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Trails of Cold Steel: NW Beginners Guide and Tips

Master the Essentials for your Journey through Zemuria!

Trails of Cold Steel: NW is an RPG from USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd. The story takes place between the events of its previous two predecessors. Set between Trails of Cold Steel II and III, the game follows Lavi, a member of the Northern Jaegers, on a covert mission into the Erebonian Empire. In this Trails of Cold Steel: NW Beginners Guide, I will help you navigate the game’s essential mechanics with some tips to navigate the game effectively.

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Trails of Cold Steel: NW Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Battle Basics

In Trails of Cold Steel: NW, battles are automated, so focus on strategic preparation. Before each battle, compare your team’s strength with the enemy’s to ensure a higher chance of victory. I’ve found that positioning your heroes correctly in the battle formation can activate their unique skills. Monitor key stats such as HP (health), CP (energy for powerful S-Breaks when it reaches 100), and EP (magic power for Arts).

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Battle
Image via USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.

Utilize elemental advantages, where certain attributes like Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind have strengths and weaknesses against each other, to deal extra damage. You can also turn on Auto mode for automated skill use or control it manually to deploy S-Breaks at critical moments.

Complete the Main Stages

The main mode in Trails of Cold Steel: NW significantly affects your progression from the start. These main stages flow as chapters with sub-stages, including battle challenges and story scenes. Story scenes grant relevant rewards, which you can claim immediately by skipping to the end.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Main Stage
Image via USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.

Battle challenges require you to defeat enemies to gain victory and obtain rewards. Before entering a battle, I suggest comparing your team’s battle strength with the enemy’s. If your strength is higher, victory is assured. Focusing on the main stages is crucial for leveling up faster and collecting useful resources.

Leveling up Heroes

Leveling up your heroes is key for unlocking new skills and boosting their stats like HP, ATK, and DEF. Passive skills activate automatically at the start of battle, while active skills have a cooldown and S-Breaks activate when a hero’s CP hits 100. To level up, you’ll need Mira, Experience Crystals, and Septium.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Hero
Image via USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.

Remember, the level gap between your top 5 heroes shouldn’t exceed 30 levels, including returning heroes. Increasing heroes’ rarity through awakening is crucial, requiring specific materials depending on the target rarity. I’ve also found that you can reclaim training materials by paying a fee or by using an enhanced hero for awakening, which refunds materials but resets the Orbment and doesn’t return any recast statuses or scrolls.

Enhancing Equipment

Enhancing your hero’s equipment is essential to unlock their full potential. The Unique Weapon, in particular, holds significant power, offering new skills as it levels up. With six equipment slots to consider; Weapon, Head, Body, Accessories, and Legs each with unique attributes, selecting the right gear is crucial.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Equipment
Image via USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.

Leveling up equipment boosts its abilities, requiring Mira and various materials, with higher levels needing more resources. I’ve found that activating Unique Weapons with U Substance grants extra effects as they level up. UL equipment can be further enhanced using Semria stones of the same attribute, and remodeling allows for attribute customization.

Navigating Guilds and Town Activities

In Trails of Cold Steel: NW, you can create your guild or join existing ones, promoting teamwork and friendship. To start a guild, complete main story levels 3-4 and pay a Mira fee. Guilds have a president, vice president, and regular members, each with specific roles. The president manages titles and members, while vice presidents assist. You can donate six times daily to enhance the guild’s level and skills.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Town
Image via USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.

The town is bustling with activities and amenities to explore. One notable feature is Sync, where the top 5 Heroes collaborate and synchronize levels within rarity limits. Cooldowns for leveling abilities reset after 24 hours upon removal, with the option to reset using items. No cooldowns apply during transitions due to awakening or return.

Additionally, adventurers can visit the Haliask Department Store to exchange event items for rewards, maximizing benefits by monitoring end times. Other town features like Friend, Awaken, Trade, Value House, and Gacha offer unique opportunities to enhance your journey.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on the main stages

Prioritize completing main stages to progress efficiently through the game’s storyline. These stages not only drive the narrative forward but also provide crucial opportunities to level up your characters, unlock new abilities, and discover hidden treasures. Additionally, completing main stages often unlocks access to new areas, characters, and quests, enriching your overall gaming experience.

2. Claim your Idle Rewards

By simply being online during gameplay, you accumulate valuable resources through the idle reward system. These resources include materials crucial for leveling up and strengthening your heroes. Keep an eye on your gathering rate, which increases as you level up and progress in the main stages. Be sure to claim your rewards regularly to make the most of this feature without expending any extra effort.

3. Complete Quests

Make sure to tackle quests regularly for extra rewards and to advance in the game. These quests offer diverse challenges and chances for your character to grow. Keep an eye out for different types of quests, including story missions and daily challenges, as they provide unique experiences and opportunities for improvement.

4. Unlock character costumes and use props to strengthen your makeup

Unlocking character costumes adds variety to your character’s appearance, enhances their abilities, and unlocks additional skills. Experiment with different costumes to customize your characters and improve their performance during adventures in the game.

Additionally, strengthening your makeup not only boosts your makeup bonus ability but also enhances the bonus abilities of all members. It unlocks makeup skills that can further augment your characters’ capabilities.

5. Utilize the Town features

Explore the town and make use of amenities like Sync, where top Heroes collaborate, and the Haliask Department Store to exchange event items for rewards. Don’t overlook other features like Friend, Awaken, Trade, Value House, and Gacha.

Final Thoughts

Trails of Cold Steel: NW delivers an engaging RPG experience with its captivating story, strategic battles, and expansive world. This beginner’s guide provides essential tips to help players navigate the game effectively, ensuring an enjoyable journey through Zemuria. Whether you’re diving into thrilling quests or enhancing your heroes, Trails of Cold Steel: NW offers hours of fun for players of all levels.

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