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AFK Arena: The Complete Resources Guide and Tips

Farm Resources easily and utilise them to their maximum!

Waiting is a huge and essential part of AFK Arena. Collecting AFK awards and finishing Campaign Chapters will provide players with a lot of various resources. This AFK Arena Resources guide will go through all the resources in the game and everything that players would need to know about when it comes to managing the resources.

With this guide, players can easily move forward in the game, and also enjoy where it matters the most. Players should refer to the guide when it comes to ways that they could use the resources and also allow them to maximize them while they efficiently farm for those resources.

Best ways to farm Resources in AFK Arena

1. Experience

The majority of any hero’s EXP will come from AFK Rewards during a player’s time playing. Since this has a 12-hour time limit, players will need to log in and collect it every 12 hours to get the most out of it. Though, as players advance, the 12-hour cap can increase in length and can provide more time for players to just lay back, while they worry less. The most important thing to take note of about spending experience is that players should invest it in about 5 heroes only. 

Many players make the mistake of using their collected experience to level up all of their heroes, which would even drastically slow down their progress. Players should level up their five main heroes (those with the highest ascension levels) before putting the remainder into the Resonating Crystal once they have unlocked the special feature of it.

2. Diamonds

Diamonds are commonly used for summoning as well as other purposes such as purchasing gear, resetting hero or store cooldown timers, and many more. Players would want to spend their diamonds on summoning the most of the time since they would need to ascend their heroes to make them stronger. If not, then players would usually go for summoning through their choice pack in the tavern so they could add more strength to their main heroes. 

When players are trying to recruit new heroes, they should go for the Summon 10 option because it gives players a discount when they would use their diamonds. Though players should not be hasty and summon with single pulls; they would slowly halt their progress and might not even get something decent from a single pull. Since AFK Arena utilizes an algorithm when it comes to success in getting an Elite copy of a hero in the Summon 10 option, players should take note of when their next successful summon session would come out.

This would allow players to also save up on diamonds for other purposes later on. Diamonds are also used for purchasing gear and other resources in the store. These resources could be found all over the game, but when a player would be struggling, they could always go for some diamond spending when they need that specific resource at the moment.

3. Gold

 Just about everything that players would do in the game earns you gold. As a result, players are unlikely to notice that they already have a lot of gold before they even realize it, which is wonderful because would usually go through it when upgrading heroes to the maximum levels and enchanting items. One of the most crucial pieces of advice there is to know in the game regarding how to spend their gold is: never spend gold to maximize gear that is not yet at a mythic level. Most players, if not all, have made the error of squandering a large amount of gold on legendary or even lesser gear.

AFK Arena – Resource Guide
AFK Arena Resources (Image via Lilith Games)

Any type of gear should not be enhanced below mythic because it is a huge waste of gold. Later in the game, players would need all the gold they can get in order to upgrade epic gear, level their heroes, purchase items in the store, and even more.

If players would need to improve their gear because they have been stuck on a level, they should enhance them up to 2 stars at most since the cost isn’t as high. If players would end up running out of gold, they can consider wagering in Battle Wagers or finishing Peaks of Time for an easy way to get more gold and additional rewards.

4. Hero Coins

Retiring common heroes at the Rickety Cart can earn players hero coins. Rare and Elite Soulstones, as well as special heroes, are kept in the barracks. To buy those items, players will need hero coins. The heroes available in this store never change; they simply reset once a month.

The best thing to do with hero coins is to spend them on Elite Soulstones. It takes quite some time to collect hero coins. Players should keep them in their bags until they have enough to purchase 60 elite Soulstones, which will grant them an elite hero at random. It is by far the best option in the store, and players should go for it anytime they have the opportunity.

5. Hero Essence

Players will need hero essence to get past the cap when leveling up their heroes to various levels. This cap also shows that players can unlock or improve a hero’s skills. It will take about 118,100 hero essence to raise an ascended hero to level 240. When utilizing the resonating crystal to upgrade them past 240, players would need even more hero essence. 

Aside from gathering copies for ascension, the most difficult obstacle late in the game is obtaining Hero Essence. To level up, players would require a huge quantity of essence, which the game just does not provide. It is imperative players would plan out the use of their hero essence so that they would not end up wasting resources or getting stuck simply waiting.

6. Guild Coins

Guild Coins are obtained by trying to defeat Guild Bosses. The Guild Store exclusively sells gear, and purchases must be made using only guild coins. This is the best source of equipment in the game because it is both free and simple to obtain. It is imperative that players should get their mythic gear through this option as opposed to waiting out the AFK rewards system.

Labyrinth tokens
AFK Arena Resources (Image via Lilith Games)

Once a player has completed Chapter 12 – Stage 2 of the campaign, mythic gear can be purchased from the guild store. When compared to legendary gear, mythic gear has a massive boost in power. Players should preserve their guild coins until the store unlocks mythic gear. Spending guild coins on anything other than mythic gear is considered a waste of resources because players will end up having enough legendary and epic gear from the AFK rewards system.

7. Labyrinth Tokens

The Arcane Labyrinth is where players can get their Labyrinth Tokens. The Labyrinth Store contains lots of items that can only be purchased with labyrinth tokens. Every month, the store restocks. Players should go for elite heroes with their Labyrinth tokens.  

If players would purchase anything other than elite heroes, their in-game progress might even be severely halted. Since the copies of elite heroes are the same every month, these heroes are a surefire method to climb the ranks. There’s no winning with luck in this game; it’s purely just farming, but can still be quite exciting.

Final Thoughts

While AFK Arena can get players to be competitive when it comes to progress or even just pure strength, it is more of a farming and AFK game. Players should feel inclined to enjoy the game more while also progressing throughout the game.

These are just a few tips on how to get resources in the game while also getting the most out of them when players would need them at any point within the game. Players can always refer to this guide and check it out when they need to and make sure that they would get the most out of their resources whenever they get a good to great amount of them within their inventory.

Did you find our guide on how to farm Resources in AFK Arena helpful? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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