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Fortnite Guide: Tips to change your Character and Gender in the game

How to interchange between different characters and how to acquire them!

Fortnite is a fast-paced action game by Epic Games where 100 players need to fight against each other and survive till the end to become victorious. It has become incredibly popular in the past few years and most modern gamers have at least once tried the battle royale mode. Players might have spotted various unique characters like John Cena, Spiderman, Goku, and many others while playing the game. And they must be wondering how one can unlock those. We are going to talk about the various ways in which one can change between several characters in Fortnite.

Characters in Fortnite

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Characters or Genders are the different types of skins available in the game. Skins are in turn cosmetic items that can be unlocked by purchasing using V-Bucks, the main currency used in Fortnite shop. The characters and their genders are not customizable and they can be found in the game as a part of the skin that the player might get.

It will be tough for players who don’t spend money in the game to get the skins of their own choice. It is quite tough to earn V-Bucks in the amount needed to buy a skin for free. Here is how various characters and Genders can be unlocked in Fortnite.

How to unlock Characters in Fortnite

Players will need to play while cycling through random characters before they will be rewarded with their first skin. New players can play using the game’s default characters namely Ramierez, Jonsey, and Renegade. Also without owning any skins, players won’t be given the choice to choose their character but will be assigned a random before each match randomly.

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The only way to get permanent skins in Fortnite which the players can change by their own choice is by using V-Bucks. They can be earned in small quantities and take a lot of time. V-Bucks can be earned from the free Battle Pass too as they give out free V-Bucks each time a player levels up. Each Battle Pass hands out 300 V-Bucks for free each season. This means players will need to wait for around 4 seasons before they can conjure up enough V-Bucks to buy a skin.

This is why most players prefer to buy the in-game currency directly by using real money. By buying the paid Battle Pass, players can also get characters that they earn on different levels. Though some characters are not available to be earned from the Battle Pass and need to be bought directly using V-Bucks.

How to change Characters and Gender in Fortnite

After successfully acquiring several characters in any way deemed fit to the player, the question might arise how can one interchange between the character or change its gender? Well, it’s important to know that unless the player has purchased or unlocked the skins of both the genders of one character, they can’t change it manually. Now assuming one has skins of other genders and other characters, here’s how they can change between them:

Fortnite Characters
Image via Epic Games
  • Head over to the Locker Tab by clicking on the Hanger Icon.
Fortnite change characters
Image via Epic Games
  • Select your current character and change it into other character skins you have acquired. Then click on Save and Exit.
Fortnite change characters
Image via Epic Games
  • If one doesn’t have the skin of their choice, whether it’s a different character or gender, they can purchase it from the shop using V- Bucks.

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