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Eternal Evolution Beginners Guide and Tips

Crush all the monsters on the battlefield and create your Legends!

Eternal Evolution is a newly launched strategy Idle RPG that has been developed by the very own HK Hero Entertainment Co Ltd. The game is a very interesting one to follow up with the storyline which includes many characters who come together and battle against the main villains and their troops. Let us dive straight into the world of Eternity Evolution and help out beginners to conquer the eternal world with this guide.

Gameplay Overview

After logging in, the game sets a proper server for the players to play, and then the player can begin his or her journey. Eternal Evolution first teaches about fighting and makes familiar the back story of the journey. It only follows the storyline with a single game mode. The game follows up with several chapters which include several stages.

The game comes up with only two heroes at first to let the beginners learn about the combats. The fighting meta is mostly automated, but the usage of rage skill is not automated all the time. Players can use the raged skill as per their wish after the raged skill meter is full.

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While fighting, the game has an auto option, enabling this to help the players relax firmly. This option lets the heroes fight as per the AI-based strategies and the raged skills are being used just after the raged meter is full.

The auto option also comes up with a fast-forward option where the players can continue the game at 1x and 2x speed respectively. These help the players to complete the stage as soon as possible and move forward to the next one. The game allows the players to a lot only 5 heroes in the formation of 2-1-2, 1-2-2, and 2-2-1.

Introducing the Basics of Eternal Evolution

As the beginners are aware of the overview, tutorials, and meta of the heroes, it’s now time for the features present in the game that will help the players to progress further into the game.


The lobby is the main home screen of the game from where the players can get access to all the other features of the game. Players can get to see their Profile at the top right corner of the lobby. In the Profile section, players can check out their experience levels and can even change their in-game names and avatars.

Story Instance Challenge

In this section, players can follow up through the main storyline of the game. The storyline contains several chapters in which every chapter has many stages in it. In the last stage of every chapter, players fight the main villain of that particular chapter with the heroes they have recruited.

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Players can then proceed to the next chapter. After the completion of every chapter and its stages, players earn rewards as well. The main rewards in this game are Gold, Diamonds, and other valuable resources such as Soul Rubellite and Hero EXPs.


The Base is one of the most important aspects of the game. It has a central Hub that provides the entire energy to the area. The base has a recruitment section where players can recruit heroes and use them in their teams.

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In the recruitment section, players have to use cards like the recruitment card, limited recruitment card, advanced recruitment card, and friendship points to recruit heroes. Players can also recruit heroes with the help of diamonds in the place of recruitment cards.


Perimeter is the section where players can go for some extra missions and fight against deadly enemies and opponents to earn valuable rewards. It has many sections under itself, these sections will unlock after completing the required chapter and stages. For further more about the Perimeter, beginners have to play a lot to know.


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The missions section comes up with the main objectives and daily missions which are to be completed by the player. Players receive rewards like Gold, Diamonds, and recruitment cards as rewards. Sometimes for difficult objectives, players also receive rewards such as Soul Rubellite.


The bag shows all the items owned and received by the players. Items such as gears, valuable resources, and portions are to be utilized by the players to make their heroes stronger.


The Evolve section is the place where the players can evolve, dismiss, reset or restore heroes. To evolve heroes, players require three cards of the same heroes so that the hero can be evolved further. Evolving a hero makes it more powerful and increases the overall power of the team.

Image via Hero Games

Players can also dismiss extra heroes or heroes that they do not use. They get rewards for dismissing heroes such as Dismissal coins and Soul Rubellite. Players can also reset heroes and get back all the resources used by the players as rewards. The players can even restore heroes if they want and use them when required.

