Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide and Tips

Be a Boxing Champion!

Real Boxing 3 is an action sports title brought to you by Vivid Games S.A. that lets you step into the shoes of a pro boxer and take on intense challenges in the ring. In the game, you have the chance to claim championships and defeat challenging opponents to be the best in the boxing scene. In this Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide, I’ll help you get started and give you tips to become a boxing champion. If you’re new to the game, check out the available redeem codes to claim bonuses that can help boost your progress.

Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Winning in the Game

Winning in Real Boxing 3 comes down to a mix of strategy, skill, and adaptability. I’ve found that starting strong with precise, well-timed punches can give you an early edge in fights. At the same time, always pay close attention to your stamina and take breaks to recover when needed, so you don’t exhaust yourself too quickly.

Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide, Real Boxing 3
Image via Vivid Games S.A

Defending well and knowing when to block or dodge is just as important as attacking. Observe the opponent’s patterns to find openings for counterattacks. Also, focusing on your fighter’s training and stats helps to stay competitive.


Mastering the controls in Real Boxing 3 is essential for success in the ring. Here’s how I use the different controls to my advantage during fights:

  • Jab and Cross: Tap on the left side of the screen to throw a jab, and a tap on the right side throws a cross. I rely on these punches to keep my opponent at bay.
  • Hooks: Swipe right to throw a lead hook, and swipe left to throw a rear hook. These powerful hooks can catch opponents off guard.
  • Uppercuts: Swipe up on the left side of the screen to throw a lead uppercut, and swipe up on the right side to throw a rear uppercut.
Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide, Real Boxing 3
Image via Vivid Games S.A
  • Body Punches: Swipe down on the left side to throw a lead body punch while swiping down on the right side to throw a rear body punch.
  • Auto Block and Auto Dodge: By tapping the auto-block button, your boxer automatically tries to block punches. Tap the auto-dodge button to let your boxer attempt to dodge punches automatically, but it does use up stamina, so use it wisely.
  • Counterattacks: If you successfully dodge a punch, swipe to the counterattack button to throw a counterpunch.
  • Feints: Pulling the feint button lets you bait your opponent. If they fall for it, quickly tap the counter button to perform a counterattack and take control of the fight.

Practice in Solo Mode

In my experience, Solo mode is the perfect place to sharpen your fighting skills and gain experience. It’s the first mode you encounter, allowing you to face off against different opponents with unique styles. As a newbie, it was great practice to learn the game’s mechanics and test out various techniques.

Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide, Real Boxing 3
Image via Vivid Games S.A

As I completed the challenges in solo mode, I noticed I was leveling up quickly and earning rewards that I could use to upgrade my fighter. This made a huge difference when I later faced real players in online battles. By focusing on solo mode at the beginning, you will be prepared when you transition to fighting real players in online battles.

Compete with Real Players in Online Mode

After getting comfortable in solo mode, I recommend to jump into online battles, and it was a whole different level of challenge. Facing off against real players makes the fights more competitive and intense. Having sharpened my skills in solo mode helped because these matches require sharper reflexes and strategic thinking.

Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide, Real Boxing 3
Image via Vivid Games S.A

Winning online fights will boost your rank on the leaderboards, and can open up opportunities for better rewards at the end of the season. The competition can be tough, but climbing the ranks will earn you higher rewards. I always recommend getting plenty of practice before diving in, but once you feel ready, the online battles are where the real excitement happens.

Train your Boxer in the Gym

In my experience, you’ll face tougher opponents as you progress, so training your fighter becomes essential. To keep winning and avoid losses, head to the gym to work on your fighter’s attributes. In the gym, you can train different aspects of your fighter like strength, speed, health, stamina, technique, and recovery. Each attribute needs to be trained separately and requires experience points (EXP) and in-game currency to complete.

Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide, Real Boxing 3
Image via Vivid Games S.A

Improve your fighter’s stats to boost their performance in the ring and help you take on tougher opponents. Focus on meeting the requirements to train each attribute, like strength or stamina, and work on building up your fighter’s overall abilities. This will give you a much better shot at coming out on top in your matches.

Real Boxing 3 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Utilise your Stamina

Keep an eye on your stamina bar. If you throw too many punches or let your boxer automatically dodge, you could run out of stamina and be open to counterattacks. Make sure to balance your offense with some rest periods to recover stamina and stay strong throughout the match.

2. Sharpen your Skills in Solo Mode

Sharpen your skills in Solo mode by using it as your practice arena. You’ll face different opponents and challenges, which helps you improve your techniques and strategies. Take the time to understand each opponent’s fighting style and adjust your approach to find what works best.

3. Master the Controls

Get comfortable with the controls for punches, blocks, and dodges. Practice swiping in different directions to master jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and body punches. When using auto-block and auto-dodge, be careful, as they can use up your stamina quickly. Knowing when to rely on these options and when to take control yourself will help you stay sharp in the ring

4. Take advantage of combos and counterattacks

Take advantage of combos and counterattacks to keep your opponent on their toes. Mix up different combinations of punches to maximize damage and break through their guard. Timing is key for counterattacks, if you dodge a punch and then immediately counter, you can turn the fight in your favor.

5. Make sure to train stats in the Gym

Make sure you take the time to train your fighter’s stats in the gym. Upgrading key attributes like strength, speed, and stamina can give you the edge you need in your fights. Focusing on specific stats that suit your fighting style can make a big difference in your performance against challenging opponents.

Final Thoughts

As you dive into Real Boxing 3, remember to take your time and enjoy the journey of honing your skills. Start with the basics in solo mode to build a solid foundation, then gradually take on more challenging opponents in online battles. Always keep an eye on your stamina, experiment with different punch combinations, and use counterattacks wisely. Training your fighter in the gym will give you an extra edge in the ring. Most importantly, stay patient, learn from each match, and have fun as you climb the ranks.

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