FIFA Mobile 23 Obrigado, Pelé Event Guide

Thank you, Pelé: King of the World's Game!

2022 was definitely one of the most memorable years for Global Football fans. While the year-end saw Argentina and France clash heads in a breathtaking FIFA World Cup 2022 final, it also witnessed the passing away of one of the game’s all-time greats, Pelé, the King himself. To honor the greatness of Pelé, EA has played a special tribute by introducing Obrigado, Pelé a mini-event to celebrate the king’s football journey in FIFA Mobile 23.

Similar to Ronaldinho, Beckham, Gullit, Zidane, and Torres from past season’s Pelé is a special but temporary mini-event in the game. Players can relive some of their iconic International Football moments from the events by playing PvE matches and complete certain matches to claim a 108 OVR Event Icon Pelé absolutely free-to-play. Additionally, players also have a choice among three different positions (CAM/CF/ST) of Pelé to choose from.

FIFA Mobile 23 Obrigado, Pelé Event Description

  • Event Duration: February 10th – February 24th (14 Days)

FIFA Mobile 23 Obrigado, Pelé Event Flow

In order to claim the Beastly 108 OVR CAM/CF/ST card, Pelé, you need to complete a set of 10 matches on way to your journey. So as you head to the Obrigado Pelé tab to play the PvE matches. The matches are all PvE based and shouldn’t be difficult given your team’s current OVR. The matches get unlocked once every day over the 14-day period.

Image via Electronic Arts

Therefore, keep in mind that the matches can’t be completed overnight. This is sort of a grinding event and it requires you to grind your way through as you progress on Pelé’s journey in International Football for his beloved Brazil. Without further ado, let’s go straight to our guide as we discuss the strategy on how to complete the FIFA Mobile 23 Obrigado Pelé.

MatchMatch ConditionsVersus Opponent
10-0 2nd Half 45 mins84 OVR Argentina
20-0 2nd Half 60 mins77 OVR Wales
31-2 2nd Half 45 mins85 OVR France
40-1 2nd Half 60 mins78 OVR Sweden
50-0 1st Half 30 mins78 OVR Mexico
60-2 1st Half 30 mins78 OVR Benfica
70-1 2nd Half 60 mins78 OVR Czech Republic
80-0 2nd Half 60 mins85 OVR England
90-2 2nd Half 45 mins74 OVR Romania
100-1 2nd Half 75 mins84 OVR Italy

Squad Building

Since it’s a mini-event therefore there are no major squad and OVR restrictions. You can play the event and claim Pelé with your main team. Additionally, the matches are not that hard and it is expected that players can complete them without much hassle. If you have a high OVR squad, in most of the matches, you can just rely on your team winning the matches themselves on autoplay.

Claiming Pelé

As the event is focused more on paying homage to the sporting greatness of Pelé, and not paying attention to the game’s competitive side, the matches are fairly easy and new players should be able to complete them as well.

Image via Electronic Arts

Pelé, no matter which version you opt for is untradable meaning you won’t be able to trade or buy him for coins in the market. Perhaps that is only fitting as not at all things can’t be bought and there definitely are things that money can’t buy.

FIFA Mobile 23 Obrigado Pelé Tips and Tricks

If you are entirely new to the game, joining just a few weeks or months ago, then you may face some or little difficulty in the matches. Nevertheless, here are some of the bonus tips and tricks to ease your way into getting Pelé in FIFA Mobile 23.

  • Finesse shot spam often makes everything way easier than cross-spamming so just do it!
  • The Right-Wing is the most important position in all formations and for all the chapters. Have a proper fast right-winger who can also dribble well.
  • The best way to win quickly: play a couple of passes around the right baseline and dribble the last defender so RW can finesse. It’s either a goal, corner, or rebound for the striker.
  • For taking penalties, always aim at the right upper corner as powerfully as you can by swiping fast.
  • Again, not every goal is going to come from your right wing. You have other tools in your box, don’t be afraid to use them.

Remember you are playing against the AI not another human so the gameplay becomes predictable gradually. So don’t be afraid to forfeit if you give up a goal at some point, ever!

Final Thoughts

In the end, the event comes down to celebrating the marvelous football career of Pelé than focusing on tactics and winning matches. The current generation of Football fans who are unknown of his greatness and adjudge Messi and Cristiano among the game’s all-time greats, everything anyone has ever done, Pelé did it first.

Pelé is the only player to win the FIFA World Cup a record three times, score a record number of 1283 goals, and be declared a National Treasure by the Brazilian President, to prevent him from leaving Brazil for European clubs. So relive his iconic moments throughout the event and claim the game’s undisputed king, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or as he was lovingly called, Pelé.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Obrigado Pelé Event Guide useful.

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what is the ideal pele card to get?


Can I go for a ST card if I already got a strong CAM?


What are some better ST’s than Pele? I’m not sure which one to get.
And could I play Pele in CAM/RW position but with his ST card?


If you lose the match once is the chance of getting pele gone?

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