FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY (Team of the Year) Guide

Choose from the best players

The most awaited event in the FIFA Mobile Calendar is finally here. FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY alias the FIFA Mobile Team of the Year live. Every year EA celebrates the top performers of the previous calendar year by paying homage to them in form of the Team of the Year event. The best players of yesteryear across all the three positions namely, attack, midfield, and defense get their high-rated in-game cards and we players get a taste of the same.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY Event Description

  • Event Duration: January 7th – February 11th (17 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 TOTY Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Coin Packs weekly giving 10 TOTY Energy each for 10,000 coins
  • Energy: TOTY Energy refreshes 1 per 30 minutes with a max of 36 Team Energy
  • Daily Claim: 5 TOTY Tickets

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY Event Flow


In the Main Tab, you will be using your TOTY Energy to play Skill Games for TOTY position-specific Points. Completing the Skill Game rewards you with 20 position-specific TOTY Points while failing to do it returns back the energy.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY

Play Skill Games for various TOTY Points. Each TOTY Point has an associated position: Attacker, Midfielder, and Defender. TOTY Points can only be used towards its corresponding position, so choose your skill game wisely. Attacker Skill Games are available immediately, but Midfielder and Defender Skill Games will unlock when their chapters open.

There are additional daily matches that can be played for TOTY Tickets with Base Energy. Play these Daily Matches for TOTY Tickets. Each Match can only be completed once per day. Trade-in your TOTY Tickets from the Matches, Daily Claim, and Daily Quests for the TOTY Points of your choice. 45 TOTY Tickets gets you 50 TOTY Points.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY

There are also 8 weekly coin packs that give 10 TOTY Energy for 10,000 coins each and 3 daily ads giving 5 TOTY Energy each. Buy the coin packs. Yes Yes Yes, Not buying the coin packs is the dumbest possible thing you can do in this event.


In addition to all of this, we also have the Team of the Year pass. Something new, these are the points which you can earn from Daily Quests. Complete Daily Quests during TOTY to earn TOTY Score and TOTY Tickets. Your TOTY Score earns you rewards as you progress through the TOTY Pass.

The top row is free to play, everybody can claim it. If you spend 200 FIFA Points, you can claim both the top and middle and spending 2200 FIFA Points gets you all three of them. Now, are they really worth going for? There are additional boosts, coins, and other position-specific points but is it worth it, it’s up to you to decide. Wait for the player to show up at the end and then decide.

To get the points for the pass, you need to complete the Daily Quests. These are like normal quests, which are like simple quests involving scoring goals, log in every day, win a match. Additionally, you also get those TOTY Tickets. Remember to complete them as you will need those tickets.

Position Chapters

Use your hard-earned TOTY Points towards rewards and TOTY Nominee Players along the path. This is the path of rewards. The same path that has been present in all past FIFA Mobile 20 Events. Choose between the Attacker, Midfielder, or Defender chapters. Each type of TOTY Point (ATK/MID/DEF) can only be used in its respective chapter. For example, TOTY ATK Points can only be used in the Attacker Chapter.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY

Claiming a TOTY Nominee Player also earns you Starter Tokens, which are used towards TOTY Starter Players. Like the TOTY Points system, Starter Tokens can only be used towards its corresponding position (ATK Starter Tokens for Attacker Starters). With your starter tokens, you will have a shot at one of the starter players for that position-specific chapter.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY

Once you’ve claimed a TOTY Starter, you’ll receive UTOTY Tokens. These are to be used towards UTOTY Players, who are high-rated versions of the original Starters. So once on getting a TOTY starter, you get a UTOTY Token.

Note: TOTY Midfielders will unlock at Jan 26th while both Defense and UTOTY will unlock on Jan 29th. All timings on 19:00 UTC as usual.


Use your UTOTY Tokens in the Trade Offer for guaranteed UTOTY Points and extra rewards. The numbers on the TOTY players look good, but not the UTOTY players. From a F2P perspective, they are exact opposites, they look way worse, and P2P exclusive

Unlock UTOTY Players by claiming all the TOTY Starters from their respective position (3 ATK TOTY Starters opens up the ATK UTOTY Starters). Then, use your UTOTY Points towards the Player of your choice. UTOTY Tokens can also be used towards extra TOTY Nominees.


SBC in exchange for Rank Shards is back again from the Europa League Event. There is a single weekly Squad Building Challenge in the main tab which exchanges for Rank Shards, which you will use for ranking up.

