FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Guide

It’s time for a European Vacation!

Finally after a dull Treasure Hunt: Camelot, EA introduced a brand new and long event titled Summer Vacation: Europe in FIFA Mobile 22. It’s a huge event and has a lot of stuff that we haven’t seen before ie no more cut-and-paste events! It’s time for a European Vacation!

Travel the continent as you play Map Matches, find new stars in Scouting, and progress through the Flag Path on your way to top players and rewards! The event has a lot of changes from the past few events and as the European Seasons gets underway, it’s finally time to get excited!

FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Event Description

  • Event Duration: July 14th – August 25th (42 days)

FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Event Flow


In the Main Tab, you will play a series of three Skill Games and Matches to earn Vacation Points and Scouting Tokens every day. Start off by heading over to the Summer Vacation: Europe Campaign through Live Events. The best way to begin your journey is by navigating to the Main Chapter and claiming your Daily Claim Rewards. Travel along the path by completing daily Skill Games and Matches.

Main Quests
FIFA Mobile Summer Vacation Main Quests (Image via Electronic Arts)

There is a set of three skill games and one AI match to be played every day. There is a choice at the end of the path where you choose to play one of two Skill Games: a Normal Skill Game and an Expert Skill Game.  The Normal Skill Game gives you Vacation Points and the Expert Skill Game hands out Scouting Tokens. Now whatever road you pick does change things in the long run.

Completing the Normal Skill Game rewards you with Vacation Points and completing the Expert Skill Games rewards you with Scouting Tokens plus a 70+ OVR Base Summer Player. You can only play one of the Normal or the Expert Skill Game each day, so choose wisely!

Summer Scouting

Let’s go scout some Players in Summer Scouting! You’ll instantly notice the probability of claiming a Summer Player. This is the tab where you will be trading your hard-earned Summer Scouting Tokens at a chance for players. You will be trading for 150 Summer Scouting Tokens for your chance at three different tiers of player sets.

FIFA Mobile Summer Vacation Summer Scouting
FIFA Mobile Summer Vacation Summer Scouting (Image via Electronic Arts)

It shows your chance of getting a Summer Player on your claim. The probability of signing a Summer Player goes up every time that you claim a Base Player and the probability resets once you claim a Summer Player. Right now the players are resetting at two weeks ie three in total throughout the event but not your tokens, they do get carry forwarded. So you can horde them and claim more or better players in future resets.

This thing is stranger than in previous times. It starts off with your first pull a 20% probability of earning a player. Once you earn a player, it gets checked off, and of course, your probability resets. At every nine turns, you are guaranteed a different player. Scouting Players starts at Stage 1. Advance to Stage 2 by claiming 7 Summer Scouting Players.

FIFA Mobile Summer Scouting Milestones (Image via Electronic Arts)

Completing Stage 1 means that it will be locked and that you only claim the higher OVR and higher stage players, Stage 1 players will no longer be eligible. The Summer Players, Milestones, Player Probability, and Scouting Stage refresh every two weeks, but your Scouting Tokens will remain throughout the event. There are additional milestones with the Scouting including a 95 OVR Enhanced Base Icon and a 101 OVR Prime Icon. Remember even these two reset after every two weeks.


On your sightseeing tour, you have encountered a path with various flags which is filled with amazing Summer Players and Rewards that include Skill Boosts and Scouting Tokens! This is the tab where you will be trading your hard-earned Vacation Points for players. It’s just a basic path and it’s pretty straightforward and straight down the middle path.

FIFA Mobile Summer Event Flags
FIFA Mobile Summer Event Flags (Image via Electronic Arts)

Here’s what things can get really weird, your saved-up Vacation Points can be used here, but keep in mind that the Flag Path is only available for the first three weeks of the eventclosing permanently on August 4th UTC. After that, the Flag Path will be replaced by a new path with a new currency ie new Vacation Points. This is important to remember unlike Scouting Tokens your Vacation Points will not carry over after the first three weeks of the event

Vacation Points do not carry over post the first three weeks of the event as the Flags chapter disappears

Additionally, there are milestones in the Flags as well including Coins and a 99 OVR GK Event Icon Petr Čech. So if you really want Petr Čech on your team, you need to claim him within the first three weeks of the event. The chapter and points do not carry over and can’t claim anything post three weeks.

