eFootball 2023: Top 5 finishing tips and tricks players should follow

Be a top tier finisher in the game!

eFootball 2023 has been steadily getting some decent updates starting from Season 3 which has been slowly upping the game of KONAMI’s popular football franchise. The recently announced plans via the 2023 Roadmap announcement also made it clear that they are willing to do the needful. Talking about the game, finishing in eFootball 2023 has been slightly different, with new challenging finishing techniques added to the game. The need of understanding the techniques and new skills added to the game. So, in this article, we shall be looking at the top 5 finishing tips and tricks that players should follow in eFootball 2023.

Top 5 finishing tips to follow in eFootball 2023

1. Use the Stunning Shot to your advantage

Stunning Shots are more precise and accurate than standard shots, with a wide range of shot trajectories. However, because it requires the same striding motion as Stunning Passes, you must draw the opposition away from the striker and create space and opportunities for the striker to attempt the shot. This is a huge advantage when you are shooting.

Stunning shots are easy to execute, but the difficulty lies in playing the shot at the right time. Most of the time, thanks to the delay while executing from a still position, the shot takes time and it is a worrying move to use. So, while moving forward, make a run in space, and before the pass reaches the forward, apply the commands for the stunning shot.

2. Making enough room

One thing players fail to acknowledge is that shooting without making space adds no value, and is a huge waste of a chance. Many like to shoot directly, which we can’t complain about because of the hunger to score goals, but while shooting, you should be quick enough to judge the positions of other players and then take a shot.

So, it is important that the player should make room for himself before taking a shot. It can be done in many ways, be it by shielding the ball and then moving or by the use of a Sharp Touch or turning in the direction of the pass without using a dash. Use a move of your choice to get away from the defender and then shoot the ball.

3. Fake and shoot

Fake shots are really effective when it comes to creating space. It is also easy to perform, simply press the shoot button and flick to the direction of your choice with the movement pad before the player takes a shot. Inside the D, it can avoid losing the ball in some scenarios, and helps in getting a good positioning before taking a shot.

if you and your opponent’s defender are shoulders to shoulder, fake a shot in the opposite direction, and a sharp touch soon after will simply cause him to lose his mark on you. Then take a slight touch and shoot. From wide angles, curl shots are more effective, so use them. If the defender is behind you and covered with one more in front, pass and play against their direction of movement.

4. Player Balance

The player balance is a critical attribute, and a lack of it may result in frequent shooting errors. Players not being able to shoot it the first time is something that happens because of not being in the correct position. Shots often go wide or lack enough power on it. It is in the ability of the player to remember this and remember to not make mistakes.

So, always make sure that during shooting, the face of the player should be facing the goal. So if the player’s back is facing the goal, quickly perform a turn, take a touch, and shoot. While running toward the goal, if your striker doesn’t have the First Time Shot, take a touch before shooting.

5. Technique, power, and placement

Three main things to remember. Technique, Power, and Placement are the three important things to remember while shooting. The technique involves the specialization of shots: Curl shots and Chip shots, which add a lot of value for scoring. Whenever the keeper rushes in, these two skills are really necessary, apart from dribbling past the keeper and then taking a shot.

Chip shots eFootball
Image via KONAMI

Power is something that players really downplay. The right amount of power needed for different shots is great if you get a hang of it. Placement, well, needs no explanation. Shooting straight at the keeper? If that’s the case then be patient for a moment, and then take the shot. All these aspects when practiced improve your finishing significantly.

Final Thoughts

Players often have difficulties in Finishing, especially in creating a room for themselves. It is no doubt that Finishing in eFootball has undergone a big change, and the shots aren’t hitting as same as before. The gameplay difference is, however, noticeable, because the shooting has been a bit realistic to be fair. The shots go wide often when you are not in a shooting position and no more random power shots coming out of the blue.

Shots are depending on the player’s in-game ability as well. The changes we have currently mainly focus on player abilities and it is great to finally see the player’s skills being tested. It isn’t very easy for every player to master the skills of finishing, but when you do, we are sure you will experience a different game. So, to improve your performance in this aspect, you can take the help of this guide.

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Did you find this eFootball 2023 top 5 finishing tips guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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