You should be completing the SBCs but the longer you wait, the cheaper the players will become. It’s not that tough, each requires only 5 players, with the total team OVR being 80+ OVR, while only one of them being TOTY players. TOTY releases a lot of players in the market, so the longer you wait in the week, the cheaper the players become.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY Event Currencies


  • Earn them from playing Skill Games, trading in TOTY Tickets, and progressing along the TOTY Pass.
  • Use them along the Position Paths for Nominees.
  • Can only be used towards their respective position. (TOTY ATK Points in the Attacker Chapter.)

Starter Tokens (ATK/MID/DEF)

  • Earn them by claiming Nominees.
  • Use them towards Starters.
  • Can only be used towards their respective position. (ATK Starter Tokens for Attacker Starters.)

TOTY Tickets

  • Earn them from winning Daily Matches and completing all your Daily Quests.
  • Trade them in for TOTY Points.

TOTY Score

  • Earn them by completing Daily Quests.
  • Use them to progress along the TOTY Pass for rewards.

UTOTY Tokens

  • Earn them by claiming Starters.
  • Trade them in for UTOTY Points.

UTOTY Points

  • Earn them by trading in UTOTY Tokens.
  • Use them towards UTOTY Players.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Energy36 InitialTotal
Hourly Refresh2 per Hour815
Weekly Coin Pack80 per Week240
Daily Ads15 per Day255

Total 1346 TOTY Energy and 1106 without the Coin Packs

These TOTY Energy will be utilized in playing Skill Games to get Position Specific TOTY Points.

TOTY PointsWith Coin PacksWithout Coin Packs
Skill Games (ATT/MID/DEF)4480/4060/36403680/3260/2840
TOTY Tickets750750
TOTY Pass (ATT/MID/ DEF)150150

Total 5380/4960/4540 TOTY Position Specific Points and 4580/4160/3740 without the Coin Packs

Note: The TOTY Pass mentioned in the table is the standard free TOTY Pass which everyone will receive by playing the Daily Quests every day.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY Event Tips and Tricks

After a decent but boring Europa League and a filler Marquee Stars, TOTY is a decent event in FIFA Mobile 21. It has a little amount of grind, with daily skill games and matches to play. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

First and foremost as usual this is an event energy-based event. So never ever let your energy get filled out. Don’t let your energy refresh out. Never!  Additionally, make sure that you are hitting all the daily quests for the TOTY Tokens as well as completing the SBCs.


Because your energy maxes out at 36, you don’t want to sit out for 4 days for defense or a day for midfield and waste your energy. So as long as you are always generating energy, you do not want to sit for days and not play. So you will want to minimize and play. If you wait, you will be walking away from resources that are available in the Attacker Tab.

So play Attacker minimally and keep the energy stored for the last hour before the reset so you have the maximum possible energy to use as the Midfielder or Defender Tab opens. So you are not wasting anything other than the one hour that you are not allowing to maximize the energy. Whether or not it is gonna come down to a few position tokens here and there it is up to you. It is preferable to use your energy wisely to maximize your profit.

Save your Coin Packs and TOTY Tickets until Defense unlocks

Don’t spend your TOTY Ticket offers until you know which position you want to go for. We don’t know Midfield or Defense yet but we know we won’t get that many points as Attack, so horde your coin packs energy as well as your TOTY Tokens until defense unlock. So don’t go for coin packs on day 1 unless you are all going on for Attack.

Position Chapters

PlayerMain PathSide PathTotalStarter Tokens Given
85 ST Joselu/ CM Renato Sanches/ LB Hernandez2001100130020
86 ST Andre Silva/ LM Grealish/ GK Hradecky4001100150030
86 ST Ings/ CAM Stindl/ CB Kimpembe6001100170030
87 ST Ben Yedder/ LM Gosens/ CB Laporte8001200200055
87 LW Insigne/ CM Parejo/ CB Acerbi10001200220055
88 ST Haaland/ CM Sabitzer/ RB Jesus Navas12001200240055
89 ST Immobile/ CAM Aouar/ GK Navas14001500290085
89 ST Benzema/ CM Luis Alberto/ LB Jordi Alba16001500310085
91 LW Neymar/ CDM Henderson/ CB Hummels185021003950125
92 RW Messi/ CM Kroos/ GK Alisson215021004250125


From the table above we can clearly see you can grab either of the last two players (Messi/ Neymar) in case of attack. Now the best route for the maximum starter tokens is:

  1. Messi (or Neymar) and Node 23 – 200 Starter Tokens, full F2P
  2. Messi and Neymar – 205 Starter Tokens, 7500 gems needed after coin packs


