Equestriad World Tour Beginners Guide and Tips

Experience the fun and thrill of equestrian 3-day eventing sport

Equestriad World Tour is a sports mobile game, developed by Australian publisher Go Gallop Studios, that was released last year. It is similar to the old game title Mary Kings Riding star released in 1999. The FEI Equestriad™ World Tour simulates an Eventing competition where horse and athlete combinations compete across the three tests of Dressage, Cross Country, and Jumping. Fans of horse riding will also be thrilled at the customization features that allow players to create unique elements for their riding duo, including styles of clothes, horse face markings, patterns, and breed. If a player needs a Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks to be an expert player in Equestriad World Tour, go through this article, it will provide a player with basic strategies.

Getting Started in Equestriad World Tour


The first rule is to keep an eye on a speed meter. According to the situation, a player needs to slow or fast the speed, so keep checking the speed meter. Also, keep an eye on the ground and manage the horse accordingly as dressage does not have time barriers, so take it slow and adjust the pace.

Equestriad World Tour Guide gameplay
Equestriad World Tour

Cross Country

In Cross Country, a player needs to tackle a series of fixed obstacles that the horse must jump without touching the barriers. It has a time barrier, so set the goal. The main thing to notice is the specimen and condition as it will take certain stamina to win the Cross Country.

Jumping Competition

Jumping Competition is the trickiest trail as it tests accuracy and agility. A player should remember that galloping can be difficult, so make sure to speed back everything after those complex turns.

Equestriad World Tour Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Participate in all events

The majority of the game consists of events, so the sooner a player participates, the better. The player can find the event tab on the main screen and tap on it. Here a player will notice three main choices:

Equestriad World Tour events
Equestriad World Tour
  • Wind Chasers
  • Grand Prix
  • Exhibition

In Wind Chasers and Grand Prix, the player has to compete against other players but, if a player wants to have some more training, scroll to the Exhibition list. It is the best way to learn to guide the horse.

2. Utilise the Energy System efficiently

The Energy System is the center of Equestriad World Tour. While entering the event, energy points drain after every level. Like, a player is going into an Exhibition 2 point and 5 points for the Grand Prix. To regenerate some energy, a player has to take a break for some time.

Equestriad World Tour awards

3. Watch Ads regularly

Watching Ads is the best alternative to get free rewards. A player can get some free energy if they want to keep competing in the events or if a player wants to train with the horse.

4. Use buttons to control your Horse

A player needs to control their horse before they can hope to master trails in this game. If a player wants to get the horse in motion and at the same time wants to maintain the pace of the horse, press the UP button and a DOWN button if a player wants to slow down.

Equestriad World Tour Guide
Equestriad World Tour

A player can notice these buttons on the right side of the display. This button is an essential element of all trials a player will face. There is the Navigation Button that allows a player to change the direction of the horse. A player can find it on the left side of the display. Use both hands to control the direction and adjust the pace on the track at the same time.

5. Focus on improving your horse stat

The horse is the most mattering character in the Equestriad World Tour game. In level one, the speed, acceleration, endurance, and agility of the horse are low. To improve the stat, the player has to beat the other opponent of the trails

game stats

6. Know the awards

After the completion of trials, a player receives awards after the completion of every trial. An award depends upon the ranks of the player.

  • Silver horseshoes: represent the currency where a player can pay for horse necessities.
  • Reputation points: are the player XP
  • Horse XP: these are the horse XP points.

7. Invest in the Attire of the Horse

Horse Styling
Equestriad World Tour

Investing in the overall appearance of the horse can get a better score during trials. The smoother a horse looks in front of the judge, the better chance to get a higher score. Start investing in upgrading the attire as soon as a player secures a decent amount of silver horseshoes.

8. Take care of the Horse as your best friend

After every level, the horse has to be taken care of it will make it more energetic. Check the condition bar on the right side of the display. Taking good care of the horse will help form a connection with the player, which will increase the performance.

Equestriad World Tour Guide Horse Bff

Taking care also includes feeding the horse with tasty treats like vegetables and fruits. A Player can purchase from the store in exchange for silver horseshoes.

Note: Purchase can take time to get delivered, so buy the items in an advance

9. Invest in new horses

If a player manages to gather enough Gold Horseshoes, they can finally invest in buying new horses. It will give a player the choice to choose the capable horse to complete an event. Check the capability, speed, stamina, weight of the horse before investing.

10. Track the Challenge List

Keep checking the availability in the challenge list. For example, completing a 3training session can unlock 35 XP, while accepting a friend request bring you an extra 15 XP. XP helps you level up these challenges that will help a player to redeem the rewards. A player usually gets alerted via the inbox, so an eye on the mailbox.

11. Join a Team for better experience

Join teams

Equestriad World Tour is a social game where a player can join a team by tapping on the team tab. To have that experience of having a team, a player has to get themselves qualified at a certain level. Once a player becomes a part of a team, they will notice an added team points to the list of rewards a player gain after competing in a trial. If a player and their team members become successful after competing, they can see their team at the global ranking.


To sum up everything, Equestriad World Tour is a family-friendly experience that delivers a fun, realistic portrayal of the equestrian 3-day eventing sport of exciting show-jumping, cross-country & dressage competitions. Through this game, players get to master their equine riding skills. A player will get to unlock hundreds of items available for players to discover, including riding apparel, horse accessories, ribbons, and prizes. Players compete in solo career mode or team competitions with family & friends and players from all across the globe.

In short, the more a player train and nurture the horse, the better the horse will perform. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Equestriad World Tour Beginners Guide for tips!

That’s all for today’s Equestriad World Tour beginners guide. Did you find our Equestriad World Tour beginners guide and tips useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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