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Genshin Impact: C1 for Hu Tao vs Staff of Homa

What are you going for?

Genshin Impact has well progressed into the game, with over 50 playable characters released with one-third being limited to 5 stars. Due to the onslaught of characters, re-run banners will become a more frequent approach in the game. In version 3.4Hu Tao, a limited 5-star playable character has got her re-run banner. Fans have been at an impasse on whether to pull for her Constellations or her signature weapon. We’ll be analyzing a well-divided debate and laying out the decision to go for C1 or Staff of Homa for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact. 

Re-runs would mean more opportunities for new players to obtain their desired characters in Genshin Impact. And for more seasoned players to pull for Constellations or signature weapons for their favorite 5 stars in the game.

Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

Hu Tao is a 5-Star Pyro DPS unit who wields a polearm in the game. She first debuted back in Version 1.3 and eventually got her first re-run in Version 2.2. Her second re-run this time was long overdue as it took more than a year, earning her to be the character with the longest banner gap in the game currently. 

Genshin Impact, Genshin Impact wallpaper
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Hu Tao is an excellent single-target DPS. She loses HP every time her Elemental Skill is activated, converting her NAs to Pyro attacks. Furthermore, Hu Tao is meant to have her character be on below 50% HP as she gains an additional 33% Pyro DMG as a result. Her Elemental Burst can deal very high Pyro damage which can deal AoE damage to surrounding enemies. Additionally, her Burst heals only herself and the healing is based on the number of enemies present on the field. 

Hu Tao is somewhat F2P-friendly to build as she scales off of HP. Hence, you do not need to stack her with Attack since her HP loss with her Elemental Skills converts it into Attack. Additionally, Hu Tao’s main damage will be to deal with Vaporize damage by pairing her up with Hydro characters such as Xingqiu or Yelan for Hydro application. 

Hu Tao: C1 ’Crimson Bouquet’ and Staff of Homa in Genshin Impact

C1 ’Crimson Bouquet’

Hu Tao does work great at C0 alone and does not heavily rely on her Constellations. But saying that one of the main obstacles that many Hu Tao users face is maintaining their stamina while dealing with Charged Attacks. Hu Tao’s highest damage output from her kit comes from her Charged Attack shots while being in the Paramita Papilio state.

Her CAs, coupled with Vaporize buffs, can deal with very consistent and high attacks on enemies. It costs Stamina with each CA done. Due to their limited stamina, she can only deal with a few charged shots which will quickly deplete her Stamina. This may cause Hu Tao to be in a vulnerable state on the field if she cannot effectively dodge enemy attacks. 

Genshin Impact Hu Tao C1 Staff of Homa
Image via HoYoverse

Hu Tao’s Constellation 1, ‘Crimson Bouquet’ states that while Hu Tao is in her Paramita Papilio state activated by Guide to Afterlife, her Charge Attacks do not consume Stamina. This can entail Hu Tao dealing more charged attacks when she is in this state. It will also allow her to be more flexible and avoid enemy attacks on-field. Her C1 is a great quality-of-life choice for Hu Tao mains who otherwise find her playstyle to be quite squishy or difficult to use. 

Genshin Impact Hu Tao C1 Staff of Homa
Image via HoYoverse

On paper, Hu Tao’s Constellation 1 seems to be a great boost for her overall play style and kit-wise. But it does not make much of a glaring difference compared to her C0. Many testers have found that Hu Tao at C1 and C0 have very little difference in the number of CAs they can apply. From the image you can see the difference tested in 3 different CAs applications: Jump cancel, Dash cancel, and the normally charged shots

Staff of Homa

Hu Tao has quite a decent range of options to use as her Weapons with many popular F2P-friendly choices. The weapons are Dragon’s Bane, Blackcliff Pole, White Tassel, etc. Despite this variety, nothing can ever beat a limited character’s signature weapon. The passive is catered to said Character’s kit and utilizes their damage outmost to the fullest. Hu Tao’s signature weapon in question is called ‘Staff of Homa’. It has a high Base Attack and the sub-stat giving Crit DMG

Genshin Impact Hu Tao C1 Staff of Homa
Image via HoYoverse

What makes this weapon amazing on Hu Tao is the Passive. It provides several buffs to the character wielding it. Firstly, Hu Tao will be gaining 20% more HP which plays well with her HP scaling kit. Hu Tao also gains ATK based on her Max HP which further increases if her HP is below 50%. In short, the weapon makes it quite easy to build Hu Tao as she is getting an adequate amount of HP and Attack. Having Staff of Homa allows Hu Tao to run more Elemental Mastery for her Vaporize damage and easier to stack more Crit

What is also great about the weapon is that it can be given to other DPS characters if you are not using Hu Tao for a while or somehow bench her. Hu Tao C1 means more investment and can entail you regretting your decision in the future if you somehow stop playing Hu Tao. But with Staff of Homa, due to the high Base ATK and Crit DMG, with a great passive it can be wielded for any other Pole-arm character. 

Final Thoughts

There are quite a lot of factors to take into account when deciding on which option to choose for Hu Tao. There is no general right decision in this case. The decision has to be based on what you want for your Hu Tao. If you struggle with maintaining her Stamina, you can go for C1. If you want to deal the highest amount of damage possible for Hu Tao, go for Staff of Homa.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question but it’s wise to invest in Hu Tao. She is currently the best Pyro DPS and the best single-target DPS in the game. The best advice for players is to ask themselves what they are truly looking to help with Hu Tao’s kit and go for that. Re-runs are becoming more frequent as the game progresses and players will have more opportunities to go for Hu Tao’s other Constellations or get her weapon. 

What are your thoughts about our Genshin Impact guide on C1 and Staff of Homa for Hu Tao? Let us know in the comments below.

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