Fantasy Legion – Army Battler Cards Tier List for January 2023

Be sure to select the best units for your army!

Fantasy Legion – Army Battler is an all in all strategy card game developed by FredBear Games Ltd, where players from the start of the game are given total control over an army unit which can be adjusted and utilized according to the strategies which the players would desire. The game allows players to choose individual units from a given range of 53 cards in the game, now this does increase the complexity for the players in the game because not every unit can be utilized in a similar fashion, and not every unit offers the same sort of powerups and stats, thus this Fantasy Legion – Army Battler Cards Tier List is here to help the players out.

Fantasy Legion – Army Battler Cards Tier List for January 2023

After investing multiple hours of gameplay in the game we have come up with the following brief overview of the different battle units available for the players to choose from in the game. To further simplify things we will rank the best 30 cards and divide them into 3 different tiers namely Strong (S)Good (A), and Average (B).

Before we dive deep into it, be sure to acknowledge the fact that these tier lists are subjective and depend on how the players want to approach a battle, depending on different gameplay the cards list might differ.

Strong (S)Headless Horseman,
Joan of Arc,
Hattori Hanzo,
Huang Zhong
Da Vinci Tank
Monster Camp
Good (A)Swordsman,
Vlad Dracula
Satyr Archer
Arcane Tower
Average (B)Wolf
Satyr Warrior
Robin Hood
Poison launcher
Fantasy Legion – Army Battler Cards Tier List

Best meta Cards in Fantasy Legion – Army Battler for January 2023

Now going forward we will try to list the characters which would be the best possible choices per tier, the game offers cards in three categories, the commons, the rare ones, the epics, and the legendary, however, don’t get fooled by the tier levels as they don’t represent the true picture there are some rare ones which are way better than legendary and epics.

S-Tier cards – Headless Horseman

As stated before, card rarity doesn’t mean anything in this game, Headless horseman is just an epic card and there are legendary cards in the game too, but Headless Horseman with 400 damage per strike and with an attack speed of 2 means the character have the best combination of damage and mobility in the game.

Fantasy Legion - Army Battler Cards Tier List
Image via FredBear Games Ltd

The character can hit 2 blows with a strike of 1. This makes the character very deadly when taking on stable and stagnant enemies, it also deals 45 points of physical damage with each strike making it a force to be reckoned with in the game and the best on our list.

A-Tier cards – Vlad Dracula

Fantasy Legion - Army Battler Cards Tier List, Fantasy Legion - Army Battler
Image via FredBear Games Ltd

Vlad Dracula might as well be part of the S-tier list in the game if there were more points added to the agility and speed of the card, the card offers decent damage points but struggles big time with the speed of the attacks, the movement speed is decent but the attacking speed is not there and this plays a role in exposing the unit to close range melee attacks from the enemy units. For the stated reasons it would be safe to conclude that Vlad Dracula is the best unit card in this Tier.

B-Tier cards – Physician

Selection in B-Tier has been the toughest one because almost all common cards in the game offer the same pros and cons in the game. Even after analyzing the units and cards so much we are still divided between multiple cards and will give the spot to the Unit Physician just for the sake of ranking, the unit offers regeneration of battle points to the unit cards but is ineffective for the remaining part of the game, with no attacking strength or defensive.

Fantasy Legion - Army Battler Cards Tier List
Image via FredBear Games Ltd

When you will progress further in the game, all common cards will at some point just become useless, no matter how long you keep upgrading them. Hence it was hard for us to rank which would be the better card in the game, the reason to go with Physician is that it provides more support points to the overall squad as compared to the attacking points provided by other cards.

Final Thoughts

The game Fantasy Legion – Army Battler definitely offers a lot of options when it comes to the selection of units in the game, The game makes it harder to choose the squad as there are 50 plus different characters to choose and probably more will be added as the game will progress further.

However, with this guide players would be able to make well-versed decisions while selecting the player. We hope that with this Fantasy Legion – Army Battler Cards Tier List we hope that we were able to help the new players in selecting the best possible cards in the game.

Did you find this Fantasy Legion – Army Battler Cards Tier List Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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This game has a very odd mix of characters, ranging from the Headless Horseman to Joan of Arc; and the latter is always included in these types of “battler” games even though the real Joan of Arc said (during the fourth session of her trial) that she carried her banner in battle and didn’t fight, confirmed by eyewitness accounts.

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