Summer Passport

Fill up your Summer Passport by completing Weekly Quests. Head over to the Summer Passport to claim your Rewards after completing them! The Summer Passport tab is just the rewards path tab for completing Weekly Quests. That’s it!

FIFA Mobile Summer Event Passports (Image via Electronic Arts)

The Quests range from playing Skill Games to Division Rivals matches and rewards in Scouting Tokens and Players. This tab really means nothing other than player rewards for quests all the way until last week when it’s 96 CB Dayot Upamecano up for grabs.

National Matches

Now that you’ve Scouted Players, filled up your Passport, and traversed along different Flags, it is time to challenge the National Teams for Vacation Points and Scouting Tokens! This is an interesting addition to the game and it’s a one-week tab and resets every week having a few PvE AI matches against every European country unlocking every day.

FIFA Mobile Summer Event National Matches
FIFA Mobile Summer Event National Matches (Image via Electronic Arts)

There are a total of 19 total matches and the OVRs are really not that difficult. New National Matches unlock daily from Thursday to Sunday and they will be available to play until the following Thursday. You can choose to play the National Matches as they open up, or play them all in a single day; the world is your oyster. Complete all matches within a week to claim a 86 OVR+ Summer Vacation: Europe Player!

Star Pass

Obviously, there are Passes as well, Free Passes and Paid Passes. The big pass is the Star Pass which is loaded with a ton of rewards. Complete Quests throughout the event to earn Star Pass progress, which includes rewards like Scouting Tokens, Training Transfer Items, Skill Boosts, and a new Stadium. If you notice the pass, there are no Vacation Points but only Scouting Tokens.

Play Division Rivals Matches and complete daily/weekly Quests to progress. This Star Pass is massive lasting 42 days and looks like this time it’s worth the money. There are Points and Tokens both on the pay side and the free side with the players being only exclusive for the paid version of the pass. With what rewards it gives out, it can be a bargain, as yes a 95 and 99 OVR Event Icon is up for grabs.

FIFA Mobile Summer Event Star Pass
FIFA Mobile Summer Event Star Pass (Image via Electronic Arts)

So don’t forget your daily quests to progress through the Star Pass! Earning Star Pass Credits will unlock more rewards along the Star Pass path. There are two tiers to the Star Pass: free and premium. You can also use FIFA Points to move faster through Star Pass levels and collect rewards faster.

In addition to the Star Pass, there is a Tourist Pass that lasts for three weeks. The Tourist Pass contains Rewards to help you on your journey through the event, such as Vacation Points and Scouting Tokens.  These passes will therefore reset twice throughout the event and the Paid Pass requires 1500 FIFA Points. You gain progress for the Tourist Pass by completing the Daily Quests and claiming the Tourism Credits. Do remember, that the Tourist Pass will be available for the first 3 weeks of the Summer event. A new Pass will be added for the final 3 weeks.

Challenge Mode

Now, the last thing that we have is the Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode is back and it’s better than before! There is no weekend currently and you need to play through Matches from Monday to Wednesday to earn Vacation Points and Scouting Tokens. Each and every day of the Challenge Mode will include 3 PvE AI Matches of increasing difficulty.

FIFA Mobile Summer Event Challenge Mode
FIFA Mobile Summer Event Challenge Mode (Image via Electronic Arts)

Challenge Mode resets at midnight UTC which is different from the Daily Reset at 19:00 UTC. Each of the matches gives out Vacation Points and Scouting Tokens, giving a total of 1500 Vacation Points and 50 Scouting Tokens per Challenge Mode and up to 4500 Vacation Points and 150 Scouting Tokens per week! The requirements for these matches are pretty easy and can be found in the Conditions.

Summer Vacation Exchanges

There are Exchanges in the event as well. During the event we will have a variety of Exchanges available, let’s continue to see what’s on offer! Exchange Summer Players for Rewards to help you on your trip. Claim Vacation Points, Scouting Tokens, 95 and 98 OVR Summer Players!

FIFA Mobile Summer Event Player Exchanges
FIFA Mobile Summer Event Player Exchanges (Image via Electronic Arts)

There are a lot of exchanges happening and you will want to do them all to get a total of 4000 Vacation Points and 300 Scouting Tokens weekly. Remember the Summer Player Exchanges are available for a limited time only, with some happening twice or thrice a week. So do keep a note!

FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Event Currencies

Vacation Points

  • Earn them in the Main Chapter, Quests, National Matches, Challenge Mode, Exchanges, and Tourism Pass.
  • Spend them in the Flags Chapter.

Scouting Tokens

  • Earn them in the Main Chapter, Quests, National Matches, Challenge Mode, Exchanges, Star Pass, and Tourism Pass.
  • Use them in the Scouting Chapter to earn Summer and Base Players.

Tourism Credits

  • Earn them by completing Daily Quests.
  • Use them to unlock Levels in the Tourist Pass

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Resource Management

Vacation PointsScouting Tokens
Main Chapter (either)21003780
Tourist Pass21000200
Challenge Mode13500900
Daily Login2100150
National Matches132001440
Star Pass1975
Premium Star Pass6025
Premium Tourist Pass42000600
Credits: Frangin and Georik Twitter

Once again, your Points solely depend on how far you can progress on the Challenge Mode with your team. Additionally note that since the Vacation Points will only be applicable for the first three weeks of the event and so will be the initial Tourist Pass, hence a lot of our calculations are based on the first three weeks of the event and speculations as we don’t know what will replace the Tourist Pass and if we get a new currency for the Vacation Points or it entirely resets after three weeks.

You can get a maximum of 112000 Vacation Points and 13235 Scouting Tokens free-to-play based on the initial calculations

We usually never suggest buying the Star Pass but if you were able to spend your $10 on the game even once, this is the time when it is definitely worth it considering if you are going for those Scouting Tokens. The Pass does appear to be worth it and will make the difference between what you can claim and what you can’t.

FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Event Tips and Tricks

After a dull Treasure Hunt: Camelot, Summer Vacation: Europe is a massive and exciting event in FIFA Mobile 22. It has a little amount of grind, with daily skill games and a hell of a lot of event currencies. So here are our additional tips and tricks to help you get the best from the event. It took us a while to get these answers and calculate everything so let’s explain it here.

Now tips for the event. Play everything. Be excited that there’s no event energy or stamina involved anymore in the new season. We’re not dealing with the constant fear of energy getting wasted and full and neither has there been a single ad since the game was released. So yes, definitely enjoy it while you can.

Summer Vacation Flags Players

Player OVRTotal Path Cost
95 OVR (CB Hintergregger/ LM Szoboszlai)57000
96 OVR (CM Wijnaldum/ RB Meunier)78500
97 OVR (RW Zaniolo/ST Werner)106500
99 OVR CM Camavinga130500
99 OVR Event Icon GK Petr Čech175000

From the table above you can clearly see you can go down straight down the path till Flag 15 and easily grab at least one of the 97 OVR Summer Vacation Players. If you prioritize Vacation Points over Scouting Tokens throughout the event then you will have enough points to go and grab the 97-rated player in the first three weeks. Keeping everything in mind, here is our strategy on how to maximize your gains.

Play through the event, just remember to log in and play through each and everything. Play all possible Skill games, Matches, and Quests. Try to maximize your points from the Challenge mode as many times as you can and remember to complete the Tokens milestone every three days. Given the Flag path just resets for the last three weeks to exact same, then on each of the resets, you can go for something major ie the 97s.

Either of the 97 OVR Summer Vacation Players is available for free-to-play from the Flags Chapter

Claiming the 99 OVR Summer Vacation Player from the Flags Chapter

However, if you want to make your way all the way through the 99 OVR, then the Star Pass is not going to help you because remember Star Pass does not have the Vacation Points what does have the Vacation Points is the Tourist Pass. If you spend the 1500 FIFA Points on the Tourist Pass then you have enough Vacation Points. You can claim the 99 OVR Summer Vacation Player in either of the following way:

  • Buy the Paid Tourist Pass (1500 FIFA Points) OR
  • Buy the Vacation Point Value Pack in Flags Chapter for a total of 4 times and the Summer Intro Offer from the store (12500 Gems or 5000 FIFA Points) OR
  • Buy the Vacation Point Value Pack in Flags Chapter for a total of 2 times, the European Summer Special Packs (1, 2, and 3) from the store and 2 Vacation Points packs (9250 Gems and 150 FIFA Points)

