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Earn to Die Rogue Beginners Guide and Tips

Survive through the apocalypse!

Earn to Die Rogue, is a casual and racing RPG from Not Doppler set during a zombie apocalypse and is the latest addition to the Earn to Die series. Some also view it as a racing game due to the mechanics involving driving through the zombies while moving from one zone to another. In this Earn to Die Rogue Beginners Guide, I will guide you through the basics and most necessary mechanics of this RPG so that you can survive in the Zombie Apocalypse with the best-fit weapons and techniques alone. Additionally, if you are just starting with the game, make sure to check our redeem codes article to grab any freebies along the way, and should you face any in-game issues, check our customer support article as well to address them hassle-free!

Earn to Die Rogue Gameplay Basics

The gameplay involves the player taking up control of the main character Greyson, as he drives his way through the zombies and then loots infested buildings for several power-ups and new car parts.

image via Not Doppler

To complete a map or a location, you would need to get through 30 rooms filled with zombies consecutively. Three of those rooms would not have zombies, but power-ups and/or rewards instead. After clearing the rooms, find the missing parts for a new vehicle to go to a new location as the missions suggest.

In-game Powerups

Here is a list of all the useful powerups in the game that might come in handy for the players:

Kinetic JunkLets a bundle of junk orbit you and deal damage to the opponents.
DrillBullets pierce through zombies.
Kinetic HologramAn orbiting hologram originates and acts as a barrier.
Echo MagazineShoots an additional (+1) bullet.
Bomba BootsAn explosion happens while landing.
Huge CoffeeIncreases movement speed.
Hot PotatoBullets bounce off enemies.
BasketballBullets bounce off walls.
Dual MagazineShoots +1 side bullet.
Gr4v BootsDecreases the effect of gravity.
AdrenalineIncreases attacking speed after a kill.
Golden AppleHeals HP when a room is cleared.
Fresh WaterHeals 25% of the remaining HP.
Nuclear WasteMelt enemies over time.
FungiCollect fungi spread all over the room to restore your HP.
Air and Ground LasersShoot lasers vertically and horizontally respectively.
J3t PackJetpack that lets you fly inside the rooms.
FireworksFireworks emerge from the bodies of zombies when dead.
GasolineBurn enemies over time.
Blood BagRestore a part of your HP by walking over dead zombies.
Liquid NitrogenSlows down zombies when bullets hit them,
Magic PotionGrants you three random powerups; may also give you 0 powerups.
Wanted PosterWanted zombies receive 35% more damage.

Earn to Die Rogue Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some major tips and tricks that I wish someone had told me before the zombie apocalypse:

1. Remember that you aren’t Shooting

The basic point one needs to set up in one’s mind is that it is not a shooting game. The shooting is automatic. All you need to do is dodge the enemy firing. Hence, do not keep tapping the jump button randomly. Even if you do not tap it, you are still shooting the zombies. Keep your distance from the foot zombies and keep notice of the cannons and automatic guns that shoot at you by dodging them.

2. Prioritize items that heal

At the beginning of a 30-room run, you are offered to choose from 3x random items to boost your power against the zombies from the very beginning. Also, after clearing most of the rooms, you would again be given three items out of which you can choose one.

image via Not Doppler

But this time, you will be able to see all three items and choose according to your strategy, unlike the previous time. Often, you might come across items like Golden Apples, Fungi, Fresh Water, etc., which help you increase or restore your health. Always prioritize choosing such items, since the fierce battles will always affect the character’s overall health status, and respawning often is not an option in the game.

3. Go for the Attacking boost in the fifth room

The fifth, fifteenth and the twenty-fifth room in a run-in doesn’t have any zombies, but instead, gives you choices like a health boost or an attacking boost to choose from. Our suggestion would be, in case you have already acquired health power-ups like a Golden Apple, which increases your health after you complete each room, try to choose the attacking boosts in those rooms.

The attacking boosts may include increase of attacking speed, or increase in attack damage or critical hits. However, in case your health is very much low and you have already respawned once, you can choose the health boost accordingly.

4. Upgrade your current items with Duplicates

Sometimes after clearing a particular room, you might be given the option of acquiring an item that you already have acquired once. Choosing that item again is not a bad idea, especially since it levels up that particular item. For example, acquiring Fungi more than once makes the Fungi appear more in number in the upcoming rooms, and items like kinetic junk increase the amount of junk orbiting Greyson, and hence increase the frequency of damage to the enemy.

5. Use the full potential of certain items

Even after you clear a room, complete certain objectives for your good, based on the items that you have selected. For example, collect all the fungi remaining in the room, to restore your health. Also, another useful item named the Blood Bag restores your health once you walk over the dead zombies. Hence, after clearing a room, if dead zombies are falling on the floor, walk over them to restore your character’s health.

6. Damage-dealing power-ups are great too

There are several items like the Air and Ground Lasers, Matchstick, and Kinetic Junk, which deal constant damage to the enemies besides the handgun. In case you choose them, make sure to also take the attack boosts available throughout the game.

7. Use the Barriers strategically

The mid-air platforms during the fights also act as barriers for bullets and cannons from either party. Hide beneath or behind such barriers to be safe from the projected attacks from the cannons in particular.

8. Deal damage without even hitting the Zombies

In the game, you can also deal automatic damage to the opponents with powerups like Nuclear Waste and Gasoline. They deal gradual damage to the opposition whenever the time comes, hence turning the battle in your favour.

9. Upgrade the Wheels

Earn to Die Rogue official launch, Earn to Die Rogue
Image via Not Doppler

Never make the mistake of just acquiring all the car parts and setting off for the journey. First upgrade every single part of your car, otherwise you might not be able to move much forward with just the primary condition of your car. Collect junk from a car run, and use the junk to upgrade your car.

10. Watch Ads whenever necessary

For this, you need to be online while playing the game. The ads enable you to choose a second random item at the beginning of the mission and also a power-up just after that. It also comes to the aid during a respawn, however, the health status after recovery is half of the total health.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the Earn to Die Rogue Guide from our side. Zombies, guns, cars, power-ups, this game has it all! Keep the said tips in mind, and be accustomed to the game in time. Happy gaming!

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That’s all from us for the Earn to Die Rogue Guide and Tips! Did you find our Earn to Die Rogue Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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