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Diablo Immortal: The complete Paragon System Guide and Tips

Here’s how to unlock Paragon levels and trees!

Diablo Immortal comes with a convoluted Paragon System that helps players climb up and gain experience towards the end of the game. Many players may know about the Paragon system as this was also a part of Diablo 3 and some of its aspects were also in Diablo 4. Being the most important system in character progression, the paragon system helps the players to unlock permanent skills and attributes of a character by making the character even stronger. 

Introducing the Paragon System in Diablo Immortal

After hitting level 60 in the game, XPs will not help you gain experience points but rather help in levelling up their paragon levels which give access to acquire various skills and attributes. The Paragon system won’t unlock until you hit Level 60 in the game.

From Level 60, you will not gain a level up while completing the full XP bar, instead, you will gain each paragon point which you can distribute to different paragon talent trees. The paragon system might seem very complicated at first to many users but eventually, you will understand. Grinding paragon levels will give you small bonuses and each time you level up, you will get one paragon point that you can assign to any one character.

Diablo Immortal Paragon System
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Not every Paragon tree will unlock as soon as you hit the max level. Some Paragon trees will open up once you hit the desired paragon level. As you progress through the game, your XP will escalate further providing you with paragon points. The paragon points which you earned by a particular character can only be used by that character and it is not transferrable between other characters. For example, if you gain a paragon point using the Barbarian, it can only be used by the Barbarian. It can’t be transferred to the other 5 characters.

Types of Paragon Trees in Diablo Immortal

There are 6 Paragon Trees in Diablo Immortal. The developers of the game are working to develop more paragon trees. The trees get unlocked soon as you hit the first paragon level. You need to pervade more time on increasing the paragon points. Below are the 6 Diablo Immortal Paragon trees:

Diablo Immortal Paragon System Trees
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  1. Survivor Paragon Tree: This paragon tree mostly focuses on defensive-oriented skills and attributes making your character durable. This tree unlocks at Paragon Level 1.
  2. Vanquisher Paragon Tree: This paragon tree focuses on offensive attribute bonuses and skills which gives the character more speed and damage per kill. This tree unlocks at Paragon Level 1.
  3. Treasure Hunter Tree: This Paragon tree unlocks at level 50. The skills from this tree are helpful if your main focus lies on farming and for searching gold and better loot.
  4. Gladiator Paragon Tree: This Paragon tree unlocks at level 100. This tree helps in tough and rough fights, especially in PvP battlegrounds.
  5. Soldier Paragon Tree: This Paragon tree unlocks at level 150. The skill tree is essential for healing and damaging purposes for your allies.
  6. Mastermind Paragon Tree: This Paragon tree unlocks at level 150. This paragon tree was added after the beta version of Diablo Immortal. It focuses on buffing parties with at least four different classes.

Remember that one paragon tree needs at least 100 paragon points to make the most of the system. Other trees will unlock step by step as you make progress in the game. Each of the trees has 95 points to spend on passive bonuses consisting of five specialization skills in each tree that gives you a certain ability.

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