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Diablo Immortal: Tips to find Bounties in the game

Complete bounties to get rewarded!

Diablo Immortal comes with some daily quests and tasks for its players to complete and earn some of the most fantastic additional rewards helping them to progress further in the game and helping to upgrade their equipment. One of those daily tasks includes Bounty Hunting. The Bounty Board which can be found in Westmarch contains additional missions which you can play and put your hands on if you want to. These are bounties or side missions that in return give you a lot of rewards and loot after completing each objective.

How to find Bounty Board in Diablo Immortal

To do Bounty hunting you need to head up straight to the Palace Courtyard located at Westmarch. Here you need to talk to Charsi and complete the tutorial quests provided by him. Only after completing the tutorial, you will be able to access the bounty board. After opening the bounty board, there will be a total of 12 bounties from which you can choose 4 bounties at a single time and up to 8 bounties per day. 

In Diablo Immortal, there exist two types of bounties, one is the Open World Bounties surrounded by a blue border, and the other one is known as Dungeon bounties surrounded by a green border. The Blue border bounties are comparatively less time-consuming than the Green border bounties, although the rewards are not much appealing as compared to the green bounties. So if you are looking for better and more useful rewards go for the Green bounties.

Diablo Immortal Bounty Board
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Complete list of Bounties in Diablo Immortal

Here are the bounties available in Diablo Immortal:

Ashwold Cemetry Bounties 

  • Clearing the Cobwebs – Kill 50 Spiders in Ashwold Cemetry
  • Guarding the gardens – Kill Monsters in Eastern Gardens
  • Disturbing their Rest – Search the Ossuary, Kill the disturbed zombies
  • Hidden in the grass – Kill Monsters along the outskirts
  • Ashwold Steel – Kill Skeletal warriors to collect Ashwold Steel
  • Honoring the Captain – Place Royal Armor to summon and kill Captain Wentworth

Dark Wood Bounties

  • Bird of Prey – Kill one Corrupted Mauler, Kill one Giant Vulture
  • Bloodsword Insignia – Kill 15 Bloodsword Rogues to collect Bloodsworn Insignia
  • Into the Swamp – Kill 60 Bog Creatures
  • Night Howlers – Kill the Night howlers
  • Numbing the pain- Kill 15 toxic lurkers to collect Paralytic Venom
  • Culling the Pack – Kill 40 dire wolves
  • Quill Collection – Kill Quill rats to collect Black Quills

Shassar Sea Bounties

Shassar Sea
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Desert Bandits – Kill 20 Sand Scorpion Bandits 
  • Weapons of War – Kill 20 Deceivers to collect Shattered Polearms
  • Beneath the Sands- Investigate the sands, Kill 10 lurking Desert Crawlers
  • Merchant’s debts- Collect 8 merchant’s documents
  • Lacuni Fur – Kill Lacuni to collect Lacuni fur
  • Verithas the false – Collect demonic flesh to summon and kill Verithas the False
  • Desert Crawlers – Kill Desert Crawlers 
  • Stolen Goods – Kill Sand Scorpion Bandits to collect stolen goods
  • Dune Wolves – Kill Dune Wolves 
  • Golden Leather – Kill 15 Dune wolves to collect Golden leather
  • Razor Quills – Kill 10 Razor Spines to collect Razor Quills
  • King of Smugglers – Kill Sand scorpion bandits to collect the Smuggler’s missive, Kill Leodias the Smuggler.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Bounties

  • Shifting Cores – Kill Quicksand Golemns to collect shifting cores
  • Defending the library – Kill Monsters in the library of Zoltun Kulle
  • The Hungering Altar – Investigate the Hungering Altar
  • Hunting Bandits –  Find the hidden Sand Scorpion Bandits, Kill  them
  • Corrosive flesh – Kill 15 Undone Bilespwers to collect Demonic flesh
  • Remnants of the past – Kill 30 reanimated Horadric mages to collect soul sand

Bilefen Bounties

  • Living Nightmares – Kill 60 beasts in the Bilefen
  • Dust to Dust – Kill 60 Undead monsters
  • Crimsonblade Haven – Kill 50 crimsonblade pirates

Mount Zavain Bounties

  • The Khazra Threat – Kill Khazra in the Moon Clan Encampment
  • Graveyard Soldiers – Defeat Zakarum Oathbreakers
  • The Risen Monks – Defeat Risen Monks
  • Khazra on Zavain- Find Khazra waiting in Ambush, Eliminate them
  • Beasts of the Foggy Plains – Kill Varanids
  • Zealots – Locate the Cultists, Lurking in Mount Zavain, Eliminate them
  • Royal Guards – Kill Royal Guards
  • Nightmare in the Misty Valley – Kill Monsters in the Misty Valley

Frozen Tundra Bounties

  • Reclaim the village – Defeat the invading Warped ones in the Abandoned village
  • Pursuit of Victory – Find where the Ice Clan is lying in wait to Ambush, Eliminate Ice Clan members
  • Crisis in the Frozen Tundra – Find frost horrors lying in ambush, Eliminate them
  • Wriggling Menace – Kill Cragworms

Realm of Damnation Bounties

  • Infernal Leather – Collect 30 Sinewy wings from Ashen Servitors

How to collect Bounty rewards in Diablo Immortal

After you have successfully completed the assigned bounties, make sure you return to the bounty board in Westmarch to claim your rewards. One of the major reasons why you should play this side missioned bounties is because you get a pretty decent amount of XPs in return.

Other than gaining XPs, you can also earn gold and a piece of random equipment by completing bounties. You will also get to acquire 8 battle pass points per bounty contributing to your total battle pass points. Don’t forget to collect the dropped loot consisting of gold and other useful items while you kill the monsters in the combat arena.

Did you find our guide on Bounties in Diablo Immortal helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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