eFootball PES 2020: Playing styles of Defenders in PES

We previously analyzed the Forwards as well as Midfielders according to their playing styles in eFootball PES 2020. In this article, we are going to talk about the playing styles of defenders in PES 2020.

Defenders are very important in a team, and it is often told that the heart of a team lies in the middle of their defense. Although it might seem that all defenders are of the same kind and their playing styles don’t matter much, it’s not true at all. Defenders are different about how they go about their business and also how much they contribute to the attack. Now, let’s jump into it without wasting any more time.

1. Offensive Full-back

Defenders in PES 2020
Classic heatmap of an Offensive Full-back


General Positions: LB, RB

Offensive Full-backs are most of the modern-day full-backs who like to move up the pitch in offensive build-ups and make overlapping runs with the wing players. They can send in crosses into the box (Speciality Trait: Pinpoint Crossing) for the forwards to head in. They also provide width to the attack and combine well with wide players like Cross Specialists or Roaming Flank players. But these fullbacks need to track back as soon as the team loses possession, and need to stop opposition wingers. So Stamina, Pace, Ball Winning, Defensive Awareness, Lofted Pass these are important attributes for Offensive Fullbacks. Gameplay-wise many of the best Full-backs among defenders in PES 2020 are of this kind.

In-game examples: J.Alba, A.Robertson(LB), Carvajal, T.Alexander-Arnold(RB)

Best Formations to use in: Any 4-defender formation like 4-3-3 (Ex: Y.Grimault), 4-1-2-3 (Ex: L.Roman)

2. Full-back Finisher

Heatmap of a classic Full-back Finisher


General Positions: LB, RB

Full-back Finishers are offensive full-backs with an eye for goal. They are very similar to Offensive Full-backs as per their movement on the pitch. But when they move-up the pitch, they like to move inside the box and go for a goal, whenever there’s a chance. Defensively, they are not as sound as Offensive Full-backs and have a tendency to stay up the pitch for attacking chances. So make sure your other defenders cover for them. Stamina, Pace, Dribbling, Ball Control, Offensive Awareness, Tight Possession are some important attributes for Full-back Finishers.

In-game Examples: Marcelo (LB) , J.Cancelo (RB)

Best Formations to use in: Can be used as LB/RB in any 4 or 5 defender formation like 4-3-3 (Ex: G. Zeitler) or 5-2-2-1 (Ex: G.Henriques), also effective as LMF/ RMFs in wide formations like 4-4-2 (Ex: C.Valbeuna)

3. Defensive Full-back

Defenders in PES 2020
Defensive Full-backs don’t get as much forward as Offensive Full-backs


General Positions: LB, RB, CB

Defensive Full-backs are Full-backs who prefer to stay back and as a result, focus more on the defensive side of their game. They don’t move up and down the line as much as other Full-backs. Some CBs are there with this playing style that means they can play as Full-backs too, effectively(Ex: J.Gomez). If you have other wide players and want a solid defense, you should look for these players. They also tend to fill up the gaps in the defense and get central when the CB pushes forward. Stamina, Ball Winning, Defensive Awareness, Aggression these are useful stats for Defensive Full-backs.

In-game Examples: Azpilicueta , B.Pavard (RB), J.Veltman (CB), Fernando Marcal (LB)

Best Formations to use in: Any 4-defender formation like 4-3-2-1 (Ex: A.Lhermitte), 4-2-2-2(Ex: M.Preuss)

4. Build-Up

Classic heatmap of a Build Up CB


General Position: CB

Build-Up players are CBs who help in building the play from the back. They can play good forward passes to midfielders/ full-backs as well as Long-balls( Speciality Trait: Long-ball Expert) directly to Forward players during offensive build-ups. Defensive Awareness, Ball Winning, Aggression, Physical Contact, Low & Lofted Pass are important attributes for these players.

In-game Examples: V. Van Dijk, R.Varane

Best Formations to use in: CBs are fundamental in any formation.

5. Extra Frontman

Defenders in PES 2020
Extra Frontman CBs are comfortable moving forward


General Position: CB

CBs with Extra Frontman playing styles are central defenders in PES 2020 who are comfortable moving forward with the ball. They have a tendency to move forward looking to score when your team is in desperate need of a goal. (In real life, you can see legendary defenders like Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique do this in every match regularly!) They also like to come forward and try to score from set-pieces. (Corner kicks/Free kicks). You need to cover for these players so that the opposition can’t hit you back in a quick counter-attack. Defensive Awareness, Ball Winning, Aggression, Physical Contact, Heading, Jump are important attributes for these players.

In-game examples: S.Ramos, G.Pique, G.Chiellini

Best Formations to use in: CBs are fundamental in any formation.
You should use at least one EF CB in a 3-at-the-back formation.

6. Offensive Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper Play Area


General Position: GK

Offensive Goalkeepers are goalkeepers who like to come forward in a 1 v 1 situation in front of the goal, to reduce the angle for the scorer. Thus it puts pressure on the opponent player and he thinks to take the shot early, which can be probable to error. It is recommended to use Offensive Goalkeepers in online matches. High GK Awareness is important for these GKs.

In-game Examples: D.De Gea , Alisson

7. Defensive Goalkeeper

Defenders in PES 2020
Goalkeeper Play Area


General Position: GK

Defensive Goalkeepers like to stick to their positions and don’t commit early so there’s no positional advantage to the opposition forward. But, the opponent has an angle advantage in a 1 v 1 situation. High GK Reach is important for these GKs.

In-game Examples: J.Oblak, T.Courtois

Did you find this article helpful? Which defender playing styles do you like in your team? Or do you prefer any particular defenders in PES Mobile 2020? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Started playing PES 2020 recently. This article surely helps me a lot. Thanks!

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