eFootball 2023: Top 5 team building tips and tricks players should follow

Build the best squads in the game!

eFootball 2023 has been steadily getting some decent updates starting from Season 3 which has been slowly upping the game of KONAMI’s popular football franchise. The recently announced plans via the 2023 Roadmap announcement also made it clear that they are willing to do the needful. To be specific, the Team Building freedom the players have this time in eFootball 2023 is a fantastic and fresh approach, with training options and manager team playstyles helping to create a solid and functional squad. So, in this article, we’ll look at the top 5 team building tips and tricks that players in eFootball 2023 should employ.

Top 5 team building tips to follow in eFootball 2023

1. Experiment with different formations

A tactical approach to any game is always needed. Be it a Possession Game or Long Ball Counter, players need to understand that the teams they build are essential to be flexible in different tactics. So, one great step to approach a solid team-building structure is by chopping and changing formations in practice games, before testing them on Challenges or League events.

Different formations can be more effective against various opponents. Suppose you have set players for a 4-3-3, make sure you have enough backups for a 3-5-2 if needed in a game. This will always help in being flexible with your squad. Always experiment with various formations to determine which ones work best for your team, and one which works the best for you needs to be the starting formation before changing it during the game if needed.

2. Team Chemistry/Playstyle Level

In real-life football, assembling a team of players who complement each other’s playing styles and personalities, along with the right manager to coach them, is critical. Players who share the same mindset, adapt to the manager’s style of play and have a strong work ethic will get along well. The same is true for player selection in eFootball.

Team Playstyle Level
Image via KONAMI

Team Chemistry, known as Playstyle Level in the game, is a system used in eFootball that enables players to easily adapt to a specific Manager’s Playstyle in the game. Players who are not given progression points for the playstyle you are using are more likely to make a mistake on the pitch, as you may have noticed. So, if you want your team to work well together, you must correctly assign points to the players.

3. Team Playstyle

A Team Playstyle is always something that the players have to take into consideration. The game offers several different playstyles that teams can employ in eFootball, each with its strengths and weaknesses, and it depends on the player on which style he wants to adopt. Managers will be capable of playing one style of play distinctively, while also offering other styles with fewer proficiencies.

Manager Team Playstyle
Image via KONAMI

Just like trying out different formations, playstyle learning also becomes very helpful. So, the players must determine their desired playing style and look for players who fit that Team Playstyle in eFootball 2023. If you prefer a possession-based style, look for players with strong passing and dribbling abilities or if you prefer Long Ball Counter, keep Poachers to make frequent runs, etc.

4. Manager boosts for training

This is a common mistake most players do. The training system in eFootball doesn’t help the case if you are having plenty of players unless you are active and farm training tokens continuously. Also, while choosing managers, players tend to forget the affinity the managers offer before purchasing them, which they need to realize.

The players should be enrolled in Manager Boosts in order to train them quickly in their early levels. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of the player, how he performs, how well he fits your tactics, and other factors, allowing you to decide whether or not to train him to his full potential. This way, you can save trainers for better players while also selecting the best picks.

Featured cards are special player cards in eFootball that are released for a limited time and are based on the performance of players in real-life matches. This time around, we have got some amazing cards on offer, with some interesting types that are introduced too. With these, the improvements for you and your team are clear.

POTW Cards
Image via KONAMI

The reason why the emphasis on getting should be given to POTW, Epic player cards is that the stats of these cards get a boost most of the time. Not to forget, the players under this category also come with a boost of 90 in all playstyles. POTWs do not use any trainers, and the rest do not use many. You can easily create a flexible team for all formations accordingly. Try to get the top players to your squad and try them out.

Final Thoughts

While having star players on your team is important, so is having a well-balanced team. Make sure you have players who can perform well in all positions and cover for one another when necessary. Players should also have a strong defense, which is essential for winning games. Look for strong, quick defenders who can anticipate the opposing team’s movements.

Another important tip to remember is to take time to learn about your team’s playing style and the abilities of your players. This will assist you in identifying areas where you can improve and where you can concentrate your efforts on building a winning team. If you find it anywhere difficult to consider the results of your games, feel free to approach us for more eFootball 2023 Team Building tips.

You can refer to our following team-building guides to get the best out of your squad.

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