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Frostborn: Coop Survival Beginners guide with tips and tricks

A guide that shall help you fight against the army of the dead side!

From the developers of the popular post-apocalyptic game, Last Day On Earth, comes Frostborn: Coop Survival, a new game that has been in development which is now available for public early access in the Play Store. This unique Adventure RPG shakes the socks off as it brings back the same feel as LDOE with features such as a unique optional storyline, loads of locations to discover and explore, a simple crafting system, spontaneous events, amazing graphics, PVP, easily understandable controls, relaxing audio and more! In this guide, we shall get you started on how to progress in Frostborn as beginners and push out some tips and tricks on how to get better at the game.

Understanding the basics

In this Frostborn beginners guide, we shall see how to approach the game initially. The game starts at a server list of which a preferred server to play in can be chosen. After that, a character customization screen will pop up where you can choose your character’s gender, class, skin tones, and hair (all changeable later on). Then, you will see a bunch of options to choose from, but what matters is you follow the arrow to speak to the popular district’s Elder who will reveal stages of plans you’ll have to achieve later on.

frostborn guide

After speaking to the War chief next to the Elder and choosing your unchangeable start-off destination you’ll need to exit the popular district through (always) stepping into the clouds to begin one of your own. From here on out your journey truly starts as you venture through locations, gather resources, and make your district great again by rebuilding it and making a name for yourself.

Getting Started

Setting up your camp

To get started with this Frostborn guide, we will know what a Player camp is. The player camp is a friendly, PVP-disabled, personal sheltering so setting this up is a top priority as this will be your only home to return:

  • For storing your looted items.
  • After enough resources are gathered for the cart.
  • To recover from a battle.
  • For preparing and preventing future raids.
  • If you need to restock on items.
  • For meeting up with family members.

How to set up your camp

The first step you need to take is to pick up all logs and stones and use them to craft an axe and pickaxe to clear out surrounding trees and rock deposits. Next is to kill lingering undead for cloth, deer, and wolves for meat and leather then carrying this all to your base. Store all of these items in a chest for safekeeping and take a look at what parts of your camp can be cleared to make space for building. Equip a few logs and build some protection around your base by placing floors, walls, windows, and doors inside and outside your base. Remember to keep the important stuff within close proximity so you won’t have to walk for miles to get something done.

Take all resources to the cart

frostborn guide

Growing your district is an important aspect in Frostborn, and it should be done with a proper guide to resources. To make your district grow, it needs resources which, at its first stages can be gathered from any location. The carrier will always show the required materials needed and after all, are gathered, you may leave the camp and head to the district. There you must meet with the village Elder who will guide you to further construction of your district.

Rebuilding and developing your district

Upon the first arrival, you’ll notice the district isn’t much of a pretty lively place. This changes after you build more structures by gathering materials by exploring various locations. Each district has an Elder who can be spoken to decisively clear out areas and construct buildings within seconds. The more your district grows, the more cool stuff that unlocks, NPC’s arrive, and popularity is gained over time. Take notice that after building some structures you will be prompted to seek out different locations for different materials. Once that happens you know you’ve come a long way and are ready to take it one step further.

Exploring and Growth

Exploring locations

frostborn guide

Upon tapping on each location you’ll be prompted to either run towards and enter it for exploration. Each location has its own criteria to enter and difficulty (notice the skulls and color) of which you have will to enter it either alone or with a friend. Entering alone means a lower chance of encountering foes while entering with a friend increases the chances to meet up with them. The higher the difficulty, the more loot and stronger enemies you will encounter.


Some locations have PVP/Aggressive Mode (permanently) enabled, meaning that the undead mobs won’t be the only thing to be wary of upon entering. Locations with PVP enabled also have a 5-15 second timer before you can leave them safely so should do encounter another player, you may be forced to flee or battle with a chance of either of you paying the heavy toll for death.

Deaths toll

Upon dying, all items are lost and deposited within a bag which can be found exactly where it was dropped after you return to that point. However, if another player is nearby, they may loot the drop and you will lose all items which were taken so it is advised you hurry to it. Another downside is that all worn items will lose some of their durability, sometimes to the point where the item breaks within one go or completely dissolves into nothing.

Leveling up

Leveling up is another important aspect of the game as it unlocks a whole new series of crafts, classes, more abilities, and other exciting features. It is done by completing quests, picking up items, gathering materials, and killing enemies. Each level reached will restore and max out your HP further and your attacks will do more damage to enemies.

Further Growth

frostborn guide

After upgrading your district several times, every resource needed gets rarer and rarer as you’ll have to meet certain level requirements, face more dangerous foes for loot, collaborate with your enemies, participate in events, visit dangerous locations and strategize a lot more than before. Take part in quests and become stronger as each venture, each loss you face will help you grow further to become the best ruler there can be.

