FIFA Mobile 22 Neon Nights Guide

Jam out to Neon Nights!

As it was promised earlier, EA releases a brand new mini-event during the ongoing Kickoff Rivalries event. So get ready as EA introduces FIFA Mobile 22 Neon Nights event as a rebranded format of the usual fan-favorite Retro Stars event. It’s basically Retro Stars in a new look and a dull one. Swap your cleats for your sneakers for a moment to enjoy Neon Nights with us! 

Play Skill Games and Matches to earn Neon Points and jam out on the Drumpad while trying to claim the featured rewards! Crank up the Intensity levels for even better rewards. Keep your finger on the pulse for familiar faces returning to the party in Retro Stars!

FIFA Mobile 22 Neon Nights Event Description

  • Event Duration: 15 September – 6 October (21 days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Neon Nights Event Flow


In the Main Tab, you will play a series of four Skill Games and two Matches Daily to earn Neon Points, Beat Token, and Intensity Shard every day. Complete four Skill Games to unlock the Final Match in the center. Winning it unlocks the League Match. So every day you will play four skill games and unlock a match which will in-turn another match.

FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Main Skill Games
FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Main Chapter Grind (Image via Electronic Arts)

Completing the activities in the Main Chapter will reward you with Neon Points, Beat Tokens, Intensity Shards, and Coins! Additionally, there are Daily Milestone rewards that award Retro Points, which you can use to claim Retro Stars Players! There are Quests as well which you can complete easily as a part of your Daily activities for earning extra Beat Tokens.

FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Main Intensity
FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Main Intensity (Image via Electronic Arts)

On completing the Weekly Milestone players can receive 92+ OVR Neon Nights Players and Rivalries Tickets. There is another special Event milestone on spending 29750 Neon Points for 101 OVR Event Icon Kaka but that is of course exclusively for the whales.


The Drumpad is the Lunar New Year’s Red Envelope version from this event which has been a recurring thing in most FIFA Mobile events in the past. Welcome to your own DJ booth! Spend your Beat Tokens in this Chapter to play the Drumpad for rewards. There are three daily special claimable events every day ranging from Neon Nights Players to in-game resources such as Coins and Boosts.

To play the Drumpad, use your Beat Tokens to select a note. Hitting a note means you unlock one of the possible rewards, including featured Neon Nights Players! The Drumpad and its rewards reset daily, so keep an eye out for new rewards and Players!  And ignore the Drumpad Intesity, none of that means anything the way these things work as we have seen in the past.

FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Drumpad Intensity
FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Main Drumpad (Image via Electronic Arts)

If there is a player you want to get from the Drumpad in the future, better save your Beat Tokens till you can open all of them in the future. Additionally, there is a path of milestones as well. Using the Beat Tokens will advance your progress in the Milestones. Complete them to claim Rivalries Tokens, Coins, Skill Boosts, Training Transfer Items, Base Players, Neon Night Players, and Retro Points.

Reward Path

Moving on to the reward path tab, it’s just a path of rewards you run down. You can progress through the Reward path to claim rewards using your Neon Points. As the paths go we have players running incrementally from 92 to all the way 100. This is a rehash of what we have seen the entire season long in big major events.

Given the players, we have seen in Kickoff Rivalries, these are a little underwhelming, to be honest. Progress through the rewards to claim Coins, Skill Boosts, Beat Tokens, Base Players, Rank Items, Training Transfer Items, Retro Points, and Neon Nights Players up to 100 OVR!

FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Reward Path
FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Rewards (Image via Electronic Arts)

Additionally, to access certain pathways, you will need to reach them on the main path and also unlock a certain level of Intensity. But Fret not, in the Rewards Chapter your Intensity level is kept throughout the entire Neon Nights event. It requires 10 Intensity Shards to claim any of the 94 OVRs, 15 Intensity Shards to go to the 97 OVRs, and 30 Intensity Shards to go for the 99 OVRs.

Retro Stars

In the Retro Stars Tab, we can exchange Retro Stars Points for the Retro Stars Players. Remember the Retro Points you earned in the other Chapters? You will be able to spend them here to claim Retro Stars Players!

FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Retro Stars Players
FIFA Mobile Retro Stars Players (Image via Electronic Arts)

Retro Stars Players are a re-released version of a player from a previous event in the past, that is buffed with a higher OVR and bump in stats. You’ll recognize Retro Stars Players from previous events this season!

