FIFA Mobile 20 TOTY (Team of the Year) event Guide

On the new year eve, FIFA Mobile brought a new year gift for its fans and that is the FIFA Mobile 20 TOTY event. The event is already live in the game. So, what is TOTY? TOTY team is made on the basis of players’ performance in an entire calendar year. Every league has its very own TOTY team and one team is made combined all the leagues that combined team is known as UTOTY. Readout till the end of the article for the tips.

FIFA Mobile 20 TOTY Event Description

  • Duration: 25 days [6th to 31st January]
  • Energy Timer: 1/hr [24 in a day]
  • Additional Energy 1: 3×3=9 [3 ads]
  • Additional Energy 2: 3+6=9 [Match of the day]

Earning Position Points

Daily24600 (24×25)200
Ads9225 (9×25)75

So, a total of 358 position points you can collect without spending FIFA achs, gems or coins and we have to use it wisely to grab the best possible reward from this event.
In the TOTY chapter, you have to play skill games, using energy points, to earn position points [Attacker points, Midfielder points, Defender points]

Earning Starter Tokens

The starter Token will be earned from the position chapters (ATK chapter, MID Chapter, DEF chapter). Only attackers chapter is open for now, other chapters will be opened over time.
Starter token is available in the central path and also when you claim a nominee player.

FIFA Mobile 20 TOTY
FIFA Mobile 20 TOTY

Token Management

Points cost
Till 23rd node2451200.49
91/92 OVR player (each)210800.38
89 OVR player (each)150600.4
87/88 OVR player (each)120300.25
85/86 OVR player (each)110200.18

Best Ways to Claim TOTY Players

Task 1
Task 2
Messi200455Node 23 91/92 OVR
Mbappe175395Node 2389 OVR
Mane100245Node 23
De Bruyne175395Node 2389 OVR
De Jong150365Node 2387/88 OVR
Kante100245Node 23
Van Dijk175395 Node 23 89 OVR
Alisson150365 Node 23 87/88 OVR
93 OVR Def100245 Node 23

The position point cost of every player and earning of starter tokens*

*Note: Without completing the main node


Till Position
Points cost
Tadic [85, ST]75200.27
B. Silva [86, RW]150300.20
Firminho [86, ST]170300.18
Son [87, LW]200550.28
Benzema [87, ST]220550.25
Aubameyang [88, CF]240550.23
Lewandowski [89, ST]290850.29
Aguero [89, ST]310850.27
Neymar [91, LW]3951250.32
Ronaldo [92, ST]4251250.30


Till Position
Points cost
Henderson [85, CM]75200.27
Wijnaldum [86, CDM]150300.20
Ziyech [86, RM]170300.18
Verratti [87, CM]200550.28
Havertz [87, CAM]220550.25
Eriksen [88, CAM]240550.23
D. Silva [89, CM]290850.29
Fabinho [89, CDM]310850.27
M. Reus [91, CAM]3951250.32
Hazard [92, LM]4251250.30


Till Position
Points cost
Tagliafico [85, LB]75200.27
T. Silva [86, CB]150300.20
Vertonghen [86, CB]170300.18
A. Sandro [87, LB]200550.28
Onana [87, GK]220550.25
Skriniar [88, CB]240550.23
Laporte [89, CB]290850.29
Hummels [89, CB]310850.27
Koulibaly [91, CB]3951250.32
Oblak [92, GK]4251250.30


UTOTY team will come at the last. You can get one UTOTY player by claiming all the players of a particular chapter. The entire UTOTY team will be unlocked at the last. As UTOTY players are very special players.

UTOTY team
FIFA Mobile 20 UTOTY

TIPs: It will be wise to wait until all the chapters are unlocked and then decide which is the most suitable to go for. From the calculation, it is clear that Messi is claimable at the expense of a few amounts of gems. So, wait-watch and give your best shot. Have fun and enjoy the FIFA Mobile 20 TOTY event.

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