Other Miscellaneous Features

  • Recharge pack: Recharge pack shows an exclusive pack for the players where they have to buy the pack with real-time cash and get some of the finest rewards.
  • Store: The store is the section where players can get some daily rewards. Players can mostly see packs, rewards and in-game currencies, and resources that can be bought with the help of real-time transactions.
  • Game Pass: The game also comes up with a game pass which has a free pass and a special pass. Players can get access to the free pass directly and get rewards at every passing level. To get access to the special pass, players have to buy them.
Image via Hero Games
  • Events: The events section shows all the new upcoming and ongoing events. The game offers some good rewards to the players as well in 7-day and 30-day log-in events.
  • Notice: The Notice section comes up with all the late news and updates about the game for all the players.
  • Grand Ceremony: This section also offers awesome and jaw-dropping rewards to the players.
  • Chat: Up here, players can chat with players playing through the same server. Players can even check from the Mails section for any personal notice and get some rewards as well.

Mastering the Heroes

As you are now aware of the gameplay and the general overview of the game, now let us learn about the heroes so that beginners can know the best heroes to recruit and use during the fights. The heroes are divided into several tiers and classes as per their roles. The game has a total of Six classes of Heroes:

  • Tank: These heroes are the frontline fighters who come up with in-hand combat with the enemies and thrash them with their physical strengths.
  • Vanguard: These class heroes are best in the physical and defensive styles of combat. They are often observed to play the role of a second frontline fighter.
  • Assassin: The Assassins are best in far away damages. These heroes silently invade the enemy troops and finish their opponents in just a blink of an eye.
  • Hunter: The Hunters target mostly the troops of the villains and with their immense physical strength, they defeat these melee distractions and claim a victory for the team.
  • Support: The Support heroes are the best in far away distant fighting and provide the best cover attacks to the Tank heroes.
  • Energy: The Energy class heroes play the role of a healer to the team. They provide health points to all the heroes when required during the fight so that the team does not get to a disadvantage in manpower.

The game also has some tiers; SS, S, A, B, and C which indicate the power levels of the players. Beginners must try to recruit as many as they can to prolong a strong team of 6 heroes.

Image via Hero Games

Players can get access to all the Heroes owned by them in this Heroes section. Players can even upgrade the heroes here. Follow the steps to level up your players.

  • In the lobby section, tap on the Hero option present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Players can then see all the heroes they own. Select the hero you feel like to level up.
  • Check for the Level Up option in the bottom right of the screen, and tap on the option several times to level up the hero.

Remember, to level up a hero, players need sufficient Gold and Hero EXP points. After every 9th level up, players can advance to the next set of levels for the hero with the help of some required Soul Rubellite. This helps the heroes to upgrade and unlock some of the raged skills.

Eternal Evolution Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Eternal Evolution:

1. Recruiting more Heroes

As a beginner, use your diamonds and other recruitment cards to recruit as many heroes as you can. There are sometimes high chances of receiving the best heroes of the game and thus this will help you to build the strongest team.

2. Complete the Storyline

Players must follow up with the storyline of the game and complete all the chapters and stages. This will help the players continue with the game further and players can even win lots of rewards such as Gold, Diamonds, and Soul Rubellite.

3. Finish off your Missions

As a beginner goes through the mission section. As you have just started the game, there will be lots of easy tasks for you and thus by completing them you can win huge rewards. These rewards help you further progress well into the game.

4. Upgrade and evolve your Heroes

Players must upgrade and evolve their Heroes to make the 5 men’s squad one of the strongest. It costs less to level up and upgrade the heroes, hence players must level up the important heroes to their maximum level and enjoy the victories uninterrupted.

5. Choose your Team wisely

After recruiting all the heroes, choose the heroes wisely and then make a proper team of 5 best heroes. As per the hero’s roles, place them properly into a formation and let the enemies bite their nails to fight against you.

Final Thoughts

Eternal evolution is an entertaining and interesting RPG game to witness. the game has over 200 heroes with different abilities and powers which makes the curiosity much more for RPG gamers. The game mainly follows up with a single storyline and thus entertains its audience.

For fair means of play, the game allows an online mode of access so that players don’t go the path of creating a mod file. The game is also one of the best for those players who are new to the RPG world. So go ahead and give it a try! If you find trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Eternal Evolution beginners guide for tips.

That’s all from us for the Eternal Evolution Beginners Guide! Did you find our Eternal Evolution beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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