FIFA Mobile 22 Neon Nights Event Currencies

Neon Points

  • Claim them from the Daily Skill Games and Matches in the Main Chapter
  • Use them in the Rewards Chapter

Beat Token

  • Earn them by completing the Daily Neon Nights Quests and from a Skill Game in the Main Chapter
  • Use them in the Drumpad Chapter

Intensity Shards

  • Earn them from a Match in the Main Chapter
  • Use them in the Main, Drumpad, and Reward Chapters

Retro Points

  • Claim them from the Daily Milestone in the Main Chapter, the Milestones in the Drumpad Chapter, and in the Reward Chapter
  • Use them in the Retro Stars Chapter

Rivalries Tickets

  • Claim them in Neon Nights from the Weekly Milestones in the Main Chapter and from the Milestones in the Drumpad Chapter
  • Trade in your Rivalries Tickets for League Points in the Kickoff Rivalries event

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Neon PointsBeat TokensRetro PointsIntensity Shards
Main Chapter57752121
League Match1575
Daily Ads252
Daily Milestone105
Drumpad Milestone75
Credits: FIFA Mobile Forum Twitter

Do Remember that you will get Beat Tokens and Retro Points from the regular Reward Path provided how you want to proceed in the path with your Neon Points. It also comes down to how you want to spend your Intensity Shards in this event.

Total a minimum of 7350 Neon Points, 105 Beat Tokens, and 432 Retro Points are available free-to-play

The event is pretty straightforward and the above calculations are all you can get from the event. No event resources are available from the Star Pass and neither is any Challenge mode present for Tropical Tour.

EA has compensated all the players with additional 1500 Neon Points, 30 Retro Points and 5 Intensity Shards, taking the total count to 8850 Intesity Points, 26 Intensity Shards and 462 Retro Points

FIFA Mobile 22 Neon Nights Event Tips and Tricks

Being one of the first events of FIFA Mobile 22, Neon Nights is a very very basic mini-event. It is not even a proper event, doing only skill games or AI matches. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Neon Nights Reward Players

Player OVRNeon Points RequiredIntensity Shards RequiredGems Required
92 OVR (CB Tuiloma/ LM Ofkir)2450
94 OVR (ST Chhetri/ RB Yedlin)215010
96 OVR (LW Minamino/ CAM Aaronson)7050
97 OVR (GK Ryan/ CDM Adams)530025
99 OVR (CM Herrera/ CB Tomiyasu)98005581950
100 OVR (RW Pulisic/ RB Dest)1130028000
101 OVR Event Icon CAM Kaká29750273600
Credits: Luixen Twitter

From the table above you can clearly see you can go down the path till and easily grab at least one of the 94 OVR Neon Nights Intesity Players if you choose to spend your 10 Intensity Shards here. Since being free-to-play, you can only get a maximum of 26 Intensity Shards so the 97 and 99 OVR Players are automatically unavailable. Alternatively, without spending your Intensity Shards at all, you can claim any of the 96 OVR Neon Nights Players from the event.

Either of the 94 OVR Intensity Players or the 96 OVR Neon Night Players is available free-to-play

Retro Stars Players

Player OVRRetro Points RequiredGems Required
99 OVR 350
100 OVR 450
101 OVR55021150
Credits: Luixen Twitter

Before EA’s mighty compensation, the 100 OVR Players were not free-to-play obtainable thereby restricting us to just the mere 99 OVR ones. But now as we can see, any of the 100 OVR Retro Stars Players is available for free-to-play.

Either of the 100 OVR Retro Stars Players is available free-to-play

Therefore if you decide to spend your Intensity Shards in the Neon Nights Reward Path thereby spending 25 Intensity Shards on the Reward Pth, you can earn:

  • Either of the 97 OVR Neon Nights Intesity Players
  • 100 OVR Retro Stars Players

Alternatively, you can hold on to your Intensity Shards and spend 3 of them each week on the Main Chapter Intensity Shard for a random 92+ OVR Neon Nights Player and 10000 Rivalries Tickets every week. Thereby spending a total of 9 Intensity Shards on the event reward you with additional 30000 Rivalries Tickets.

Remember the Neon Nights Players are not going to be worth anything and you should not be spending the Intensity Shards on the Reward Path, rather save them for the Main Path as you do get the additional Rivalries Tickets there:

  • Either of the 94 OVR Neon Nights Intesity Players
  • Either of the 92 OVR Neon Nights Intesity Players
  • 100 OVR Retro Stars Players
  • 30000 Rivalries Tickets from the Weekly Milestone

Drumpad Milestones Path

Also instead of running behind the 94 OVR Neon Nights Players as they will be easily available in the market, you can rather go for the Beat Tokens in the Reward Path at Node 5 and Node 17, and Retro Points at Node 18. You can use the additional Beat Tokens to claim anyone you are looking for from the Drumpad.

In the Drumpad, even if you don’t use any of the Drumpad Intensity, you should have at least 105 Beat Tokens to use on the Drumpad throughout the event. The 105 Beat Tokens will take you through the Milestones Path through the 225 Rivalries Tokens, 75 Retro Points, the 95 OVR ST Gyasi Zardes, up until the Coins at Milestone 11, where you will fall short, But the Retro Points and Rivalries Tokens does add up in your favour real quick.

FIFA Mobile 22 Neon Nights Event Players

FIFA Mobile Neon Nights Players
Image via Electronic Arts

That’s the Neon Nights event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. It’s just another short and sweet mini-event to fill in for the two weeks during the Kickoff Rivalries event, giving us some event-specific resources along the way. But that’s how this season has been! One long event with multiple short two-week events along the way.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Neon Nights Event Guide useful.

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