eFootball 2024: A guide to Live Update Rating, Player Form and Conditioning

A perfect guide for better understanding!

eFootball 2024 is undoubtedly one of the best football games we have on mobile and as it got new updates, we also saw new features such as Co-op Mode and My League making an appearance, and getting the best players and managers has found new value. When we consider the players, eFootball operates according to the real-life conditioning of the players, and this has helped in creating an environment where many players are tested thus helping in creating different teams and systems. Player Live Update Rating, Form, and Condition are mostly discussed thanks to the varying element it provides, and this article will aim to explain the same in eFootball 2024.

Live Update Ratings in eFootball 2024


Players’ real-world performances are reflected in Live Update Ratings as well as their in-game conditions. When a new Live Update is put into place, data from actual matches is utilized to assign each player one of five ratings, and the player is more likely to be in good condition during games if the Live Update Rating is higher.

Live Update Rating System

Players are indicated by a rating system, with letters A, B, C, D, and E. This is attributed to the Live Update Rating. An A rating indicates a player is in outstanding form thanks to his real-life performance, while an E rating says they are doing poorly.

eFootball 2024 live update
Image via KONAMI

Based on a player’s performances in actual matches, the form rating is updated frequently throughout the season and can significantly affect their in-game qualities. The higher the form rating, the longer the player can maintain good condition. Legends, Iconic Moments, Epics, and Big Time cards are not affected by form and maintain a B every time.

Player Form in eFootball 2024


A player’s existing performance level is assessed by examining their form, a practice consistently employed by KONAMI in both eFootball and the preceding PES series. The determination of a player’s form considers factors such as their physical condition, performance in both League and European competitions, as well as any existing injuries or suspensions.

Form rating system

Previously, the rating system was based on numbers. The maximum value was 8 and it was used to bring the chances of the player having a good or better condition arrow, with the minimum being 1, which indicated that the player had bad conditioning.

This time in eFootball, they changed the system to a much more self-explainable one. We have three attributes taken into consideration while deciding a player’s form. The three types are: Inconsistent, Standard, and Unwavering.

  • Inconsistent: In real life, he has a varying form. This will reflect in eFootball, as his conditioning won’t be constant, and will mostly be orange/red even if Live Updates are C.
  • Standard: Usually the yellow arrow, is consistent in terms of maintaining the stability of player performance.
  • Unwavering: The best of the lot. The player will be consistent in getting either of the green arrow conditioning.

All these will directly affect how the conditioning of a player will be assigned before a game.

Player Condition in eFootball 2024


The condition of a player will be his rating before the start of a match. Players can see this in the in-game match menu before the start of a match or during the match. Each arrow will indicate a certain amount of boost applied to the individual stats of the player, it might be decreasing or increasing the overall stats.

Condition rating system

The condition rating system can be explained as a varying function, which is between 5 levels. The best condition for a player is represented by the Turquoise arrow, which adds a certain boost to the player. The Yellow arrow indicates that the player’s stats remain the same, and there is no change in form while the Red arrow indicates that the player is in the worst condition possible.

eFootball 2024 player condition
Image via KONAMI

These change the player’s performance drastically. A player with the top condition will be able to perform better than what his initial stats suggest, whereas players with bad form will struggle to play at the highest level. Hence, it will be important to take note of your condition on the match screen, before clicking the next button.

Understanding Live Updates, Form, and Conditions for a player

Here is an example of how the Live updates are carried out.

Messi eFootball condition
Image via eFootballhub

Lionel Messi’s graph in eFootball 2024 shows that he has maintained consistency throughout except for the one bad showing that led him to a Live Rating of E. This will explain his unwavering form and thus will be maintaining a better condition in most of his games.

Form comparison
Image via KONAMI/eFootball Universe YT

Here’s another example showing the stats of inform and out-of-form players. The difference in stats becomes evident when we look at the PC version of eFootball, which the mobile version doesn’t show. An example of Cristiano Ronaldo is taken from his MUFC card from eFootball 2023, which indicates his actual stats in comparison with the Red and Turquoise arrow stats.

Final Thoughts

Players with higher form ratings typically perform better in games, while those with lower form ratings could find it difficult to provide their best effort. Form, however, is only one variable that can impact a player’s performance; other variables, including individual player traits, team tactics, and the caliber of the competition, also have an impact on a player’s performance.

When it comes to conditioning, it is to ensure that the best-conditioned players are played in the starting XI. The better the Live Update Rating, the more likely the player will be in good condition during matches. and if there is a difference-maker that will have a great impact on your matches, do keep him in your squad as he can come in handy.

That’s all for our eFootball 2024 player form and condition guide. In addition, you can refer to our following team-building guides to get the best out of your managers and the squad.

Did you find this eFootball 2024 guide to understanding the form and conditioning of players helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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