FIFA Mobile 20 Team Chemistry and Perks Guide

Since it’s advent Chemistry has been a very important aspect in FIFA Mobile 20. In-game Chemistry confers advantages in VS Attack in the form of better chances. No matter what you’re doing in FIFA Mobile, having high Chemistry is going to be a positive for your team. Perks introduced this year also play a vital part in improving your max chemistry in FIFA Mobile 20.

FIFA Mobile 20 Chemistry: An Introduction

Team Chemistry is that little number that pops up on the right when you go into VS matches where an unbalanced chem adjusts your chances.

Chemistry is equally important as OVR in VSA matches

Chemistry only comes to play in versus, it doesn’t matter in any other type of skill game or match play. Only versus attack and league vs league. Chemistry imbalance is much like an OVR imbalance thus determines the chances you’ll be getting. Higher your chemistry and team OVR compared to your opponent, the more great chances you’ll have during your versus attack. The worse the balance you will end up with counter-attacks. If you are into head-to-head or just playing campaign matches and skill games, it won’t affect anything. Chemistry won’t even come into play for you.

Chemistry is unlocked once you reach level 7 and is only possible between 80 rated and above players ie elites. They are designated by solid lines connecting the players. As compared to the dotted lines connecting gold players and below. Grey lines signify no chemistry at all while bold neon Green lines at the other end of the spectrum signify an abundance of chem.

How to increase Team Chemistry in FIFA Mobile

Chemistry is basically a numerical breakdown of the links between the players in your starting lineup. Each player in your starting 11 is given a possible chemistry score of 12 for base players or 13 and above for event program players. Icons, for instance, have a unique chemistry that allows them to link with all players despite what league or country they are from.

1. Avoid Hybrid Squads unless necessary

The chemistry score is divided between their team, their league, and their nationality, with the addition of program/event for event players. Each of these attributes is given a score based on the players in proximity through their connection lines. So by default having a squad from the same league, nationality or even club makes maximizing chemistry easy.

Example: Suarez at Striker receives 4 Player Connection lines because he is linked to the wings and also to the center mids. The goalkeeper however only has links to the center backs so maxing out his chemistry score is more difficult in a four back-formation.

FIFA Mobile 20 Chemistry

Going back to Suarez, we can see, because of his four connections, he has 47 chemistry points but only the first 15 are counted towards the team’s final chemistry score. Alba is the left-back, he has a total of 21 possible because of his different program. Even tho he has 26 chemistry points between his team, he does end up maxing up 21 total for the team compared to Suarez who has much more chemistry but maxes out at 15. Understanding these aspects makes putting a mixed team together possible.

2. Prefer using New-Event Cards over Base/Old Event Players

FIFA Mobile 20 Chemistry

Viewing from the chemistry view, the numbers on the left side of the team crest mean the chem value he is receiving from his teammates while the right-hand side numbers indicate the chemistry value he is giving out to each of his connected teammates in return. Each player has different chemistry stats as seen from the player.

As we can see players from the latest events such as Bundesliga Rivals, Top Transfers, and Easter, can receive maximum chemistry up to even 27 compared to past program players such as Team of the Year who yield up 15 to 21. You need to use the most recent program cards to boost your chemistry. The more you use Base cards or Past Event players, the harder it will get to bump up your chem to reach the maximum.

3. Check out Players before buying

You can see individual player chemistry stats in the player detail page in the bottom right corner under the player bio, you need to check those stats when you are researching players to put into your lineup especially if you are trying to push for high chemistry especially on a hybrid or mixed team. These will allow you to max out your chemistry with that mixed squad across multiple teams even leagues or nationalities.

Note: Chemistry has nothing to do with your position. It has everything to do with your links. You can swap positions in between your team and it won’t change your chemistry score at all. Position literally has nothing to do with chemistry, it only affects the boost associated with the player.

Last season, the team’s full chemistry maxed at 120 by the end of the season. This season you can expand that past 120 with Perks.

FIFA Mobile 20 Perks: An Introduction

Perks are newly introduced this year where players can participate in League vs League Tournaments and earn Perk Points. These Perk Points can be used to advance down the progression path and earn rewards for your account.

FIFA Mobile 20 Perks

Your Perk Point reward per League Tournament Win, Draw, and Loss also increases with your League Fame Rank. As you earn Perk Points, you will be able to spend them in the Perks skill tree to earn Lineups, OVR, Max Chemistry, and Chemistry Boost.

Adding Chemistry with Perks

There are Max Chemistry Perks that raise the team max chemistry by 10 chemistry. Currently, there are a total of 150 max chemistry available on the course of Perks. Meaning you can take your team up to 270 Chemistry. Since more perks will be added in future updates, you can go even higher.

FIFA Mobile 20 Perks
This perk maxes out your chemistry score by 10

In addition to raising your team chemistry, there are also other chemistry perks that add Bonus Chemistry to your existing team. Not just the maximum you are allowed to take your team but they actually add chemistry right on top of what you already got. Right now there’s a plus 55 within your max chemistry of 270 if you have all those perks as well. So if your team has 250 chem, even with the perks you will max out at 270.

FIFA Mobile 20 Perks
You can boost your chemistry score from perks

Remember when looking for possible players to put into your lineup you can check their chemistry stats on the details page. you can even look at players in the market by clicking on them and looking at their player bio. That sums it all up. Chemistry explained!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Team Chemistry and Perks Guide useful. For more guides like this, make sure to follow Gamingonphone on Facebook and Twitter.

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