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Genshin Impact: Adventurer Handbook and how to use it

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The Adventurer Handbook in Genshin Impact is a tool that provides various tasks and challenges for players to complete as they progress through the game. It’s divided into different sections, each focusing on different aspects of gameplay such as exploration, combat, and interaction with NPCs. In this article, we will discuss the basics of Adventurer’s Handbook its uses, and rewards.

Genshin Impact: How to use the Adventurer Handbook

1. Overview

Genshin Impact Adventurer Handbook
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  • The Adventurer’s Handbook serves as a guide and progression tracker for players as they traverse and explore various regions of Teyvat
  • The Adventure Handbook is divided into multiple chapters, each focusing on different aspects of gameplay such as exploration, combat, story, and character progression.

2. Accessing the Handbook

Genshin Impact Adventurer Handbook access
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  • Players can access the Adventurer’s Handbook from the main menu or by pressing the appropriate button/key in-game.
  • Once opened, players will see the different chapters and tasks available for completion.

3. Chapters and Tasks

Handbook Chapters Tasks
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  • The Handbook is divided into chapters, with each chapter focusing on a specific region or aspect of gameplay.
  • Chapters include various tasks related to exploration, defeating enemies, completing domains, and more.
  • Tasks are further categorized into different tiers based on difficulty and Adventure Rank requirements.

4. Completing Tasks

Handbook Chapters Tasks completion
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  • To complete a task, players need to fulfill the requirements listed in the Handbook. This may involve exploring specific locations, defeating certain enemies, or completing challenges.
  • Tasks typically reward Adventure Rank experience, Primogems, Mora, and other valuable resources upon completion.
  • Some tasks may have additional rewards or unlock new tasks/rewards upon completion

5. Tracking Process

  • The Handbook tracks players’ progress in completing tasks. You can see which tasks you’ve completed, which are in progress, and which are yet to be started.
  • Tracking progress can help players plan their gameplay and focus on tasks that will yield the most rewards or progression.

6. Claiming Rewards

Handbook Chapters Tasks completion rewards
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Once a task is completed, players can claim the rewards associated with it. Rewards may include Adventure Rank experience, Primogems, Mora, Enhancement Materials, and more.

7. Ranking Up

Handbook Chapters Tasks completion level up
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  • As players complete tasks and gain Adventure Rank experience, they’ll rank up in the Adventurer’s Handbook.
  • Ranking up unlocks new chapters, tasks, and challenges for players to tackle, providing a continuous source of content and progression throughout the game.

Genshin Impact Adventurer Handbook: Some tips and strategies

  • Focus on completing tasks that align with your current Adventure Rank and progression goals.
  • Players should utilize the Handbook as a roadmap for exploring new areas, defeating challenging enemies, and improving their characters.
  • Regularly check the Handbook for new tasks and challenges.


Therefore, the Adventurer’s Handbook serves as a comprehensive guide and progression tracker, offering players a structured and efficient way to explore the vast world of Teyvat. By completing tasks, claiming rewards, and ranking up, players can continuously advance their Adventure Rank, strengthen their characters, and uncover new challenges and adventures.

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