FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Guide

The event that was promised!

As promised earlier by EA, they have come with the free Prime Icon event! The entire community was hyped up at the thrill of earning a Prime Icon as we all know pretty much any Prime Icon card is an endgame with its over-the-roof stats. EA delivers successfully this time with its FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight event. And the Prime Icon is none other than the charismatic Ronaldinho!

Similar to the Prime Icon Beckham and Gullit, Icons Spotlight is also a permanent event and therefore is gonna stay till the end of the season. It’s a long way to the top whose reward is an absolutely unreal 115 OVR Prime Icon Ronaldinho. In this new season-long event, complete daily objectives and SBCs while working your way up the pyramid to earn top Icons.

FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Event Description

  • Event Duration: All Season
  • Energy: Base Energy

FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Event Flow


FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Event is a new way for players to play the game each day, featuring the Main chapter. In the Main chapter, you will need to play different modes and score goals to complete the four Daily Quests for Spotlight Points.

IconsSpotlight Main Chapter

Each individual Quest gives out 2 Spotlight Points every day. Quests rotate daily with different requirements. The quests range from winning VSA/H2H matches and scoring goals.

FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Event Icons

There are additional Weekly Quest milestones that require you to complete 25 individual Daily Quests during the week. Completing the weekly quest rewards you with 80 Spotlight Points. There are Event Icon Milestones that reward you with 102, 105, and 108 OVR Event Icons for spending your Spotlight Points.

Spotlight Chapter

If you remember last season’s Hazard event, you’ll be very familiar with how this pyramid works. Heading on into the Spotlight chapter in the event, you will see a big pyramid of achievements. You will be using your hard-earned Spotlight Points here to unlock rewards and resources along with the Pyramid.

FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Pyramid

For every node in the Pyramid, you’ll also need to complete the two directly beneath it in order to move up. However, this time unlike the Hazard event there are no Keys or currencies to unlock specific rows. As you go higher, the more Spotlight Points you need for each node but the rewards get exponentially better until you reach the top where resides the big daddy, 115 OVR Prime Icon Ronaldinho!

Icons Spotlight Ronaldinho

Similar to the Prime Icon Gullit, you can choose your version of Ronaldinho, in the position and Skill Boost that best fits your squad between CAM (Target Man) and LW (Box to Box). Both come with 115 OVR and are pre-ranked up to 20.


In this SBC tab, there are five SBCs that you can complete for additional Spotlight Points. Complete SBCs for extra Spotlight Points. Each SBC unlocks after you complete the Row above on it the Pyramid in the Spotlight Chapter. For example, SBC 1 unlocks when you complete Row 2 of the Pyramid.

Icons Spotlight SBC 1

Complete a squad of 11 players from a minimum of 5 leagues with a total minimum team OVR of 92 with a minimum of 3 Serie A players to obtain 40 Spotlight Points.

Spotlight SBC 1FIFA_Mobile
Icons Spotlight SBC 1

Icons Spotlight SBC 2

Complete a squad of 11 players from a minimum of 5 nations with a total minimum team OVR of 92 with a minimum of 3 players from Premier League and Ligue 1 to obtain 45 Spotlight Points.

Spotlight SBC 2FIFA_Mobile
Icons Spotlight SBC 2

Icons Spotlight SBC 3

Complete a squad of 11 players from exactly 5 nations with a total minimum team OVR of 97 with a minimum of 3 players from La Liga and Bundesliga to obtain 50 Spotlight Points.

Spotlight SBC 3FIFA_Mobile
Icons Spotlight SBC 3

Icons Spotlight SBC 4

Complete a squad of 11 players from exactly 11 teams with a total minimum team OVR of 99 with a minimum of 7 players in position from a minimum of 6 leagues to obtain 60 Spotlight Points.

Spotlight SBC 4FIFA_Mobile
Icons Spotlight SBC 4

Icons Spotlight SBC 5

Make a squad of a minimum of 9 players with a total minimum team OVR of 102 with a minimum of 9 players in position with a maximum of 2 players from the same nation and same league to obtain 75 Spotlight Points.

Spotlight SBC 5FIFA_Mobile
Icons Spotlight SBC 5

So in order to unlock the first SBC, one will need to complete the entire first row as well as the second row. Row 3 has to be completed for the 2nd SBC, Row 4 for the 3rd SBC, Row 5 for the 4th SBC, and Row 6 for the final 5th SBC. All SBCs can only be completed once. The SBCs get more difficult, including multiple leagues and in-position players as they get higher but they give out more Spotlight Points in the range of 40-75 additional points.

Running the Math for F2P Players

As per our calculations, the following sums up the chances for F2P Players.

Events Spotlight Points
Daily Quests8 (per Day)
Weekly Milestones80 (per Week)
Total Monthly Points544 (per Month)

Total 136 Spotlight Points per Week and 544 Spotlight Points per Month

In order to complete the entire pyramid one will need a total of 1220 Spotlight Points to move through all the rows.

FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Event Tips and Tricks

Similar to the Hazard Event of the last season, this event brings back memories. Adding all the nodes up and you are looking up at a grand total of 1220 Spotlight Points.

PlayerSpotlight PointsDays Required (without SBC) Days Required (with SBC)
102 ST Kluivert/CAM Rui Costa3001814
105 CM Scholes/CDM Pirlo6003526
108 ST Rooney/CB Maldini9004935
115 CAM/LW Ronaldinho12206349
Credits – Luixen Twitter

From our calculations, it will take around 49-63 days, thus within 2-3 months depending on you whether you choose to complete all the SBCs. Don’t ignore the SBCs as they give an incentive to get Ronaldinho two weeks before the actual date. Now at the end of the season, a free Prime Icon getting two weeks earlier is maybe worth it.

SBCSpotlight PointsDays Required to Unlock
92 OVR SBC40Day 7
95 OVR SBC 45Day 14
97 OVR SBC 50Day 17
99 OVR SBC 60Day 26
102 OVR SBC 75Day 35
Credits – Luixen Twitter

From the above, we can see the specific days on which the given tier of SBCs unlock and this will only happen if you complete your daily and weekly quests. Now, there is no way to jump ahead of the curve and get Ronaldinho early through Gems, FIFA Points, or cash. As long as you login daily and play the game, everyone will get him at the same time.

FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Players

FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight players
Image via FIFARenderZ

That’s the Icons Spotlight Event in a nutshell. Beyond that, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this event. All the calculations are at your doorstep there, do with it what you will and plan carefully. Besides the Prime Ronaldinho, the event pyramid also grants around 15M Coins, 4.5M Training XP, and 20K Boosts along with a whopping 355 Common, 770 Rare, 170 Epic, and 15 Legendary Rank Shards, all free-to-play! That is definitely a big score and the event lasts till the end of the season as well. It’s a nice little present from EA and literally no one should be complaining! After, all we all like free Prime Icons, don’t we.

Want to complete your team with the best players? Check our suggestions below!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 21 Icons Spotlight Guide useful.

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