99 OVR Summer Vacation Player is available from the Flags Chapter with the Paid Tourist Pass or either of the above ways

Claiming the 99 OVR Event Icon Player from the Flags Chapter

Similar to the 99 OVR Player, the Event Icon is also accessible only via buying the Tourist Pass as it contains the Vacation Points and not the Star Pass. And of course, it’s a lot more expensive than the 99 OVR Summer Vacation Player. You can claim the 99 OVR Event Icon Player in either of the following way:

  • Buy the Paid Tourist Pass AND
  • Buy the Vacation Point Value Pack in Flags Chapter for a total of 6 times
  • Total Cost: 7500 FIFA Points or (15000 Gems and 1500 FIFA Points)

99 OVR Event Icon Player is available from the Flags Chapter in the above possible way

Whatever you do always do keep it in mind, that the entire Flags chapter resets in 21 days ie three weeks. So after 21 days, the existing path will completely disappear, and either a new one will appear or an entirely different chapter with new Vacation Points. So yes your Vacation Points will also reset or disappear, they are not going to be carried over. So don’t try to horde your Vacation Points as time is limited and if you want the big guns ie the 99 OVRs, you need to spend the Vacation Points within the first three weeks!

Summer Scouting Players

On the other hand, if you choose Scouting Tokens, then stick to the Expert level of Skill Games mostly, keeping in mind the 20,000 Vacation Points milestone that rewards 300 Scouting Tokens. The thing though, if we look at the Summer Scouting and its probability, the odds of earning players you really have to take into consideration, that this entire thing is luck-based, and in the end, it does make a big difference.

Player OVRScouting Tokens Cost
95 OVR Enhanced Base Icon (resets every 14 days)5000
101 OVR Prime Icon (resets every 14 days)22500

In order to guarantee players every 9 turns, that’s a total of 1350 Scouting Tokens have to be spent before you can guarantee a player. So focusing on the Scouting Tokens if you are solely a free-to-play player might not be the best way to go with this event, as the odds of earning a 97, 98, or 99 player is really extremely low. Considering there are better rewards with Vacation Points and the Scouting Wheel is entirely gambling based and all the players are purchasable in the market.

But, but, but there is a slight twist. If you are someone who is thinking of investing money into the game and is looking to buy the Star Pass then the Summer Scouting can be your way to claim Enhanced Base Icons and even the Prime Icon!

Claiming the 101 OVR Prime Icon Player

Both the Enhanced Base Icon and the Prime Icon Players reset every two weeks ie 14 days. Therefore they arrive a total of three times throughout the event. Therefore in the final two weeks ie until the last reset in week 5 and week 6, Horde all of your Scouting Tokens from the first four weeks and don’t start spending them until the last week. You can claim the 101 OVR Prime Icon Player in either of the following way:

  • Stick to the Expert Skill Game from Main Path every day AND
  • Buy the Star Pass AND
  • Buy both the Paid Tourist Passes AND
  • Go to Flag 18 in either of the Flag resets
  • Total Cost: 3000 FIFA Points and Star Pass

101 OVR Prime Icon Player is available from the Summer Scouting Chapter with the Star Pass and both the Tourist Passes

All total will add up to around 22570 Scouting Tokens which is just enough if you hoard until that very last week to claim whatever 101 Prime gets released in the third round. We don’t know who it’s going to be at this point but using all of those tokens in the very last week is what it takes to get you there. And when it’s all said and done, you will just have enough to do around everything in this event.

Remember that this will be a trade-off as you are effectively going for Scouting Tokens instead of Vacation Points and hence will be missing out on the players from the Flags chapter. But as a bonus, you will have enough Scouting Tokens to pull off all the players from all the three stages of the Summer Scouting chapter in the last two weeks of the event.

FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Event Players

Image via Electronic Arts

That’s the Summer Vacation: Europe event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. We just know around half of the event for now as still, no one knows what will happen after the first three weeks, how will the new Flags chapter look and how will the Vacations Points reset. It’s an exciting event with a ton of resources and a ton of stuff! So just plan your things around and make smart decisions in the end. And actually, this might be one of the best events to go for either being free-to-play or pay-to-play in recent times.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Event Guide useful.

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Hello! I’d like to know if there will be a 98 OVR player in exchange every week from now on or is Unai Simon the only and last one for the whole event ?

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