Gacha Club: List of best Outfits and how to change them

Dress up your character beautifully with our top choices!

Gacha Club is an interesting dress-up simulation game offered by the developers, Lunime. The game allows you to swim in numerous possibilities of customizations. It contains a wide variety of, shirts, skirts, hairstyles, eye styles, and special background effects. The characters you create are for your fun and do not play a role in in-game battles. Naturally, you would want to make your character look presentable with the right outfits, hairstyles, and other changes. Therefore, have a look at our Gacha Club: Best Customizations piece to create a beautiful and more appealing character with new outfits.

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Now, I have spent more than 1000 hours in this game and this list of best Gacha Club outfits and customisations has been curated based on completely my wishlist. It may or may not suit your liking, but one thing I can promise, if you do try one of these, it can never look bad on your skin!

Gacha Club Best Outfits List 

Halter Top
Corset Top
Vest Top
Purple Hoodie with Hearts prints
Printed Orange Hoodie
Mini Skirt with bottom ruffles
Pencil Skirt with leaf prints
Ball Gown Skirt
Mermaid Skirt with a front slit
Gacha Club flare skirtFlare Skirt

Gacha Club Best Hairstyles List

Small Pigtails
Long Ponytails with bows
Curly Pigtails
Short Hair with front highlights
Gacha Club BraidsBraided Hair

Gacha Club Best Eyes List

Gacha Club Pink rounded eyesPink Round Eyes
Gacha Club Red Shadow EyesRed Shadow Eyes
Gacha Club Green oval eyesGreen Round Eyes
Gacha Club Lavender eyesLavender Eyes with heavy eyelashes
Gacha Club Blue eyesBlue Eyes with heavy eyelashes

Gacha Club Best Background Effects List

Background EffectsName
Gacha Club Background - black hole effectBlack Hole Effect
Blast Effect
Love Effect
Forest Effect
Horror Effect

How to customize and change your outfit in Gacha Club 

Apart from the skins listed above in this Gacha Club: Best Customizations, you can experiment with various categories of skins based on your likes and dislikes. The outfits, hairstyles, background effects and other changes can be according to your personal preference. Now the question arises, how do you change between these options in Gacha Club? Hence, follow the below steps to customize your character easily:

Gacha Club Customisations
Image via Lunime
  • As you launch the game, the customization options lie on the left side of the home screen itself.
  • You can select between the options including Presets, Body, Head, Clothes, Props, Pet, and Objects.
  • Among these options, you can extract a particular or all categories of skin from the inbuilt units of Gacha Club.
  • The other option helps you to customize your character on your own. 
  • Then, you must select the body pose, height, and head size from the Body section.
  • The game allows you to scale, and rotate them according to your wish.
  • Every category of customizable options has sub-categories of outfits, hair, eyes, and others in it with other miscellaneous accessories.
  • To change and trial an option, you just have to slide the options.
  • You can view all the options at once by tapping on the square space below the category name. 
Gacha Club colour options
Image via Lunime
  • To change the colour, you have to tap the colour icons beside the options.
  • Thereafter, a window of extensive colour options will open on the screen.
  • Thus, you can choose one to test whether or not a particular colour suits your character.
  • You can make further adjustments to all customizations from the Adjust option.
  • These include setting their position, scaling them i.e. increasing or decreasing their size, and rotating their angles. 

Therefore, go through the steps listed above and take ideas from our top style choices to dress your character attractively.

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