FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Ups Guide: All you need to know

Rank Ups are finally in-game! Announced initially in EA’s March Update Blog, they were slightly delayed but finally made their way along with the Hazard and Easter Events. Through the FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Ups, we can quickly increase the OVR of our team.

FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Ups: An Introduction

For all those who are unfamiliar with the concept of Ranks and are new this year, here are a little heads up. Rank ups were previously used to rank up a player after he reaches 100 OVR. By using rank up, even though the attributes of the players don’t increase, but your team’s OVR will.

Therefore, rank up is very useful for increasing your team’s OVR. As we know, a higher OVR means increased chances at VSA.

Now, if you are a legacy player you should be familiar with rank ups, how to do it, what’s required and what it does to your OVR. Now take all of that, everything you know from seasons past and throw it out from the damn window because everything has changed this year with FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Up.

Rank Ups

The first big change is the player does not have to be a 100 OVR in order to be ranked up. As long as the player is 80 OVR or higher, you can rank him up. The second big change from seasons past is the non-requirement of the duplicate player. All you need now is any player from the same tier of field ie mid for mid, defense for defense and attack for attack. The OVR requirement is much lower now as well. The first rank only requires a 78 rated or higher gold.

In addition to the player, you have an associated cost and a required amount of Rank Shards. As you get higher and higher in the ranks, the requirements jump dramatically.

FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Up
Ranking Up Hazard

Throughout upcoming Events starting from Easter, you can now earn Rank Shards. These things continue to move on as more events come. There will be something in each event that will help you in Ranking Up.The main way right now to grab Shards is in the Hazard program. You can Rank Shards each day from the Hazard event.

FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Ups
Ranking up a Defender with a striker.

Although previously, it wasn’t possible to rank up a player using a player of a different tier, ie using a defender to rank up a striker or midfielder vice versa. Post a recent content update it has been made possible. Now you can use any players in ranking up players from your main squad irrespective of their position. But, remember this doesn’t apply to the goalkeepers.

Impact of Rank Ups on Team OVR

For every five ranks, you receive an increase in OVR by one. You can tap your OVR badge in the My Team screen to check out how close you are to getting your next OVR from Ranks.

FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Up
Increase in team OVR via Rank Ups

Note: The only advantage in the increase in OVR is your chance differential when playing VS Attack or in your league vs league battles. It does not improve the quality of your team or your player stats. It only gives you better chances against lower OVR squads.

Rank Transfers

New this year is the ability to easily Transfer Ranks between players! Now, you can transfer Ranks from one player to another, without losing the player! The player that lost their ranks is then added back to your account in whatever state they were in before ranks.

In order to transfer ranks from one player to another. The one giving up the rank must be the higher of the two cards. The higher ranked card also must not be in any of the lineups. So in order to transfer the rank from the higher player to the lower, you must remove the higher player from all of your lineups.

FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Ups
Rank Transfers among Players

Previously you could only transfer ranks to like tier players so defense to defense, mid to mid, attack to attack and keeper to keeper. You always choose the lower player you want to transfer ranks into. Higher ranked cards can’t be in any of your lineups. If he is not showing up, he is probably in one of your lineups. But post a recent content update, Rank Transfers are now possible across all tiers other than goalkeepers. Thus you can transfer ranks from defender to strikers and midfielders and vice versa freely. Remember this is still a constrain for the keepers.

Rank Transfers among players across positions

Note: The Ranks do not compound while transferring. If you have a Rank 3 card, and if you wanna transfer into a Rank 2 card, the two ranked card, would not become a five. It will only move up to three. The rank of the card, you are transferring the rank from becomes the new rank of the one that you’re receiving the rank into. It’s not a combination of the two, there are no shortcuts to higher ranks.

Bonus Tip

Starting with gold rated players, as you get higher and higher the requirements for rank ups, jump dramatically.

RankUp Requirements

With Rank ups only requiring low-level elites instead of Masters, we didn’t see the jump in prices of masters we anticipated. Since they are not required until the tenth rank up, their price in the market is still at an average low. But elites, on the other hand, have seen in a huge bump up in price. It is really hard to grab 80+ elites under 150k. Rather Top Transfer and Easter high rated elites are available within that range.

The market always swings and settles on 150k median values for elites. Right now we’re on the high side of it. So if you want quick rank ups and short on inventory, use your cheap high rated elites, rely on the free world tour elites, or just wait a while for everything to stable down slowly.

Ranking Up Beyond Rank 10

Note: On a recent content update, now we can rank up players beyond Rank 10, to as much as Rank 12. In order to rank players beyond rank 10, you will need a new kind of Rank Shard ie Epic Shard. Currently, there aren’t enough provisions to obtain Epic Shards free to play, but surely they will be available in-game future.

So that’s it Rank Ups in a nutshell! With all the new ways to improve your team, 130 OVR might now be the staple OVR in the upcoming POTM tournament.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 20 Rank Ups Guide useful. For more guides like this, make sure to follow Gamingonphone on Facebook and Twitter.

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Tomas Ortiz

I need help transferring from a goalkeeper to a goalkeeper


I am having the same problem. These comments were 7 days ago. EA still hasn’t fixed the problem or I am having a new problem?

Ritesh kumar

Ha sir can you please tell me about the pes tournament which are taking place in a detail. And how Can I get excess to it pleased tell me I want to play on big platform

Sreejit De

Currently, there’s no PES Mobile tournament going on for participation, bro. The eFootball Season Program‘s registration deadline was on 24th May. However, we’ll definitely let you know once Konami announces any PES tournament on mobile platforms in future. Also, it’d be better for us if you kindly ask PES related questions in the comment section of our PES articles. Thank you.


I followed all the rules on rank transferring but I still don’t see any players available in my rank transfer section (i have a 98 cb i want to transfer to my 91 cb). It is not in any other lineups but still can’t see it or any other player available. Can someone please help me?


It looks like in fact I had something wrong, it’s ok now. Thanks for the help and quick response!


Hi there,

If I understand it correctly, the higher OVR thanks to rank shards ONLY benefits you in VSA games. If correct, does it even make sense to spend money and players on it before you hit the max in terms of XPs and skill boosts? Those benefits can be used in all types of games, so I would prioritise them higher.

Please advise 🙂

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