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Eroica Character Tier List for September 2022

Choose from only the best heroes of this month!

Eroica is one of the best gacha RPG anime-based games where it allows the summoning of more than 40 heroes and allows the players to create their dream team to fight against the ancient monsters. There are so many characters that beginners will get confused while creating their ultimate teams. Fret not, we have summarized the characters from Eroica according to their strengths in this Tier List.

Eroica Character Tier List for September 2022

Players can separate between characters with the help of the Tier list which help them to choose their four-man squad wisely. Hence, let us look out for the characters and categorize them further. This Tier List is divided into categories of SS, S, AB, and C.

Overpowered (SS)Gaffs,
Strong (S)Florence,
Good (A)Airi,
Fair (B)Chloe,
Weak (C)Emuweld,
Eroica Character Tier List

Best Meta Characters from each class for Eroica in September 2022

Characters are not the same every time. All the characters come up with all kinds of different powers and abilities which makes them special with their own powers. Players must know about all these classes so that it can help them make the ultimate squad along with the best combinations of power. Hence, let us dive into the best characters present in the game of each class.

Fire Class: Melavi

fire-melavi-eroica Eroica Tier List
Image via FourThirtyThree Inc.

The Heroes under the Fire category have the ability to utilize and manipulate fire along with their powers. The best character in this category is Melavi. She is an SS-tier character who can attack with doubled damage to the enemies directly. Due to her powers, she can also have more HP compared to other squad members.

Light Class: Orslasha

Image via FourThirtyThree Inc.

Heroes take the help of light and use this ability on the defensive side. Orslasha, being the strongest light user, can defend the squad by stunning the enemies with her light powers. She can also come up with additional AOE damages directly to the enemy party.

Wind Class: Milena

wind-milena-eroica-min Eroica Tier List
Image via FourThirtyThree Inc.

Milena is the strongest character under the Wind category who uses the power of the Winds around her to surpass the enemies and show them defeat. Her powers let opponents bleed, buff, and put on extra turns upon her attacks to take out the enemies.

Dark Class: Wraith

Image via FourThirtyThree Inc.

The Dark ability characters come up with special powers and ruin the defense of enemies most of the time. Wraith is the strongest character in this class who deals with massive amounts of AOE damage and prevents the enemies from healing themselves after taking heavy attacks.

Water Class: Lisa

water-list-eroica-min Eroica Tier List
Image via FourThirtyThree Inc.

The heroes with the ability of Water, are just like the controller of the squad. They are best in defense, counterattacks, and attacks as well. Lisa is the strongest water user in the game and is best at her counterattacks. Lisa can also come with great attacks and debuff enemies by providing them with massive damage.

What do you think about this Eroica Characters Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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