From the table above we can clearly see you can grab either of the last two players (Kroos/ Henderson) in case of midfield. Now the best route for the maximum starter tokens is:

  1. Kroos (or Henderson) and Node 23 – 200 Starter Tokens, full F2P
  2. Luis Alberto and Node 23 – 160 Starter Tokens, full F2P
  3. Only Node 23120 Starter Tokens, full F2P (Kimmich can be obtained)


From the table above we can clearly see you can grab either of the last two players (Alisson/ Hummels) in case of defense. Now the best route for the maximum starter tokens is:

  1. Jordi Alba (or Navas) and Node 23 – 180 Starter Tokens, full F2P
  2. Jesus Navas (or Acerbi) and Node 23 – 150 Starter Tokens, full F2P
  3. Only Node 23120 Starter Tokens, full F2P (Davies/Arnold can be obtained)


Starter PlayersPosition Specific Points requiredUTOTY Tokens Given
95 ST Mbappe175170
96 ST Ronaldo200200
96 ST Lewandowski200200
93 CDM Kimmich100100
94 CAM De Bruyne150150
95 CAM Bruno Fernandes175175
93 LB Davies100100
93 RB Alexander-Arnold100100
94 CB Sergio Ramos150150
95 CB Van Dijk175175
95 GK Neuer175175

So you can grab both Messi and Neymar for 7500 gems or it should be possible if you buy the TOTY pass for 2000 FIFA Points. Getting either of them and Node 23 also rewards you with a TOTY Starter. You can get either of Lewandowski, Ronaldo, and definitely Mbappe with the Starter Tokens.

Remember, all the players are auctionable right now from the beginning and they are all free-to-play obtainable. So alternatively, you can focus on position-specific boosts as well. Also, the defense players will be worth more in the market cause as soon as the event unlocked, more people will be buying the coin packs and going for attack than waiting for the defense to unlock.


This is the P2P exclusive section of the event. The ratio for trading in 70 Ultimate Tokens for 200 Ultimate Points. Therefore you can trade it twice if you are getting one starter making it 400 Ultimate Points.

And you have guessed it, 400 Ultimate Points is nothing as the Ultimate Starters require a minimum of 1200 Ultimate Points each. Additionally, you need to claim all of the TOTY starters from that position to claim the UTOTY. Yes so let’s end this calculation, it’s not for us, period.

Note: All the UTOTY players are of 99 rated. So kinda evens out in rating across positions.

FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY Event Players

UTOTY Players Source: FIFARenderZ

That’s it the Team of the Year in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. We will update the numbers once midfield or defense release. The paths can be a bit different as you don’t get that many points for midfield or defense as in attack. These are endgame players, a lot of them ie at least until the TOTS (Team of the Season) release. You’re gonna be very excited!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 TOTY Event Guide useful.

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Thanks bro


Tell me Easy way to get Lewandowski


you have to wait.or you spend 100$ or more.or you have 14 m coins.


Wich player I have to get, to buy lew(benzema and neyamr)?

Alan philip

Bro who is node 23?


Reward 23


Reward 23? Where bro?


Thanks dude:)

Leo Johns

Hey bro, is it possible to pull njr as well as messi by playing the daily skill games and watching ads, I have 6k+ gems and hopefully I can grab few more to make it 7.5k before the end of the event. I’m not sure if I can finish that daily matchup against 100 rated squad, but won two of them so far. If I play regularly, is it possible for me to get njr, messi and thereby cr7!? There’re some chances to miss upcoming extreme difficulty matches tho.


Sayak mitra. Can you explain me how to get messi and neymar easily without using jems or points.


Bro who is the best player in the attacker starter lewandowski or ronaldo or mbappe


can you get two starters.i want to get lewondowski and davies.its dat posiblie


how much are do you gonna think toty midfliers at the end of the event?


can you get messi and toty choice point.


Yes if you do all ticket match, daily quest, skill games, energy ads, coin packs!

FUTMobile God

Yes I’m going for Messi, ATK choice point, and Lewa! So excited! 😆😆


is it possible to get b.fernandes and henderson?


now im at reward 19. 9 days left and i need 2700 points. im losing hope are u sure i can do this like do i need gems? if yes then how much


ok thanks a lot


Can i claim ronaldo and davies ?


I have spent 200fifa points on the standard pass and 5000 gems on attackers


Added good players to the team of the year squad building challenge and its wiped them from my team, will I get them back?


is it possible to get ronaldo and a any starter


i said can i get two staters


If your F2P, NO


Bro, will there be another coin pack for TOTY energy next week? Pls answer and thx!

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