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Free Fire New Character Dasha: Character analysis and Skill combinations

The party queen is an action heroine too!

As previously shown in the OB24 advance server, the first out of 2 new characters has made its way to Free Fire. Dasha, the name of this new arrival is definitely the game-changer we’ve all been waiting for. This female character is a must-have on all teams with her passive having the largest array of functions in the game with second place being character K and third Kapella. So, in this article, we will discuss the character analysis of Dasha along with her best possible skill combinations in Free Fire.

Free Fire: Dasha Character analysis

free fire dasha analysis

Dasha is a 25-year-old girl from Russia who likes to party and have fun. Though she had a tough youth, her objective to cheer up people by pranking for the better of their lives remained strong even as she grew.

Character skills

Dasha skills

Dasha’s skill is called “Partying On” which has the following features at each level:

  • Reduces fall damage by {30|32|35|39|44|50} %,
  • Fall recovery by {60|62|65|69|74|80}%
  • All weapon recoil buildup by {6|6.4|7|7.8|8.8|10} %
  • Maximum recoil for all weapons by {6|6.4|7|7.8|8.8|10} %.

Dasha’s passive is debatably good for every skill build, however there are some skill setups that can really shake up gameplay listed below:

Healing Skill Combo


A worthy combination that mixes sharpshooting with healing effects. Laura completes Dasha as you gain more accuracy while scoped in and combined with Dasha no shots will be missed. Alok combined with Kapella means heals on the get-go while searching for enemies to take down.


Dasha and Laura on the offense using any gun with a scope while with each kill Miguel delivers some EP so K has enough Energy Points to quickly convert into HP. It’s best to try this at long-mid range so not much damage is taken.

Offensive Skill Combo

free fire dasha analysis


This character skill lineup is very good for quick scoping at close range. The AWM and M82B are recommended to use in mid-range and with Kelly and Joseph on the list, sprinting while quick scoping has never been easier.


A build intended for pushers, with Dasha’s recoil reduction, Alok and Kelly’s increased speed while healing(or K can also be combined with Kelly for less speed but lasting heals), and Hayato’s armor-penetrating skill you get yourself a true damaging build for sure.

Dasha-Laura-Elite Kelly-Kelly

This is quite a deadly build with Laura allowing more accuracy when scoped in, Elite kelly for first shot damage, and normal Kelly to make the running for 7 seconds to activate Elite Kely’s skill feel less like a burden. Normal sniping will do more damage and other long-range assault rifles (and pistols) such as the Dragunov, Woodpecker, SKS or M14 will feel more of a pain to your enemy.

Defensive Skill Combo


A fully passive build that is meant to bring safezone,vest,fall and head damage to a minimum damage to a minimum while also shooting more accurately. Dasha can reduce fall damage to an extent that its feels like nothing making her skill quite useful for jumping off high places.


Another damage reducing build good for creating a strong both early and late game defense. With Wolfrahh’s increased damage to limbs and Dasha’s accuracy buff it can also be used offensively. Occasionally jumping off high places may also be a problem but with Dasha reducing both fall damage and recovery time and Andrew reduced durability loss most damage will be ignored, even when an enemy tends to shoot at you. Add in Steffie’s Graffiti and damage gets reduced up to 17%!. Also give pet: Poring a shot and you might catch more lucky breaks than ever.

Stealth Skill Combo

free fire dasha analysis


At a glimpse this may seem as weird combination with Wukong in the team, however this build is intended for players that want to remain invisible while shooting at a distance. Sniping with a Ghillie Bush equipped and quickly transforming into a bush will allow you to remain invisible for the enemies eyes(unless they use a Thermal Scope or the UAV is nearby). Moco is for tagging the enemy’s location for a few seconds so they can be dealt with swiftly. Also useful if played in a communicative duo/trio or squad so information can be shared with teammates.


This stealth build can replace the Wukong one if a Ghillie Bush is found. Laura and Dasha for accuracy, Rafael for absolute weapon shot noise cancellation so enemies won’t know what hit them and Moco on deck revealing enemies that dare shoot in your presence.

Did you find this Free Fire character Dasha analysis helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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