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Destiny Child Characters Tier List for October 2022

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Destiny Child is a popular Japanese role-playing game that focuses on turn-based combat and a linear storyline to keep the players even more engaged. The game has a multitude of characters, and here we will be dividing the most powerful and widely used characters into a tier list with varying classifications. Fret not, we will help you by providing our Destiny Child tier list of all the characters in the game.

The game puts you in control of Childs, where a Child is a contestant in a tournament that will determine the next Archfiend or the Premier of the Demon realm. The short follows the journey of the player to become the said Archfiend in the game.

Destiny Child Tier List for October 2022

This Destiny Child tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list will be separated into categories of S+, S, A, B, and C.

Overpowered (S+)Salome, Chang’e, Saturn Pomona Dana, MonaNeptune
Strong (S)Eve, Thanatos, Bastet, SirenBesAstraea, Maat, SyrinxBathory  
Good (A)Daphnis, Freyja, Ayane, Khepri, Elizabeth, Krapmus, Abaddon, Nicole, Jacheongbi, MafdetAthenaDeino, DemeterRita, Tiamat, Tamamo Leda, Pantheon
Average (B)Kubaba, Davi, Bari, Tyrving, Frej, Calypso, Ziva, Eochaid, Cain, Serval, Annie, Medb, Cleopatra, Ailill, KasumiRaccoon, Marie RoseRusalka, Metis, MakotoJupiter, Moa, Banshee, Midas, Olga, Isolde, Katherine, IphisEshu, Mars, HadesAria, Leo, Skiing Eshu, Giltine, Lisa, Miku, Failnaught, Durandal, Pallas
Weak (C)Morgan, Hestia, AshtorethMammon, Keino, Daoine SidheRin, Honoka, VenusNine, Limos, Luin, Pan, Neamhain, Red Cross, Santa Claus, Thetis, Horus, Nirrti, Lan Fei, Babel, Billy  Diablo, Brigid, CatherineNaias, Verdelet, Sytry, Werewolf, Ganesha, Doryeong

Best Meta Characters for Destiny Child in October 2022

Although the list of characters, or rather, the complete list of characters in Destiny Child is huge, we have compiled the noteworthy ones into this tier list right here. While the ones in S+ class should be preferably used by everyone if possible, the ones in the S-class are not much behind.

Destiny Child Girl Cover
Image via SHIFTUP

Also, the characters in the A-tier are strong too, but only in certain situations which when in the favor of the specific Child cause them to excel. B-tier features are those characters that are rarely used and chiefly exist as fodder. Meanwhile, the C-class consists of those characters that players should rather stay away from due to their weak overall output and lack of efficiency. That is all for this article, we hope that you find this useful in your quest to master this game.

What do you think about this Destiny Child Characters Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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