familiar with the game and end up as the last one standing in a 100-player deathmatch.

Getting started with Creative Destruction Advance

Are you ready for a breathtaking battle? Similar to a survive-till-end Battle Royale game, Creative Destruction Advance will drop you on a large map where you can wage battles for survival. All you need to do is outclass the opponents on your path to end up taking all at the end. Build the best, break the rest! Here you could wield creative weapons and dominate the opponents in your own way! Sustain and race against snowstorms to reach your goal!

With various game modes, weather, Creative Destruction Advance will bring a new level of activity-filled fun. With huge surprises up in-store, battle out your opponents in a solo-mode or as a part of the squad filled with teammates. Join in to take it all at the end on a roller-coaster ride of fun and excitement!

Basic tips to ace your gameplay in Creative

1. All items are cosmetics

Starting with the Creative Destruction Advance Guide, you need to remember that all items you start with are cosmetics! As soon as you jump in, you’ll be greeted with a range of different menus and notices. You can change practically anything in this game, from the clothes you wear to the appearance of the kill indicator, which shows you eliminated someone. Just keep in mind, all these things are cosmetics and will give you no competitive advantage.

2. Take a while to get used to the controls and settings

Creative Destruction Advance Guide
Spend time in the private island

Netease has made a very nice addition in the form of a private island system, similar to that of the Creative Islands in Fortnite. These are your own islands which you own and you can take control of. You can invite your friends over, play mini-games and have small scrims with each other. You can do whatever you like with your island.

In the Creative Destruction Advance Guide, We recommend a beginner to load up your private island ( Go to the Play menu and hit Private Island). Try testing out your controls. You need to try out all the mechanics and alter your settings until everything just feels right. This is absolutely the player’s preference, and it is you who should be comfortable with your own settings. Once you’re ready, you can then enter your first match.

3. Sort out your bastion

Creative Destruction Advance Guide
Build a bastion

The bastion is a structure that you can build with the click of a button whilst in-game. This can be useful when you are about to attack someone or when you are caught under fire. You can customise your bastion on the menu. You have 4 things to place in an orientation which you like, then, once you’re in-game, you can just hit the bastion button and it will automatically build the structure for you.

4. Pick a drop-spot based on how experienced you are

creative destruction advance guide
Drop in a location according to your experience!

If you’ve played Battle-Royale in the past, you’ll probably know how it goes. In that case, try aiming at some of the bigger parts of the map. These bigger parts of the map will be identified with the larger fonts. These places are expected to be infested with people and possess high-value loot. Look out for a competitive battle on the first go!

If you’re newer to the game, try picking a place that’ is less populated. This doesn’t have to be on the outskirts either. You’ll find some small houses and farms dotted around on the map, these can be great areas where you can drop to find a decent quantity of loot.

5. Organize your load-out carefully

There are a whole bunch of different weapons you can use in Creative Destruction Advance. It is completely up to you on the ones you pick. However, make sure to always have a long-range weapon (a sniper, scoped assault rifle etc), close-range weapon (an SMG, a shotgun etc) and a medium-range weapon (like an assault rifle). This will keep you sorted throughout for all combat types. The rest of your slots can be filled with consumables.

6. Always plan according to the circle

As with most battle royale games, there’s a circle which encloses over time, so that the fighting area is smaller, and there’s more action. The storm that closes in, takes off damage. Try to avoid going in there at all costs!

It is recommended to aim to drop into the more central locations. This highly reduces the distance to travel to the next circle, thus making it easy for you! It’s a good idea to get to the new circle as soon as possible, to avoid any rushing.

By setting up in the new circle early, you’ll have an added advantage over other players. As the storm closes in, there may be some stragglers coming in slowly. Sit towards the edge of the new circle, and keep a lookout for any incoming players who are in a rush!

7. Travel quickly and safely

Travel safely through mountains and towns

On travelling from Point A to Point B, One needs to be careful about the speed and safety. These are two very key factors to manage. On jumping out continuously, try to avoid running in a simple straight line. This is because a straight moving target is very easy to hit using a long-ranged weapon, such as a sniper. To avoid getting hit, keep jumping around. This makes you a much more difficult target to kill. Additionally, avoid travelling through open fields and take routes through mountains and towns, This is because there is less natural cover in an open field compared to that of mountains and towns. So, you’ll have to watch out for all directions at all times.

To move quicker, take advantage of the items you can build using brick modules. The spring board is a great way to move fast as it launches you in the air, allowing you to glide down to your destination. The Bottle Rocket is also quite useful which puts you on a rocket made from a fizzy drink bottle. This boosts you forward at a quicker speed.

8. Apply suppressive fire

Fire enemies attempting for cover!

When you engage in a long-range fight with another player, you’ll see them almost always building up some cover. This will be a great opportunity to apply suppressive fire. The opponents will be in the build mode and will not have weapons equipped, thus, putting you at an advantage. Constantly shoot at them in an attempt to force them to keep rebuilding, this will cause their materials to deteriorate. After a good few rounds of suppressive fire, your opponent should be quite low on resources. This will allow you to rush towards them and catch them off-guard. This is a great tactic to take out players.

9. Gather a ton of resources

Creative Destruction Advance Guide
Build cover to save yourself

There will often be moments where you become victim to the above tactic. To save yourself from getting hurt from this, make sure to get stacked with as many resources as you can. Trees and rocks are a great source which you can break to obtain building materials. You can also choose to take down the walls of houses. This will provide a good stream of continuous resources as well.

Along with collecting building materials, stock up on traps and placeable objects as well. It’s a good idea to always have a spring board at hand since they are great items to help you either attack quickly or get out of a scuffle.

10. Grab the high-ground

Once you reach the final stages of the match, there will likely be a short standoff between. In such a situation, aim to build a base as high as possible to get the high-ground over your enemies. The biggest advantage of having the high ground is that it will be much easier for you to get headshots. Such a situation will, in turn, make the situation much more difficult for your enemies to hit you at all.

Make sure to build the base in a smart location though. On hills and top of buildings give you a good secure advantage. It is also important to consider the circle as well. Also, make sure to give yourself enough time before creating a secure base in the new circle.

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