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PUBG Mobile: Top 10 locations to find a Flare Gun in Miramar

Miramar is popular in PUBG Mobile not only for best long-ranged combats but also for a good amount of loots in almost all locations. But while looting, players tend to face a problem. They don’t always get a good amount of loots. There are many large cities since Miramar itself is the largest map in PUBG Mobile. Now a Flare Gun can solve the problem because a single Flare Gun can provide sufficient loots for a single player. Now, a question that comes to mind is how to find Flare Gun in Miramar in PUBG Mobile, which is such a big map.

Yes, we know that Flare Guns are randomly spawned in the whole map but after playing from the first season in both the original and beta version, we analyzed, experimented, and researched a lot and came to a conclusion of top 10 high probable Flare Gun locations. These are the top 10 almost guaranteed places where you can find Flare Gun in Miramar in PUBG Mobile. In this article, we have provided you with the locations where you can expect at least 1 to 2 or even 3 Flare Guns. The probability of finding a Flare Gun is according to the rank given.

The 10 best Flare Gun locations in Miramar map of PUBG Mobile

The Flare gun is an extremely rare weapon that when fired, calls in a custom airdrop that drops a larger amount of highly valuable equipment compared to the ordinary airdrops. Once a flare is fired straight up into the air and reaches an altitude of 200 meters, a plane will soon fly over the map and drop off either a crate if the player is inside the safe zone, or a BRDM if outside. Firing a flare at a player causes no damage. Here are the top 10 Locations to find a Flare Gun in Miramar in PUBG Mobile:

10. Monte Nuevo

Monte Nuevo, Flare Gun in Miramar
The City of Monte Nuevo

Monte Nuevo is the name of a town besieged. Ramshackle walls built to protect its residents now allow players ample cover to explore the well-stocked compound. This is a great place for loot and one of the probable places where you can find a Flare Gun. The Coliseum in Monte Nuevo is an ideal place to find a Flare Gun and most of the loots in this area.

9. El Pozo

El Pozo , Flare Gun in Miramar here
The Industrial City of El Pozo

El Pozo is a city, players know it mainly for its large industrial and entertainment districts. Players can test themselves against all comers in the Luchador Arena, put their motorcycle skills to the test In the death bowl, or hunt in the ruins of the long-dead textile factories. The boxing ring in El Pozo is a great place where you can find a Flare Gun.

8. Los Leones

Los Leones ,Flare Gun in Miramar here
The New City of Los Leones

The largest city in the Miramar, Los Leones features ample shopping, a skyline filled with new constructions, and a glorious, golden-hued City Center. Players should secure high vantage points by exploring the numerous construction sites, and loot for gears in the cavernous abandoned commercial buildings. The two brick warehouses, the tall office buildings with the blue trims or the yellow restaurants are the places in Los Leones where you can get Flare Guns.

7. Power Grid

Power Grid is 7th on the list
The Power Grid

Lying right between common drop spots such as Pecado and San Martin, the Power Grid is often uncontested. Despite the large size, there are a lot of covers available in the Power Grid for you to take advantage of. Although this place is underrated, you can get enough amount of loot in this area. The warehouses here are the most probable location of a Flare Gun in Power Grid.

6. San Martín

San Martin, Flare Gun in Miramar
The Major City of San Martín

San Martín is located just west of Hacienda Del Patrón. Checkpoints and barriers have transformed this once-quiet small town into a war zone. Both sides of the town have overlooked, so careful players should scout first, before charging into town. Although the chances of airdrop are less, you can find a Flare Gun anywhere in this city. So, this is surely a probable area for finding a Flare Gun in Miramar in PUBG Mobile.

5. Impala

Imapala , find Flare Gun in Miramar here
The Minor City of Impala

Impala is one of the minor cities in the map of Miramar. This small but high-intensity area is famous for its loot for armors and weapons. You can find a Flare Gun in this city but the church is the high probable place to find it in this city.

