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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Layla and Tips

New team compositions for Layla in Genshin!

“Fantastical Evening Star” Layla is a 4* sword-wielding Cryo character released in the second half of Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Update. She is the first Cryo character from Sumeru and the second Cryo character with the ability to generate a shield after Diona. Diona also happens to be the character that Layla will be compared to the most, as well as Rosaria who is another great Cryo support. In this guide, we will discuss the best team compositions for Layla in Genshin Impact.

Being a support character, there is no such thing as Layla’s best team, rather this article will discuss which teams Layla could be slotted into and work as intended. It is to be noted that Layla is not the main DPS character, her personal DMG is really low and the best way to utilize her is to play her as a support.

Best Team Compositions of Layla in Genshin Impact

1. Freeze Team

Genshin Impact Layla Team Compositions Freeze
Image via HoYoverse

The goal of Freeze teams is to freeze enemies in place, while continuously attacking them. Since the enemies cannot move, these teams can afford not to bring a healer. Kokomi’s primary role in a freeze team is to apply Hydro consistently in a large area, not healing. As for Xinqiu and Yelan, they are the best off-field Hydro applicators for normal attack-reliant characters.

Ganyu/ AyakaXinqiu/ Yelan/ Kokomi/ MonaLaylaKazuha/ Sucrose
Cryo main DPSHydro applier/ healing (Xinqiu and Kokomi)/ DMG reduction (Xinqiu)/ DMG bonus (Yelan and Mona)Shield/Cryo batteryGrouping/Enemy resistance shred/Elemental DMG bonus (Kazuha only)/EM share (Sucrose only)

They will only work with Ayaka and not Ganyu, due to her charged shot-reliant gameplay. In Freeze teams, Layla does her job of shielding perfectly, as well as providing Cryo particles to the on-field Cryo DPS, allowing them to cast their bursts with ease.

2. Mono Cryo Team

Mono Cryo is different from regular Freeze teams since there is no freezing involved. This team succeeds through the brute force of high Cryo DMG output from the hyper-buffed Cryo DPS. Both Shenhe and Rosaria are amazing buffers for Cryo.

Ganyu/ AyakaShenhe/ RosariaLaylaKazuha/ Sucrose
Cryo main DPSCryo DMG buffer (Shenhe)/Cryo battery and crit rate buffer (Rosaria)Shield/Cryo batteryGrouping/Enemy resistance shred/Elemental DMG bonus (Kazuha only)/EM share (Sucrose only)

Kazuha/Sucrose can further buff Cryo DMG through enemy resistance shred and Cryo DMG bonus (Kazuha only), all the while providing valuable crowd control. Layla performs the same role, as discussed above.

3. Morgana variant Team

DMG bonus/freeze enablerCryo main DPSShield/ Cryo batteryGrouping/ Enemy resistance shred

This is nothing but a variant of the traditional Morgana team (Mona, Ganyu, Diona, Venti) except Layla takes the place of Diona. Layla lacks the healing provided by Diona, but makes up for it with a stronger shield.

4. Fridge (Bloom) Team

Fridge is a new type of team discovered after the release of Dendro. The goal of this team is to freeze enemies, who have a Dendro aura on them. This is achievable since Cryo does not react with Dendro. Once the enemies are frozen, players should just apply Hydro to trigger Blooms one after another.

Nahida/ Dendro TravellerXinqiu/ Yelan/ KokomiLaylaKazuha/ Sucrose
Dendro applierHydro applier/ healing (Xinqiu and Kokomi)/ DMG reduction (Xinqiu)/ DMG bonus (Yelan)Shield/ Cryo battery/ Fridge enablerGrouping/ Enemy resistance shred/ Elemental DMG bonus (Kazuha only)/ EM share (Sucrose only)

There can only be five Bloom seeds on the field at any given time. The moment a sixth Bloom seed is generated, the first one will explode. It is possible to force multiple Bloom seeds from a frozen enemy and force the previous ones to explode. The Hydro character in this team is the one triggering the Blooms, so they need to be built with EM and leveled up to 90. Layla’s role in this team is to apply Cryo and enable the fridge.

5. Fridge (Hyperbloom) Team

Nahida/ Dendro TravellerXinqiu/ Yelan/ KokomiLaylaKuki/ Raiden/ Keqing/ Yae/ Fischl
Dendro applierHydro applier/healing (Xinqiu and Kokomi)/ DMG reduction (Xinqiu)/DMG bonus (Yelan)Shield/Cryo battery/fridge enablerTriggers Hyperbloom

This team is a variant of the Fridge team discussed above. The only difference is that this team does DMG through Hyperblooms, instead of regular Blooms. The rest of the team is the same, except here the Electro character needs to be built with EM and leveled up to 90 since they are the ones causing Hyperblooms. Layla performs the same roles as in the regular Fridge team.

6. Superconduct support for Razor

Genshin Impact Layla Team Compositions Superconduct support for Razor
Image via HoYoverse

This is a rather rare team. Razor is not top of the meta, but he is definitely viable if players choose to play him. Unfortunately, he will never be able to compete with top meta teams. The way this team works is that Layla applies Cryo to enable Razor to cause Superconduct, which reduces the enemy’s Physical DMG resistance. Razor acts as a Physical DPS, rather than an Electro DPS.

RazorXinqiu/ YelanLaylaYun Jin
Physical DPSHydro applier/healing and DMG reduction (Xinqiu)/DMG bonus (Yelan)Shield/Cryo battery/superconduct enablerNormal attack buffer 

Xinqiu/ Yelan enable additional Electrocharge DMG, as well as bringing their own personal DMG to the table. Yun Jin buffs normal attacks, which is valuable in this team, since Razor mostly uses his normal attacks over charged attacks. 

Final Thoughts

Layla can be compared to Diona and Rosaria, since they are also really great 4* Cryo supports. Layla lacks the healing provided by Diona, but she provides a stronger shield. Beyond the shield and Cryo particles, Layla does not bring much else to the table. Rosaria is able to buff the crit rate by up to 15%, and C6 Diona is able to provide an EM buff of 200 to the entire team.

Layla, on the other hand, is able to buff normal and charged attack DMG at C4. The choice of 4* Cryo support depends on the needs of the team, and players must make that decision themselves. Overall, while she is not broken or meta-defining, Layla does her main job of shielding very effectively while functioning as a battery for the on-field Cryo DPS. What she lacks in personal DMG is made up for with utility provided to the team.

What are your thoughts about our guide on Best Team Compositions of Layla in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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