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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA: Crude Harbor location and where to find it

A looter’s heaven in the middle of snow?

Fortnite is an action-packed battle royale game from Epic Games. In battle royales, the places where the players choose to land at the beginning of the game heavily decide their fate of them throughout the match. Updates of new seasons bring some changes into the map with the addition of some new locations while deducting some. Some locations are popular among players but are not named on the map. Crude Harbor is one such location and here’s how one can reach it in Fortnite MEGA.

How to get to Crude Harbor in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 MEGA

Crude Harbor has been a part of the map since December 2022. It hasn’t received any major changes nor has been removed from the map. It is located in the snow biome that too at the complete end. This explains why developers have left it mostly untouched as it is not a heavily visited location. It is located on the northern side of the island, northeast of the Beep ‘N Bounce station which can be seen on the map covered with snow from all sides.

Fortnite MEGA Crude Harbor location
Image via Epic Games

When using the named locations for directions, players can say that it is located north of Brutal Bastion and northeast of Lonely Labs. The easiest way to reach there is by directly jumping and gliding there from the Battle Bus when it is going close enough there. Otherwise it will take longer if they go by some vehicle. Also they won’t have enough time to loot before the zone shrinks.

Why players should go to the Crude Harbor in Fortnite MEGA

Players go to Crude Harbor which contains good loot and one can quickly pile up on great supplies. It is one large building that contains most of the loot along with a gas station nearby. It also has a Slurp Truck which is a good addition at the beginning of the game. So players who prefer a safe and slow start generally go there to look for supplies. Then they can head into the action.

Fortnite MEGA Crude Harbor location
Image via Epic Games

But as the location of Crude Harbor is situated very far from the center in Fortnite MEGA, many times players need to start heading back to the zone before they have looted the whole place properly and it’s a complete hassle. The location is also surrounded by hills which makes it sometimes dangerous to loot at. Opponents can easily take out players from there. So all in all, as long as players can stay safe, this place is a good location to loot at even if it’s a little unconventional.

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