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PUBG Mobile: Top 5 Flare Gun Locations in Vikendi

Flare guns are one of the best features of the classic mode in PUBG Mobile. Flare guns are used for calling a special supply drop with special weapons, level 3 armor, helmet, ghillie suit, etc. inside of the play zone. The player can also fire the flare gun outside of the play zone for calling a ‘BRDM-2’ amphibious combat vehicle, which is 2x more durable than the UAZ. Finding a flare gun in the battle royal map Vikendi is not that easy. The flare guns can spawn anywhere on the map. It can be a warehouse, a single-story house, or even a lonely wooden shack on the roadside. But there are some places where the chances of getting a flare gun are much higher. So, here are the top 5 locations in the Vikendi map of PUBG Mobile where you can find a flare gun.

We have also covered flare gun locations for Erangel and Miramar, just incase you want to check those.

5. Volnova

Flare Gun Locations in Vikendi
City of Volnova in Vikendi

Volnova, situated on the bottom of the map, is a great place to get flare guns. This city is riched with many buildings which are good for looting, players can get multiple flare guns in those buildings. Players should search in the roofs, panic- rooms, single- stories for flare guns.

4. Secret Cave

Hidden cave – Vikendi

The hidden cave in the middle of Podvosto and Peshkova is a great place to find flare guns. The cave lies exactly in the middle of Podvosto and Peshcova.

Here is a picture of the route map of the secret cave,

Flare Gun Locations in Vikendi

It is rumored that the supply airdrops and super airdrops are packed and supplied from here. Players can get good loots as well as multiple flare guns here.

3. Coal Mine

Coal Mine – Vikendi

The coal mine is one of those places in Vikendi, where the probability of getting a flare gun increases a lot. Players can find Flares in the conveyor belt, cabins, offices, and even on the lids of the barrels. The coal mine is situated on the middle-upper part of the map.

2. Villa

Flare Gun Locations in Vikendi
The Villa of Vikendi

Villa, situated in the middle of the map, is the so-called heart of the Vikendi. Players can get more than one flare gun in the Villa. Players should search in the main hall, side-houses, and taxi-stands for flare guns. Since it is situated in the center of the map, so players can expect a lot of enemies here.

1. Cosmodrome

Flare Gun Locations in Vikendi
Vikendi’s Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome, situated on the upper-right side of the map, is the space launch station of the Vikendi. The name says it all, it is obvious that players will get at least one or more flare guns in the Cosmodrome. But it is a big area with lots of buildings, so players will have to search with patience. Players also can expect a large number of enemies here because the loot spawn rate of Cosmodrome is very high.

Bonus Places

Here are some locations which could not make it to the list but has a high chance of getting a flare gun in Vikendi.

  • Goroka
  • Krichas
  • Peshkova
  • Cement Factory
  • Trevno

If you know some more Flare Gun locations in Vikendi then feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

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