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Farlight 84 Guide: Tips to obtain Resources easily in the game

Obtain resources with ease!

Resources are vital in Battle Royale games, this mainly has a big impact and role in leveling up players and making them unlock new and unique in-game features as well. As a beginner, players must know about all the in-game resources which are mainly important because they are the key to growth. Thus, here is a detailed guide to explain to the players about the important Resources in Farlight 84 and how players can get them through a few easy ways. 

How to get Diamonds in Farlight 84

Farlight 84 brings out very few in-game resources for the players but these sets of resources are very much beneficial for the players. First of all the main and most premium set of resources is Diamonds. This resource is the premium one and players get very few by completing some tasks. Most players need to buy them and with the help of these diamonds, players can unlock a character or a weapon skill

1. Buy from Shop 

The Shop has a separate section for the Diamonds where players go and buy Diamonds with real-time transactions. By this players can utilize the Diamond further in the game for their progression. Players can go for real-time transactions if they want Diamond as players will receive Diamonds very rarely in the game. 

2. Redeem free codes 

Players can check for the free redeem codes and redeem them in the game. By redeeming all the free codes players can easily receive 30-50 Diamonds for free and later utilize them in the game.

3. Complete difficult missions and quests 

Farlight 84 Beginners Guide
Image via Farlight Games

Some of the missions and quests are quite hard to complete. Try to complete them, as players might get Diamonds in the form of a reward. So check out the hard missions in the missions section and complete them to earn this premium resource. 

How to get Gold in Farlight 84

The next resource in the list is Gold, players can easily grab up Golds with the help of completing a few easy steps in the game and thus they can get their hands full of Golds. Players mainly use them to unlock characters and their different sets of skins along with the weapons as well. Earning Gold is way too easy compared to diamonds and thus players should mostly rely on Gold only. 

1. Complete assigned Missions 

Players must go through the Progression section for all the unlocked characters and complete those missions. This will help them to level up their character and thus they can earn a lump sum amount of Gold which the players can later use in unlocking other certain characters and use them further into the game.

2. Get more Victories in Matches

Farlight 84 Beginners Guide
Image via Farlight Games

Players must go for more victories over the matches, this will eventually help out players to get many bonus rewards as well as they have performed well and claimed victory over the match. Also, if the player becomes MVP then the player will be rewarded with some extra set of Golds and thus winning matches will help them a lot. 

3. Level up your Profile

Players must play the game and perform properly to level up their profiles. This will help players to get a level-up reward and thus they can easily win up Golds in the form of rewards. 

Final Thoughts

Farlight 84 is a Battle royale game where resources like Gold and Diamonds are very important for a player’s progression. Thus, beginners must know the ways through which they can actually earn resources in the game and flourish well further into the pathway. So, follow up the piece and get a lump sum of resources to utilize to get to the top of the leaderboards. 

That’s all from us for Farlight 84 Resources Guide! Did you find our Farlight 84 Resources guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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