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Free Fire Joseph guide: Abilities, Character Combinations and more

Use Joseph to his full potential!!

Free Fire has many unique features, such as pets, characters, weapons skins, and its default aim system, distinguishing it as the most popular battle royale game. It currently has over 40 characters, and the number continues to grow with every OB update. The characters in Free Fire are crucial to the player’s gameplay because each has its unique ability. Joseph is one of the characters who can help users with his ability to sprint. In this Free Fire guide, you’ll learn about the best character combinations with Joseph and the tips to master him.

About Joseph in Free Fire

Free Fire Joseph Guide
Image via Garena

Joseph is a fictional character from the Free Fire comics, and according to them, he is a well-known scientist who is also a player. He was the co-founder of a hugely successful tech firm. He was also a stellar student at the military academy.

Joseph abilities in Free Fire

Free Fire Joseph Guide
Image via Garena

Joseph has a passive skill called Nutty Movement. When he suffers damage, he possesses an outstanding ability that allows the user to enhance his moving and sprinting speed by 10%, at its base level. At max level, the moving and sprinting speed increases by 20% on taking damage.

Best character skill combination with Joseph you should try in Free Fire

Joseph can be used for offensive and defensive gameplay in Clash Squad or BR mode. As it is a passive-skilled character, players can use one active skill and two passive skills along with him in combination. Some of the best character skill combinations with Joseph are as follows.

1. Joseph/ Skyler/ Kelly/ Hayato

Skyler unleashes a sonic wave that can destroy 5 Gloo walls in a row within a second. Kelly increases the sprinting by 6%. On the other hand, Hayato increases the armor penetration by 10% with every 10% decrease in the user’s maximum HP. Players can use this skill combination for rush gameplay. Players can quickly rush on enemies with an extra 20% speed if the enemy gives any damage. This combination is beneficial in both CS and BR mode.

2. Joseph/ Alok/ Ford/ Maxim

Alok benefits the user by providing 5 HP every second till 10 seconds when the skill is activated. Ford reduces the damage taken from the safe zone by 24%. Maxim eats mushrooms and medkits 25% faster. This skill combination is solely for survival gameplay. Players can equip this skill combination while pushing their rank.

3. Joseph/ Chrono/Shirou/ Misha

Chrono creates an impenetrable force shield that blocks up to 800 damage and lasts for 6 sec. Shirou exposes the enemy’s location with a mark when an enemy hits the user, and the first shot to the marked enemy has 88% additional armor penetration. Misha increases the vehicle’s driving speed by 20% and decreases the damage taken while driving by 30%. While driving, the player is harder to target with default aim. This skill combination can be used for BR mode. Players can cover the zone shifts with the vehicle, and if the vehicle is destroyed, they can head for protection with 20% extra speed.

Tips and Tricks for using Joseph in Free Fire

  • In Clash Squad mode, players can use Joseph’s character with other skills enhancing sprinting to kill the enemy with extra refluxes and movement.
  • While lacking Gloo walls, players can head to take protection cover or rush on them quickly.
  • Players should remember that Joseph’s skill doesn’t work on taking damage from the safe zone.

However, it’s important for players to understand the maps and Joseph’s skills well and then use him to their advantage.

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