Eggy Party: The Complete Talents Guide and Tips

Use the talents to compete in -game!

Eggy Party is a mobile party game that is made and released by Exptional Global, this mobile fun game delivers exhilarating multiplayer mayhem. With electrifying mini-games, unpredictable obstacles, and strategic challenges, it’s a heart-pounding experience that is sure to give hours of fun to you and your Friends. In this guide, we will be looking into the different upgradeable talents that are available in Eggy Party. These talents are extremely useful in competing games, especially for the ranked modes of the game. Below is the list of these talents and in which order should they be prioritized.

Before you get into details, make sure to know the Eggy Party basics, the details of the skills, free gift codes that would boost your gameplay progress, and how to contact customer support to save you from any in-game hassles.

What are Talents in Eggy Party

  • Roll Acceleration – Increases the rate of acceleration when activating the roll ability that is available for every player in the race segments of minigames. This is useful for catching up to the players in the lead as rolling is always faster than just running and also gains the ability for knocking up.
  • Roll Duration – Increases the duration of the roll ability that is available for every player in the race segments of minigames. Increasing the duration gives more time for the player to catch up.
  • Max Move Speed – Upgrading this increases the maximum top speed of the player giving an immense advantage to good players that make as less mistakes as possible. Recommended for advanced players.
Eggy Party Talents
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  • Max Roll Speed – Increases the top speed of the players when activating the roll ability that is available for every player in the race segments of minigames. Useful for those last-moment sprints to the finish lines.
  • Move Acceleration – Upgrading this increases the rate of gaining speed by the player from a complete stop to their top speed. This is especially useful for players who are still getting bumps here and there to minimize the consequences of such accidents.
  • Roll Cooldown – Decreases the cooldown rate of activating the roll ability that is available for every player in the race segments of minigames. This is good for players who really enjoy rolling and can control it well.

How to Upgrade the Talents in Eggy Party

In my experience with Eggy Party, I’d recommend considering your experience level and play style when upgrading talents. These are just suggestions, though – you don’t have to max out a specific talent before moving on to another. I found that upgrading multiple talents simultaneously, while still giving attention to the specific stat I wanted to enhance, worked well for me. It’s all about finding what balance feels right for your gameplay!

Eggy Party Talents Upgrade Order
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1. Party Game Beginners

Move Acceleration – Max Movespeed – Roll Acceleration – Roll Duration/Max Roll Speed – Roll Cooldown

Considering my experience, I’d say it’s wise for beginners to prioritize the ability to get back into the race without much hassle is key, especially since beginners might find themselves bumped around a bit. Opting for talents that enhance acceleration after a setback has been a game-changer for me, making it easier to bounce back from mishaps during the game.

2. Party Game Veterans

Max Movespeed – Move Acceleration – Roll Duration/Max Roll Speed –  Roll Acceleration – Roll Cooldown

For party game veterans who are also used to the controls of the mobile game, maximizing the maximum movement speed would be the way to go. This is due to them tending to make fewer mistakes which will make it easier for them to utilize the max speed without slowing down much.

3. Fun First!

Roll Acceleration – Roll Cooldown – Roll Duration/Max Roll Speed – Max Movespeed – Move Acceleration

Last for those that want to have fun and roll into opponents and watch them get derailed from their lanes then prioritizing upgrading the roll ability would be the best. As this will allow them to use the roll more times and longer making it easier to roll into enemies and watch as they get frustrated as you continue to roll them.

What are your thoughts about our Talents guide in Eggy Party? Let us know in the comment section below!

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