4. Graveyard

Graveyard is 4th on the list
The Burial Ground and Church of Graveyard

Graveyard is a small place and obviously cannot complete the full loot for your squad but can provide a sufficient loot for a solo player. Although you might not get enough loot, a visit to this place won’t take much time from you and will also not disappoint you as you might manage to get a Flare gun while leaving this place. One might think of the church as the probable location but you can often get a Flare Gun maximum times on the burial ground.

3. Prison

Prison, find Flare Gun on Miramar
The Waiting Area, Prison

Prison is a major landmark in the map of Miramar as this is the spawn place or the waiting area before the match starts. Most of the people ignore this place as it lies in the southernmost parts of Miramar and it becomes difficult to come back to the safe zone because of the big area of Miramar. But this place can provide a sufficient amount of loot for a whole squad along with a Flare Gun. The Brickhouse in Prison is almost a confirmed place where you could find a Flare Gun.

2. Hacienda Del Patrón

Haceinda Del Patron, Flare Gun on Miramar
The Large Villa of Hacienda Del Patrón

Hacienda del Patrón is one of the locations in Miramar near San Martin, featuring a large villa surrounded by rolling hills, the value of the loot located within is very high. Its name means “The Boss’ estate” in Spanish. This is the hottest drop after Pecado, so you have to be fast enough to land and get a gun to clear the area. Now, Hacienda Del Patrón has become a more favorable drop location for most of the players after the arrival of the Golden Mirado. If you manage to survive then we can confirm that you will get at least one Flare Gun in this villa of Hacienda Del Patrón.

1. Pecado

Pecado is 1st on the list
The Hottest Drop, Pecado

In the first place of this list of 10 best places to find a Flare Gun in Miramar in PUBG Mobile is none other than Pecado. It is a minor city in the Miramar map. Once a tourist destination featuring the largest casino in the region, Pecado continues to thrill players to this day with its mix of high-value loot and dangerous sightlines. Aggressive players will immediately loot the Arena and Casino, but savvy players should check out the 4-storied hotels between them. Pecado being the hottest drop in the whole map of Miramar includes the maximum loots than all other locations on the map.

We ranked Pecado in the first position for certain reasons. First of all, we never came out from Pecado without a Flare Gun. Second, once we made a hat-trick here of getting 3 Flare Guns. Lastly, you can manage to get a Flare Gun whether you land on the Arena or the Casino or the L-Building or the Hotels in between.

Note: We are not giving any guarantee that you will get a Flare Gun in the given locations. The locations are completely on our personal experiences and various researches. So, please don’t complain about not getting a Flare Gun in the given location. The locations provided are all very high probable locations. You can try out these places and if you are lucky enough then you can manage to get a Flare Gun. These are just for your helping purpose. Now, here’s below a bonus location where you will surely get a Flare Gun in Miramar.

Sand Storm: Guaranteed Location of a Flare Gun in Miramar

With the 0.18 update of PUBG Mobile, Miramar 2.0 has been introduced which brings the concept of Sand Storm. The Sand Storm is a dust Storm that appears in one specific location on each. The location of the Sand Storm is completely randomized but you can locate it in the mini-map. Don’t confuse the Sand Storm location with the Sand Storm that appears in the waiting area. PUBG Mobile gives you a little experience of the Sand Storm before the match starts. Keep an eye on the mini-map, it will show you the original location of the Sand Storm. Now here comes the secret.

Sand Storm in the Mini Map
Sand Storm appeared on the mini-map at Chumacera

After playing the 0.18 update on both the beta and original version we can confirm to you this information that you will find an air-drop crate nearby the middle of the Sand Storm namely “Miramar’s Supply Crate“. Inside this Miramar’s Supply Crate you will get nothing other than a Flare Gun. So, don’t forget to drop in the middle of the Sand Storm and grab the Flare Gun before anyone reaches near it. Among all those top 10 locations this is the guaranteed location where you will find a Flare Gun in Miramar in PUBG Mobile.

If you know some more locations having a very high probability of getting Flare Guns on Miramar then feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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