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DC Worlds Collide Beginners Guide and Tips

Explore the DC Universe like never before!

DC Worlds Collide is an RPG genre game developed by Nuverse. This game contains superheroes and villains such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and others from the DC series, an American comic book publisher. Like a movie, this game has a storyline accompanied by quite stunning and smooth animation, allowing players to enjoy it, we even thought that this game could be made into a movie. In this DC Worlds Collide Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game,

Gameplay Overview

This game will take you to fight crime syndicates who want to invade the earth and it turns out that these crime syndicates are very similar to the superheroes in DC but with evil and stronger personalities, therefore heroes are needed to punish and defeat the crime syndicate. The heroes here are a combination of superheroes and villains who unite for survival on earth.

Introducing the Basics of DC Worlds Collide

Main Stage

The Main Stage here is the main stage that contains the storyline of the game, where you will bring a team to defeat the enemies, both the subordinates of the crime syndicate and the boss. When you fight the boss, the stage will be more difficult than the usual stage, because the boss here has 3x blood.

 DC Worlds Collide Beginners Guide Main Stage
Image via Nuverse

So you need to beat 3x full blood. When you complete a certain stage, it will unlock some new features, so the more features that are unlocked, the better because it is likely to increase the combat power of your team indirectly.


dc worlds collide Formation
Image via Nuverse

Before fighting, you will be asked to set the formation for the team. There are 5 slots that you can choose from for each character where the position is 3 behind, and 2 in front. Then you can also set the order of the ultimate casting of each character, this is very useful when you activate the auto feature during battle. We will explain in more detail below later.

Mother Box

This Mother Box is the same as summoning or recruiting several characters. When you need a stronger character, you can go to the Mother Box to recruit. There are 2 types of recruits at DC Worlds Collide, the first is Newcomer Recruitment and Character Recruitment, where there are 3 types of currency for recruiting, there are encrypted tokens, super encrypted tokens, and diamonds.

 Superman DC Worlds Collide Mother Box
Image via Nuverse

If you want a character with epic guarantees, you need to recruit 30x for newcomer types and 40x for character recruits, but sometimes without reaching as many, you can get characters with epic and even legendary grades if you’re lucky.

DC Worlds Collide Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our DC Worlds Collide Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Upgrade your Characters from time to time

There are various ways to train your characters, to get stronger characters to make it easier to defeat enemies and complete all battles.

  • Level up: You can level Up to increase the level of each character, this aims to increase attributes such as HP, Attack, and Defense. This requires some character EXP as well as titanium.
  • Rank Up: Rank Up is quite essential to increase the star of the character, because the higher the star of the character, the stronger it is. But you need some character fragments to be able to Rank Up.
Equipments DC Worlds Collide
Image via Nuverse
  • Resonance: When you have a character that is interconnected, you can get a bonus attribute to that character.
  • Equipment: There are six types of Equipment that you can use, and each of these pieces of equipment has different attributes. Head, accessory, and comms device for attribute attack, Shoulders for attribute defense, chest for attribute HP, and waist for attribute HP. You can use the auto equip feature if you feel confused or lazy to pair it yourself.

2. Pay attention to Character Traits

In an RPG game, here there are cyclical triangles called Trait Triangles that are connected. There are 3 types of traits such as strength, agility, and intellect where strength beats agility, agility beats intellect and intellect beats strength.

Image via Nuverse

When you deploy 2 characters with the same trait, you will get HP and an attack bonus of 8%. When you deploy 3 characters with the same trait, you get an HP and Attack bonus of 9%. Deploying 3 characters with the same trait and 2 other characters with the same other traits, you get 10% HP and attack. 4 characters with the same trait get 12% and 5 characters get 15%.

3. Understand the Character classes

dps class dc worlds collide
DPS stands for Damage per Second, which is a character with high damage that is useful for executing or being the main key to achieving victory
tank class dc worlds collide
Tanks are useful for providing protection such as shields, as well as fighting at the front of the formation
support class dc worlds collide
Support is useful for providing support to allies such as healing

4. Choosing the Perfect Formation

When you fight, you should set up a formation first, because each character will attack the one in front or closest to him, so when you have an advantage against a character with the agility trait, you can move the character in front of the enemy.

formation and ultimateformation and ultimate
Image via Nuverse

Then it is recommended to put a character with a Tank class at the front because HP and defense are higher than other characters, then support and DPS can be behind it. When you use the auto-battle feature, you should first set the order of the ultimate for each character. For characters who have AOE skills, we recommend being at the forefront, because there are still a lot of enemies, but for characters with targeting skills, it is recommended to put them behind to execute the enemy.

Final Thoughts

DC Worlds Collide is a game that has a sequence to attack, so you have to be smart in formation. In addition, also pay attention to the triangle trait for the sake of convenience in each stage you fight, because the bonus set is very helpful for weakening your opponent.

Then before you fight, you should pay attention to the Combat Power at the top, if indeed your opponent has a higher CP, you should first increase the character, but in some cases, you can complete the stage even though you lose CP by using the trait triangle or determining in the ultimate as well as formations.

That’s it from this DC Worlds Collide beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this DC Worlds Collide beginners guide useful.  

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