FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament Guide

Sharpen up your squad-building skills, because it’s time for Weekend Tournament!

Amidst The Treasure Hunt event, EA announced its new FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament! Sharpen up your squad-building skills, because it’s time for Weekend Tournament! For the first time since Season 2, EA is bringing back the weekend tournament in the new revamped style

For the next few months, participate in weekly H2H and VSA tournaments where you build specifically themed squads and use them to earn exciting rewards. Put your managerial abilities to the test as you try to win with players from across the globe!

FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament Event Description

  • Event Duration: Runs Thursday to Sunday, refreshing weekly
  • Ads: 2 ads daily giving 1 WT Ticket per ad.
  • Coin Packs: 1 Coin Pack daily that gives 2 WT Tickets for 100,000 coins.
  • Tickets: 10 WT Tickets, given weekly upon entry, with more Tickets rewarded elsewhere. H2H costs 2 WT Tickets, VSA costs 1 WT Ticket.

FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament Event Flow


In the Main Tab, kickoff the Weekend Tournament by choosing between H2H or VSA. H2H costs 2 WT Tickets per match whereas VSA costs 1 WT Ticket per match.

FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament

Win games to receive WT Points. H2H offers double the rewards of VSA and thus costs double the amount of WT Tickets. Win Rewards increase based on your current winning streak.

Squad Building

Claim your first 11 players at the start of each month to build your new squad. Every month will have different leagues to choose players from. Your squad must only have WT Players from the selected leagues for that specific month to play the weekend tournament in FIFA Mobile.

Month 1

The 1st month will have the following leagues released to choose players from in your WT team.

  • La Liga
  • EFL Championship
  • Liga MX
  • A-League
  • K-League

Month 2

The 2nd month will have the following leagues released to choose players from in your WT team.

  • Bundesliga
  • Liga NOS
  • Jupiler Pro League
  • Saudi Pro League
  • Austrian Bundesliga
  • Scottish Premiership

Month 3

The 3rd month will have the following leagues released to choose players from in your WT team.

  • Premier League
  • Eredivisie
  • Süper Lig
  • Swiss Super League
  • Eliteserien
  • Indian Super League

Month 4

The 4th and final month will have the following leagues released to choose players from in your WT team.

  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • MLS
  • Argentina Primera División

Over the course of the month, squad restrictions will change according to the table below. Players below 80 OVR, as usual, do not count towards Team Chemistry. Thus, you can strategically use players in your lineup ie out of position players to avoid chemistry restrictions!

Month 1

FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament

Month 2, 3 & 4

Note: Perks bonuses and Skill Boosts apply to OVR and Chemistry.


In the Rewards Tab, you will be using your hard-earned WT Points to redeem WT Players for your squad.

The player offers will remain beyond the month they are released, but will not be usable in future Weekend Tournament months. 

Month 1 Rewards

In the Month 1 Rewards tab, you will be using your Premium Points to earn Weekend Tournament Masters from the leagues added each month.

FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament

These players are only available for the month they are released.

  • 30 WT points for a 97 OVR Player
  • 70 WT points for a 100 OVR Player.

Weekend Tournament Pass

Based on the number of WT Points you spend in the Rewards chapter, you can earn extra Milestone Rewards.

The Weekend Tournament Pass resets every weekend, so get as far as you can before every Sunday at 19:00 UTC!

FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament

FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament Event Currencies

All WT Tickets and Points carry over from week to week. They do not reset weekly or monthly.

WT Tickets

  • Use them to play H2H or VSA.
  • Earn additional WT Tickets from Milestones in Division Rivals, Ads, and Coin Packs.

WT Points

  • Earn them by playing H2H or VSA matches.
  • Spend them in the Rewards Chapter.

Premium WT Points

  • Earned in the Weekend Tournament Pass.
  • Buy them in the Store.
  • Spend them in the Monthly Rewards Chapter.

FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament: Tips and Tricks

With the Treasure Hunt event running alongside, this weekend tournament can be really enjoyable building squads and going for here is our suggestion guide for the FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament.

Squad Building

You get a squad while starting your tournament for the first week. Once you select the squad you have to stick to it so put a lot of thought behind it. The Weekend Tournament can be a fun thing in FIFA Mobile 20, long term thing building different squads and trying them out. The chemistry cap was initially present in the first two weeks but later was removed.

Squad Building here has a lot to do with your sort of strategy. And your ideas of how you want to build out the perfect squad in-game. For people who really like to move the ball around and dribble, having some good defensive midfielders alongside attacking cover with the defense having a combination of pace and strength.

Week 1

Initially, you will have to put your cards out of positions as you can only have a couple of leads on the team. You can’t level your cards very much, beyond high skill boosts. You will be looking for mids that have the capability of playing out as strikers.

Place good center backs and a mixture of defensive and attacking midfielders. Put outside mids as wingers and a good half decent striker. While building a VSA team, you should keep the chemistry in check, which you can relax down a bit in the H2H.

Week 2

With the OVR increased you can now build a 100 OVR Squad. Spread out the team evenly in your mids, while keeping a strong defense. You can use your elite and even masters more freely now while keeping your chemistry check.

Remember to swap out the players offering chemistry so that it doesn’t cross the maximum chemistry asked.

Note: From the 3rd Week, the Chemistry Cap was lifted due to in-game issues as reported by EA on twitter.

Week 3

With the increase in OVR increased you can now build a 105 OVR Squad. More than the OVR, with the freedom in chemistry, build your team with the maximum possible team chemistry. Since you will be needing chemistry to aid in VSA matches, take full advantage of it!

Remember to collect all the Perk points to grant you with all the Bonus Chemistry possible!

Match Making

Match Making is similar to the POTM Tournament. Everyone starts at neutral, and then you will be skewed to facing players that are on a similar win or loss streak as you. Once the streak is broken (winning in a losing streak or losing in win streak) then you reset back to neutral. So brush up your VSA and H2H skills, come in with the best team possible, along with the highest chemistry you are allowed to and just go for broke.


For the initial first week, you can sell Silvers and Golds at a very high price in the market. Due to their demand in the lower overall squads, silvers and golds go for a high price range. You may want to stock up elites and masters which will go for the highest value in the subsequent weeks as the overall requirements rise up.


The 97 rated Masters are F2P claimable as long as you spend 225 Weekend Tournament points in a week for 3 weeks or spend gems. Your Weekend Tournament Points do not reset. They remain for each week and month of the event.

Unless you spend gems on Premium WT Points, the 100 rated master is not obtainable Free to Play.

Note: If your Weekend Tournament team matches the requirements but the play button is greyed out. Try to swap some players around in your team. Like switching between your strikers and wings and back. That should fix the issue.


We are really excited to see where the weekend tournament goes and to build on this in the future. It is one of the biggest steps forwards we have seen in the game in a while. Is it perfect? No. But is it something that is really fun and engaging? Therefore, in our opinion, it is one of the most engaging events to date.

The fact that you can build out a squad, with unique players and you have rebuilding to sort of with the weekly overall caps. So we are really excited about this and let us know your thoughts too about this promo. Is this the promo that can thus bring back the glory days of FIFA Mobile? The start of something, that we wanted to see for a long time in FIFA Mobile.

Want to build your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Weekend Tournament Guide useful.

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