When is the next eFootball 2024 update

Maintenance break?

KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 is undoubtedly one of the best football games we have on mobile, and no joke, the game is climbing up the ranks thanks to its evolving features. We have got to experience new features such as Co-op Mode and My League, that have made the game exciting, and getting the best players and managers has found new value. Amidst all this, the confusion of updates is something players have observed. Well, it is common in all games, but in eFootball it is kinda confusing. So keeping everything aside, let us look at when we will be having our next eFootball 2024 update.

Upcoming eFootball 2024 update release date

eFootball or even in the PES series before being rebranded to eFootball had a distinct way of approaching periodic updates. This is the weekly maintenance, where we currently have every Thursday long maintenance running to update the Live Data as well as bring Player of the Week (POTW) players into the game alongside new Tour Events rewarding GP, Chance Deals, and more.

eFootball 2024 season 3 cover
Image via KONAMI

Apart from this, we have Seasons that arrive once in a while, based on a certain theme. The most recent one was version 3.2.0 Season 3Unite on the Pitch‘ which arrived on December 7, 2023. Version updates are huge game updates, and since the current match pass is ending on the 1st of February, 2024, we can surely see a new season kicking off on that same day.

What to expect from the next eFootball 2024 update

Every new season comes with new packs, Epic and Big Time cards, and other interesting events and campaigns. Hence, this will be also a repeat of the previous system. We will also get Nominating Contracts being refreshed bringing a new set of players to choose from.

The eFootball Points System has been stale for a while, so it might get a refreshing offer as well. Offers can also be seen in Shops whenever it is a huge event for KONAMI, else we have the same old prices for coins. A shocking feature that can be added is the Master League, but that doesn’t look very likely in the next update.

Final Thoughts

eFootball 2024 cover, eFootball 2024 best centerbacks (cb)
Image via KONAMI

While pinpointing the precise release date of the next eFootball 2024 update without real-time information is difficult, we can generally understand when the updates are going to come. eFootball 2024 usually drops a blog post or announcement if there is something huge in the scale of updates, so it is always in the best interest to look in the official accounts for concrete info.

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