Frostborn Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Always keep up health and thirst

Our first tip in this Frostborn guide is to keep your health up, which is an important aspect of the game to survive without dying and losing all your gathered items. Any edible item can restore some health and eventual thirst and can be found in locations with specific mob spawns. Wolves and deer will always drop some edible meat which can be cooked on a campfire to restore even more HP. Nearby growing berries can also restore some hunger and quench some thirst. Sometimes bushes can drop some seeds which can be replanted to grow on a vegetable pouch in the camp. More pouches mean more edible vegetables to gather and store for any occasion. Remember to always have food to heal up quickly after attacking/being attacked.

2. Gahering resources faster

Gathering resources means you’ll have to have resource-gathering tools and loads of space on the get-go. Crafting a bunch of axes and pickaxes, storing them inside of a chest, and taking both out each time when venturing is recommended. Make sure you carry light and have a bag equipped to store more of your findings into so you go back to your camp with a bunch of stuff

3. Leveling up faster

Leveling up unlocks some important stuff in the game you’ll need to progress further. The fastest way to level up is by either farming enemies who are stronger than you or casually chopping trees and mining stone. If you are at full HP, a single non-giant target is easy to parry and you gain some good exp for it. Tombs which are found at some level 2 difficulty and above locations always have these types of enemies around. Just avoid the big guys and have a ton of food supplies and weapons, Then farming exp will be a walk in the park.

4. Selecting a suitable class

frostborn guide

Classes matter a lot as they offer certain handy bonuses you’ll need later on. The highest damaging classes are melee and rogue but they are more venerable to close-range attacks in comparison to mages and archers who fight from a distance. Choosing a suitable class depends on your own preference. For close-range fighting and tanking you’ll want a warrior class, for distance fighting and support a mage or archer class.

5. Take precautions before starting a raid

Raids are just another way to earn some good loot by plundering other players’ camps, with the downside being they can do the same to you. When a raid starts, all participants agreed to the risks of one’s camp to be raided by one another meaning you can not withdraw once the Raid has started. Before even considering a raid, you should have enough raid tools(lock picks, raiders hatchet) and preferably upgraded walls on your side so the raiders can’t breach too many and scavenge more of your resources. Storing items inside your underground vault will also prevent them from being stolen whilst keeping you safe from the dangers of outside. Do make a wise choice about which items get deposited as the vault has limited non-expendable space. Sometimes the best way to even odds is declaring peace to a strong neighboring camp and team up against another camp. Watch out, because even they can backstab you and raid you later.

6. Gather some family members

frostborn guide

Gathering a family with friends or strangers will boost both yours and their growth as you help each other on your journeys and work together to become more powerful. However, not every member can be trusted especially during an enemy raid as your allies can also join forces with the enemy to raid your camp so be careful whom you choose to be an ally.

7. Always participate in tournaments

Tournaments are a way to earn some quick equipment, weapons, and glory for your district’s growth in popularity. To participate you must check the tournament enter requirements and enter manually. Only 3 tournaments can be participated in daily, each starting after 10 participants have entered. Most points are accumulated by killing high-level enemies, but you can also gain some by chopping trees, mining stone/ore, picking up logs, stone, berries, or wheat. Even if you don’t make it to first place, continue to participate so you can have a chance.

8. Check out event locations

Event locations are random appearing, time-limited locations that can be explored for some interesting findings. If fortunate enough, some rare loot or material can be found without having to battle any enemies. Most of the time though, a battle can not be avoided as enemies usually guard the good loot. By making use of sneak tactics for melee users and decoy distance fighting for archers and mages, they’ll be dealt with within a matter of seconds.

9. Mind the minimap

The minimap displays a lot of handy things such as berry bushes, enemy player and mob direction, trees, stone deposits, chests, and tombs. Use this to your advantage when you scout an area so you’ll be more prepared for what’s coming. The map is also useful for attacking mobs from behind as it shows their exact position and direction their facing. This doesn’t mean you can act carelessly as there are also some disguised enemies like mimics.

That’s it, these tips and tricks should be able to clear all your initial doubts and prepare you well for the amazing journey ahead. If ever in a doubt, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Frostborn Beginners Guide.

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New player and I am trying to understand some of the stats on the weapons for instance I know what damage means and the speed of the attack however this is just an example of course… let’s say the weapon is a knife it does 20 in damage with a speed of 1.4 sec and DPS of 32 what does the DPS mean?? Thanks!

Scar flack

Damage per seconde


whether the family can open the box with the lock pick


How do I learn a new class?

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