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Diablo Immortal: The complete Elder Rifts Guide and Tips

Everything you need to know about Elder Rifts!

Diablo Immortal is full of quests, and challenges and has numerous enemies to fight against. To better prepare for the fight against the demonizing creatures from hell in the endgame and to compete in PvP grinding for gear becomes necessary. One of the best ways to obtain rewards is Elder Rifts. In this Diablo Immortal guide, we will tell you about Elder Rifts, how to unlock them, and whereabouts to earn more rewards.

How to unlock Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal 

The Elder Rifts are repeatable dungeons that pit players in a battle against a horde of enemies and give rewards in return. The game mode does not take long to complete but gives randomized rewards which are worth grinding for. Elder Rifts is locked when players start their journey in the dark world of hell and to unlock it players need to complete the first two chapters of the story, namely Wortham and Ashwold Cemetery.

Players then need to head to Westmarch and finish two more quests, Legends of Eld and Braving the Rift. These quests introduce players to Elder Rift and serve as a tutorial. Once it’s done, players can access the arena through the entrance.

Elder Rifts is free from any energy system meaning players can attempt it as many times as they want. Paired with fast clearing time and opportunity for awesome rewards makes it the perfect place to farm resources. Following the mechanics from the previous games in the Diablo series, players will have tasks of defeating enemies to fill up a bar to get rewards and gear drops. Note: The map and types of monsters that players will encounter are random.

Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

On filling the progress bar, all of the remaining demons will be removed from the battlefield and a Rift Guardian will spawn, killing who is the final objective of Elder Rifts. A timer will start running when the Guardian boss spawns, killing the guardian before the timer runs out grants extra rewards. After defeating the Guardian players have a 5-minute window to pick up the loot. 

Players can attempt Elder Rifts either solo or in a group consisting of up to 4 teammates. It is recommended to play in teams where the combat rating of at least one of the other members is higher than the player’s rating to earn significantly better rewards. While playing in a team the difficulty of Elder Rifts scales to the level of the highest leveled member.

Crests: Increase your loot by spicing up the challenge 

On opening the Elder Rift menu, players have access to three slots for Crests. Crests are a type of currency that change the conditions of Elder Rifts and in return increases the quantity and quality of the rewards. Each member can add at most 3 Crests to the Elder Rift. Players can either insert a rare or a legendary crest in each slot.

Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts crests
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A rare crest adds 1 modifier to the Elder Rift, which is either positive or negative. Adding a rare crest guarantee getting Runes from the loot and also grants a chance to obtain a Legendary Item. Meanwhile, a Legendary Crest adds 2 modifiers to the Elder Rift, one positive and one negative, and guarantees at least one Legendary Item.

Adding Crests to an Elder Rift also rewards players with more Fading Ember. The amount of bonus Fading Ember you receive from the Elder Rift depends upon the number of Crests the entire party adds to the rift. Note: All party members need to add a crest to receive runes and legendary items. Not adding a crest means players will receive only the normal rewards from the Elder Rift.

Elder Rift Modifiers in Diablo Immortal

Rift modifiers are both positive and negative and are randomly selected from a list of modifiers. When playing with teammates the number of modifiers is based on the party member that added the most Crests. The Crests added by other party members will not apply any modifiers.

Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts Guide Cover Modifiers
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

On filling all three slots at least one modifier is guaranteed to be positive while the other two are random. Before entering the dungeon players can take a look at the modifiers and if the modifiers are very hard, players can leave the Elder Rift immediately without losing the precious crests.

Positive Modifier Effects

  • Beat The Clock: Grants additional rewards for beating the clock
  • Chain Lightning: Attacks from the player summon chain lightning
  • Extra Legendary Affix: Adds an extra Legendary Affix to the rift
  • Fleet Footed: Increases player movement speed by 20%
  • Holy Vengeance: Gives player the ability to inflict Holy Vengeance
  • More Shrines: Increases chances of finding Shrines
  • Shockwave: Grants players the ability to cause shockwaves with their attacks
  • Ultimates Charge Faster: Ultimate skills of the player charge faster
  • Will To Survive: Every time the player loses 5% of Life, they take 5% less damage.

Negative Modifier Effects

  • Elite Monsters: Guarantees every monster in the rift to be Elite
  • Ambushing Monsters: If the player is struck by a monster from behind, the attack is guaranteed to be a Critical hit
  • Deadly Elites: Increases the strength of Elite monsters but also increases rewards
  • Fast Monsters: Increases the movement speed of monsters by 20%
  • Lava: Lava spawns under the player periodically
  • Resurrection: Allows monsters to have a chance of being revived
  • No Standing: If the player stands for 1 second, they become temporarily immobilized
  • Terrified: If a monster is below 50% health, it will run away
  • Wild Hunt: Increases aggro range of monsters
  • Empowering the Elder Rift can be done using Crests: There are Rare and Legendary Crests that can be earned throughout the game, which open the Rifts and increase chances for various rewards.

Elder Rifts Rewards in Diablo Immortal

Apart from engaging in combat, Elder Rifts are a good source of in-game resources and it is worth the grind. Currently, the most difficult thing to obtain in Diablo Immortal is Legendary gems and Elder Rift is the top pick for earning gems. Additionally, Rifts are also an awesome source of fading embers and runes. 

Did you find our Diablo Immortal guide on Elder Rifts helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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